• "Strange and Weird Stuff Thread!"

    You know I often when I was a Kid till even now wonder
    about Biblical #numbers and figures because if you take
    what they are saying some of those people lived 800-1000years,
    so what's that all about?

    As an adult, I’ve occasionally pondered the size of Goliath mentioned in the Bible.
    In 1 Sam 17:4 the Hebrew text describes Goliath’s height as “six cubits and a span”
    (שֵׁשׁ אַמּוֹת וָזָרֶת). If a cubit is roughly 18 inches, and a span is roughly 9 inches,
    that puts Goliath at well over 9 and a half feet.
    I’d want that guy on my basketball team—he could dunk without even jumping!

    But really there are so many theories and story and interpretations about this?

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