• Any Landlords/Landladies out there?
    Wow! well done! I think you are very talented people if you are able to do such things by yourself. Of course, I also want to do something like that and woodworking attracts me the most. I am reading this website about the best track saw and I hope I will like it
  • You never know what you have until. You clean your room!
    I can't stand cleaning. I like cooking and sewing but cleaning is really an unbearable thing for me. To be honest, I am really hard-working girl and I try to sew something for my favourite people by myself. So, now I need a new sewing machine and I read more about brother st371hd. I hope it will help
  • Music is life
    Music plays a great role in my life and I listen to different genres. To be honest, I can't point out the only genre, they are all beautiful in their own ways. The only thing that matters is the devices we use. I usually try to read here about bluetooth transmitter and choose good things
  • Would you rather live without TV or without music?
    That's a very difficult question! However, I would choose music! I literally can't live without it. Meanwhile, the internet is not necessary for me. I can get the best bluetooth turntable here. Or at least, choose the best bluetooth turntable and the internet is not needed
  • Do you plan on decorating your house this holiday season?
    We decorate the house every year for Christmas and Halloween, but this year due to the pandemic, the whole family got together for several months, so we held holidays every week and decorated the house in the style of different holidays from around the world.
  • any crafters out there?
    Wow, this is very cool! Because of the pandemic, I have free time for this and I am just starting to learn. Are there any useful YouTube crafting channels?
  • Some classic cars and trailers
    I really hope that one day I will get rich and will be able to afford a rare car to put in my fleet. It's been my dream since childhood when my grandfather had an old Chevrolet Impala in his garage.
  • Would you rather live without music or without Internet?
    It is very difficult to imagine these things separately in the modern world. But I will definitely choose music. I miss my old players!


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