• Login Issues
    same with me well over a year ago they re instated me and for the next year no surveys and now I am banned again saying I broke rules on the list that they have. Had about 25.00 there to cash out and how can one go against guidelines when for over a year no surveys and I am told to hold on there will be some for me soon ? Stan.
  • Questions and Answers!
    Well here is one, for the last year and a half plus no surveys. I am assured my account is in good standing and then all of a sudden I can't log in. I contact support and I am told that I am no longer a member because I violated one or more of the terms. How can I do that while I wait for a year and a half for surveys. It happened once before where I couldn't log in they investigated and fixed. It. Something fishy in my books just when I wanted to redeem what little I had. Stan.