• Surveys
    Bobert thanks good idea. It's been a month now.
  • Surveys
    So if there are none will that make us drop down a level, I am at the top level worked hard to get there. Feels like they are cheating us out.
  • Payout
    I have called twice I was told last call to give it 10 days and call again, so I am going to call on Monday. I am ready to redeem again and I don't want to do that and loose out again, or the BBB could be contacted for not paying.
  • Signing IN
    Well after a week or more able to due surveys right now, I have been doing yard work all day and a supper guest and baseball on t.v. I think it was flagging people and I never swear all right now, we will see in the am if I still can.
  • Signing IN
    Dear Member,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, we would like to inform that your membership has been cancelled because your survey history pattern is highly suspicious and open end answers quality was very bad according to the data we have received from our clients. Hence, you can not participate any of the surveys as you do not meet our data quality standards.

    Always looking to serve you better.

    Team Univox
  • Signing IN
    Wow I wonder how many like this must be a system issue.
  • Signing IN
    Now it says my ID email doesn't exist after 4 redemption since Jan of this year and being bumped up one level. What is up with this company anyway ? Stan.
  • Page not working great
    This has been happening over the last three days on and off again.
  • Wish all members a very Happy Thanksgiving day!! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I still wait now 9 months for a survey, but all is still well.
  • Clarification on 5 points and 100 points contest
    Yes more survey points and I'm not and contest points. I would rather not share my email address either not worth the 100 pts.
  • My account doesn't exist.
    that was the exact email that I got.
  • My account doesn't exist.
    Lucky they emailed me and I'm deactivated until there is a survey for me in my area. I told them that they better not lower me, I was at verified and deserved to be bumped up with over 4 redemptions, and now I wait for a survey. Apparently, they did this to others too. I'm no so many other sites where there are surveys, I wonder what's with these guys ?
  • My account doesn't exist.
    Still not working, I called and left a message yesterday, but I intend to call this morning and get it fixed and the fact there has not been a single survey on my board in almost 4 months.
  • My account doesn't exist.
    It's funny that I can log into the forum but not the site. I wasn't near the top as I don't qualify that often for surveys it seemed. What did they say was wrong with yours Donna ?
  • Suddenly not getting surveys for the last few days?
    It has been over 2 months now and not one survey to attempt to complete. :-x
  • Answer to win -249
    he drowned in quicksand.
  • Answer to win - 247
    analog clock.
  • has everyone planted their garedns yet?
    Bobby Dye to wet here in Ontario Canada. I will be helping with our community garden at our district church camp where we live right by on Camp property all year around.
  • Suddenly not getting surveys for the last few days?
    Over a month for me, no surveys.
  • Regarding Shoutmix!
    Great, now give me some surveys to do so I can get points again, and please bump me up a level so I will be able to use paypal. It's been three weeks and no surveys. 8-)
  • Shoutmix not working today
    Yup, not working for me either.
  • Survey stuck on midway - Reason Quota Full - Why?
    Sonu, that is because others are also completing the same survey as you, so either the quota is full or sometimes just quota for your demographic. I was on another site, completed the whole thing it said thank you only to be told that the survey was full in this case after an email to admin I was credited. I wish that this site would do that. Stan.8-)
  • Answer to win -233
    What time is it ?
  • What the..?
    I haven't checked mine.
  • #ContestAlert
    Gravity (acceleration due to gravity)
  • New compensation for surveys?
    Only one survey for me to attempt in over a week. Grrrr. (N)
  • Do you have funny side?
    I do like to laugh, 5 things, mmmm that's hard, I like to say puns like my late father did and second I'm always up for a good clean joke. 8-)
  • Answer to win - 205
    2 degree below 0.
  • Answer To Win - 198
    Tomorrow. 8-)
  • Answer To Win- 197
    The letter "V" is the center of the word gravity.
  • Answer To Win-189
  • Share your experience with the Univox Community in 200 words.
    I like this site, I have redeemed for a few Amazon gift cards, but no I'm waiting to get upgraded so I can redeem for pay pal, only down side, mostly sample cube surveys, attempt 100 of them complete say 5 maybe 10 if I'm fortunate enough. redemption are fast though. Stan.
  • Answer To Win -176
  • Fun Game: Guess it!
    I don't watch the show, the walking dead.
  • Do you vote for Trump?
    Way better then Clinton. Do you Americans really want Bill back in the White House again ?
  • Funny/Stupid survey questions
    Your question with those two school options if funny.
  • Better Design Needed on Some of these Surveys
    8-) Yes, right on the spot Deseree.
  • Happy Friday.
    Lunch and the visit was great.
  • Fun Fact!!
    Amen to that. The only book with the truth that will save all mankind, without it you will be lost for eternity.
  • How do colors affect purchases?
    Colour and taste for me when it comes to food. I'm a chef.
  • 10 Powerful Habits That can Make You a successful:Part-1
    Today's goals wash the windows outside and inside, wash shears and uncover the patio furniture. Spring has finally arrived in Ontario. It just may be warm enough for shorts by Sunday!!!!!!!!! 8-)
  • Different levels and different benefits!!! :)
    I'm verified, I try the surveys everyday, cash out say three times a year, maybe four. How do we work our way up if we can't qualify to complete more surveys that fit our profile ? 8-)