• Credit where it's due
    Yes, come on, Admin! It is really wrong to be stringing long time members along who are trying to redeem small amounts and yet you paid me quickly when I redeemed a much larger number of points.
  • Credit where it's due
    Once again, I redeemed 3000 points over the weekend and the money went into my Paypal account today. Apparently the Univox gods are smiling upon me, at least when it come to redemptions.
  • Credit where it's due
    Thanks! And it really is wrong to keep people waiting considering how hard we all have to work and how time-consuming it is to earn these points.
  • Christmas Contest Rankings
    Maybe we need our own contest for the biggest losers in this stupid contest. Although with Univox, we're all losers.
  • Christmas Contest
    I had a similar experience. I'm on the Premium level and yesterday my ranking was 254. Today - drum roll, please - I'm ranked 4574. Woohoo! Is there a prize for biggest drop in one day??

    Of course, it would probably help if I actually got some survey invites. Got 2 today, lots of looping, no DQ points. Sigh.
  • So .... Rank ... 62 ... See what the w/e does to my hopes n dreams of $30 ...
    Lucky!! My current rank is 207 and I hold out no hope for it improving with the lack of surveys even being offered:razz:
    I empathize as I'm in the same boat. I'm also a premium member and have had no more than 4 surveys per day since this whole Christmas contest farce began. Same deal as others - constant looping so I never get back to the site for DQ points and low value surveys only. I think it's amusing that survey sites (not just this one) act as though the onus is on YOU, the member, to just complete more surveys, for heaven's sake! As if we're just being lazy about the whole thing. I would LOVE to finish more surveys, but you can't complete what not even offered.
  • New Poll
    I wonder if people might be afraid of retribution after what happened a couple of months ago with so many people getting banned for no reason? I posted something on this forum that was less than complimentary to the powers that be and admin told me I couldn't do that. They later removed my post and I've been leery of posting ever since. And what I originally said was not flaming or derogatory. It was no worse than what lots of us have had to say about the way Univox is being run.
  • Admin
    I don't want to be depressing here, but this is exactly what happened when a bunch of us were banned a while ago. I didn't get a message actually telling me I was banished for a few days after I was getting the "Technical Issue" thing at login.
    I pray this isn't what's happening again.
  • Vikash K .......

    I second this! Maybe we should start a petition thread we call could add our names to. We have to get Admin's attention somehow.
  • Vikash K .......
    Because if they're not cheating, they should be teaching us all just HOW they do it.
  • Engagement Score

    Today's stupid engagement score from the Premium level WOF:
    At the top: 2080. This guy was the winner yesterday and last month. Nothing suspicious here, right ADMIN?

    Screenshot attached. k4txwdlvsf9mpaw3.jpg
  • Engagement Score
    Same guy still at the top with a score right now of an even 1200. He was also tops for last month with a score again of more than 1100.
    Something is definitely wrong as the second place person has a score of only (ONLY!) 140. In my dreams.
  • Engagement Score

    I never realized that each level has its own wall. Makes sense I guess. I'm still not believing that engagement score. Now it's up to 1011!
  • Engagement Score

    I'm on the premium level.
  • Engagement Score
    And in the 9 minutes since I last posted, that top score has just gone from 781 to 861! Something fishy here.
  • Engagement Score

    And now the top engagement score is almost 800?! That's just not possible.
  • Very few surveys

    Well, I was on the list of those banned and then re-instated. But everything seemed as normal until just a couple of days ago.
  • my daily 10/80 Error 7: Oops! count

    Yes, those 10/80 surveys are clogging my survey list too. So annoying to have to answer anywhere from 4 to 17 questions and never qualify for any surveys.
  • Error 7

    I have had this happen sporadically and a couple of days where it was happening on every survey attempt. Not for a couple of weeks though.
  • Warms my heart re Univox Email to Scousegirl ...

    Not only did I get his amazing message today, I just looked and I made the Wall of Fame! For only the second time ever.
    I think I should go buy a lottery ticket.
  • ""irrevocable"" Admin?
    [reply="Carol hughes;78803"
    I know! I'm very pleased as this was not at all what I expected.
  • ""irrevocable"" Admin?
    I got this today. Not the same message as Bob's, which impresses me that they have actually looked at each individual's case. And a highly different tone from the accusatory messages we got when were booted off.

    Dear Karen,

    Last week, due to a system error, many genuine users like you got blocked from taking surveys. We immediately reactivated all the users as soon as we realized the mistake. We’ve spent the last few days reviewing our technology to make sure the issue never happens again.

    We are very aware that our community is loved by our members. Earning your trust through delivering high-quality survey opportunities to you will always be our highest priority. We will never knowingly block genuine users.

    We deeply regret this incident and apologize to you, and to everyone who relies on us, for this inconvenience.

    Should you have any query, please reach out to us at

    Warm Regards,
    Team Univox Community
  • Accounts restored

    Great to be back!
  • I'm back!!

    Ooh, "the higher authority." That sounds a bit sinister.
  • Univox Exposed As a FRAUD and a RIP OFF
    So what do you think we did to deserve this?
  • Univox Exposed As a FRAUD and a RIP OFF
    And I'm from Canada too. Can't be a coincidence.
  • ""irrevocable"" Admin?
    So 7.30 this morning I got this (like many others):

    Dear Member,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, we would like to inform that your membership has been cancelled because your survey history pattern is highly suspicious and open end answers quality was very bad according to the data we have received from our clients. Hence, you can not participate any of the surveys as you do not meet our data quality standards.

    Always looking to serve you better.

    Team Univox

    Then 5 hrs later, I got this:
    Dear Karen,

    Greetings from Univox Community!

    We would like to information you that we at Univox Community have flagged a few members due to their inappropriate language/response in the surveys. This will prevent them from signing into Univox, and their pending redemption requests will also be rejected automatically as it is system generated irrevocable action.
    Please support us in our endeavor of making our community the best one!

    Team Univox Community

    You would like to "information" me?? And we're being accused of 'very bad" answers?

    So I guess I'm done. I also tried and calling and nothing but automated responses. Survey Junkie, you're my new best friend!
    Univox (80K)
  • Admin please help me
    "Admin please help me." Me too. How about an answer as to why I can no longer login to my account??
  • Important: Univox Member Update
    I have no idea what's going on. This happens on both Firefox and Chrome. Haven't been able to log in since Friday, no reply to my email.
    I have over 6400 hard-earned points, never use gibberish in my answers, although I have committed the sin of living in Canada.
  • No access to the site
    Not getting good vibes here - unable to log in since Friday.