• Daily and monthly engagement scores

    Like Mele said those points are in limbo land
  • Help please!!! Language preference not possible to change.

    Is " offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read" turned on ?

    Does Dutch come up in there as well ? Turn it off
  • Daily and monthly engagement scores

    Been there.....Done that.......tried to put my case to Support to no avail.
    So i do not redeem end of month cause you never know how long those approvals will take to come in
  • Poof...and then they are gone
    And they are back
  • Regarding surveys

    Passed 24 hours i clicked 50 for one complete. But then there are days where i actually get to complete a good number of them.
  • Poof...and then they are gone
    Had over 40 surveys on dash and when that happens my surveys disappear. So thought i would do some before reset. Yep they disappeared.
    Do not have to wait long for them to come back hopefully......10 minutes
  • Daily and monthly engagement scores

    They should but i just had a quick look and noticed that you are 40 points out between the two.
    Did you have redemption approvals ???
    Cause if you redeemed last month that does not go on this month.......
  • New Poll

  • Do you vote? Why or Why not?

    Ja razumijem. Di ti živiš? Tata je rodjen u Dalmacija
    Ja sam u Australijia
  • Gone

    I must of missed out on the glitch..........sleeping
  • Gone

    I don't get 40+ daily, probably 2 days a week usually end of week. Get most number of surveys Wed, Thurs, Fri.
  • Spin Win!

    Do you really need help in setting up your account or are you just here to inbox SPAM to me ????
  • Suggestions in inviting

    Why are you posting links to join Univox ??
    When everyone on the Forum is already a member
  • Gone

    Do not think they know how to fix it.

    58 surveys is that 40 regular and 18 hot surveys ?. I am asking because my regular surveys does not count over 40. The only time it says over 40 if i have hot surveys.
    Then when i get rid of the hot surveys i have to keep checking until it starts going below 40.
  • Question

    Even in the preliminary questions asking for access to your data. Say no.
  • Question

    No i do not provide any personal information unless it is a product test
  • Suggestions in inviting

    Fill in your profile and just hope that there are surveys matching your profile. There is a very low completion percentage on Univox.
  • End of Month WOF
    Month is nearly up. Univox for some reason can not get the WOF winners correct. Have incorrect names as the Winner of each level displayed for a whole month , have incorrect TOP 20 winners for each level.
    Have WOF system that does not recognise completed surveys.
    So if you believe that you are winner for your level or in the Top 20 for your level take a screenshot. As do not trust what Univox will produce at end of month.
  • Poof...and then they are gone
    What is happening now. It will say so many surveys on dashboard. Click on one 10 disappear. You clear the board come back later & there are these surveys 1 day old,3 days old 8 hrs old etc but you were only gone a few hours.
    Thought Ambassador had first preference to surveys. HOW?? When they are 3 days old
  • End of Month WOF

    Still no reply from you,Support or upper management.
    Is this a very complicated question ??
    No one has got copy and paste messages to reply to this.
    Thought it was just courtesy to reply to members questions instead of ignoring
  • End of Month WOF

    Responded but have not done anything
  • soy nueva me pueden dar consejos

    Sure is 24 hours long enough or do you need more time to assist me
  • I need help!this is too bad
    @Admin @hiro00216

    Read waiting half a year for a redemption
  • End of Month WOF

    I think the daily is just Ambassadors but the monthly ES is still combined with all the levels .
    That is why at end of month Support have got NO IDEA what is happening & some how revert back to year old monthly winners.
  • End of Month WOF

    I have queried this as well and Support have REFUSED to respond . I am owed 100 points from April wall of fame.
    This month I am missing 160 points from my monthly ES. And yet again Upper management , Support and yourself have ignored this. NO RESPONSE.
  • Poof...and then they are gone

    In your response to Sacha & Tom Lai.
    I believe Sacha has already provided you with details like myself and the problem still exists . This has been going on for months and the appropriate department has done NOTHING at all to fix it.
    24 hours is what you have been saying for months now
  • soy nueva me pueden dar consejos

    Thanks for taking over being Admin :lol:
  • Mobile application


    After you have downloaded the app to your mobile. When you log into it, 100 points will come onto your Engagement Score for the Wall of Fame.
    It is a game.

    But if you get No 1 for the day you will get these points that goes on you total points earnt.

    Then end of month you get these points if you are in the Top 20
  • Urgent !!!

    She has added her Univox email address to her friends Paypal account. You can have multiple email addresses going into the one Paypal account.
    But when payment has been made the main Paypal account holders name will appear. So you should let Univox know.
    There are 3 email addresses going into my Paypal account.

    There maybe a reason why she is not setting up her own Paypal account
  • Admin a query.Do reply

    Majority of my board says 36 points for 8-10 minutes but when you actually click on the survey it is not 8-10 minutes..........some of those are way longer in length.

    Then it will say 15-20 minutes or 10-15 minutes at the start of the actual survey. Then there are surveys that say you can do on app that are longer then 20 minutes. And it is my understanding that app surveys are not meant to be longer then 20 minutes but meanwhile they are on app

  • How soon can we Fly to other countries ?

    After we are allowed to travel further then 150km, then after we are allowed to cross our own state borders ( Australia). Then it looks like we will only be allowed to travel to New Zealand and other South Pacific Islands.
    So no Bali at Christmas
  • Oops! There seems to be a technical problem. For help please contact our customer service. Help pls!

    I see that you are online and there are members waiting for replies.
  • Poof...and then they are gone
    Mine are doing the same........clears the board quicker
  • Urgent !!!

    Add your Univox email address to your friends Paypal account.
    As on Paypal you can link other email addresses.
    Email Support and let them know that you have linked your email address to your friends Paypal account and give them the name of you friend
    Because when Univox send the redemption they will see another name, your friends name, as they are the main account holder.
  • @ Admin- Completed survey
    And another one. Upper management has been reading my emails as i get a read receipt but HAS NOT responded
  • @ Admin- Completed survey
    No 7 now and have updated that Ticket again
  • @ Admin- Completed survey

    In my other post TICKET 78665 , the same thing, message says no but points are still credited. But the completed survey has not registered on WOF.
    I am up to 6 surveys this month that this happened to ........120 points has not gone onto the monthly ES.

    And i have been updating that ticket each time. And still no reply. Admin, Support and Upper Management all have ignored it.
  • I need help

    The very start of your question the other day said "i just requested for redemption". ????

    So i am thinking where it says 6 days is when your review of your account will be over and the redemption will be released. Your first redemption there is a waiting period of up to a month.
  • New Badge!!

    Congrats hope you have plenty more redemptions. :up:
  • @ Admin- Completed survey
    Just read back through this post of mine never got those points. Looked back through my emails- excuse was security terminate but i got the chocolate and also completed the follow up survey.
  • I need help

    I actually thought the same thing.....that i am replying to a lot of members but could not answer the question on the timeline. There should be a reply button on the timeline......... :lol:
  • I need help

    Ok, it will go straight into your Paypal account no gift card. This is probably your first redemption. It will take at least a month for the first redemption to come in.
    It would have said how many days you may have to wait
  • I need help

    Is your Paypal email same as your Univox email ???
  • Survey Comments Timeline

    This member needs help especially if they are leaving messages in the survey comments timeline

  • I need help

    Read Pratik Patel comment..........Univox should update as Paypal does not come as a gift card any longer.
    Giving false information
  • I need help

    Paypal it does not come as a gift card.......Univox have not updated that. Redemption through Paypal gets sent to your Paypal account.
    Have you linked your Paypal account to Univox ??
  • Those not getting surveys - where are you located?

    Their answer does not make sense. Yes i am getting surveys, some days more then others and nearly every survey at the moment has something to with Covid or there are questions in it about Covid.

    So since this topic is universal, they are saying you do not even qualify for those surveys. Which is a load of garbage.
  • Those not getting surveys - where are you located?

    There are plenty of members in the same situation ,also getting the same reply as you. Long term members that were getting plenty of surveys and now for months are getting 0.

    That is the only response they can give you, the easiest response. They do not want to look and actually figure out why this is happening.
  • MMOAH Hope That Players Can Make Full Use Of Warmane Gold!

    You banned the first member in this post but still left the post on the forum. Why??
    So another member ? can add nonsense to it