• Newbie Struggles
    If you come across Yuno surveys, avoid wasting time there. Avoid them completely. Another one to avoid is if you get to 'your-surveys', pretty much a defective waste of time.
  • Now I know why YOUr-SURVEYS SUCK
    I long ago decided the your-surveys was too much of a PITA to have anything to do with and now back away anytime they show up.
    The survey companies all seem to feeding off each other's trash at present.
  • Spin to win icon live
    I always back straight out of your-surveys and yuno, past experience has been enough to show me that they are a waste of time and best avoided.
  • Spin to win icon live
    They have reduced what were 60 point surveys to 48 points, possibly this 20% pay cut is to cover the costs of whatever the wheel pays out. Maybe 10% for the wheel and 10% more for univox?
  • Question not relevant to univox
    I expect it to be some variant on a pyramid scheme type scam.
  • Spin to win icon live
    I can see it but there is no indication of a charge for trying it. I seem to recall the earlier version took points from your account for every try.

    I think I will leave it alone.

    Correction, I have just seen the 'i' button.

    Seems harmless enough.
  • Less points for surveys
    I am getting a reasonable amount of survey links, but way too many of them end up in invitations to join Yuno or your-surveys, and are thus useless dead ends .
    It is mainly corona virus surveys that are keeping my points total ticking up.

    Last two or three redemptions have only taken about a day, so credit where it is due.
  • Less points for surveys
    It probably varies by country.
  • Hehe Funny survey
    I really cannot stand those surveys that go into an absurd amount of detail about everyday actions that you do not even think about.

    Also 'how does it make you feel?' about things that would leave any normal person completely un-moved.
  • no survey
    Looking on the less gloomy side,I have racked up about 150 points in disqualifications so DQ points are almost back to what they were a year ago.
  • no survey
    I am seeing plenty of surveys but despite clicking on over 100 in the last couple of days,have not qualified for any.

    This is probably just a statistical freak, but having lots of surveys does not mean you get lots of completes.
  • The looping and profile questions have become INTOLERABLE
    I do not have this problem, I use my back button and select an earler page to shortcut the process.
    I have described this in earlier threads. Ialsouse it to get rid of yuno landings.
  • What's with the Yuno surveys?
    I have developed a technique to deal with the Yuno infestation. As soon as I see Yuno

    I right click on the 'back' button. I then use the mouse to selecte the first 'surves' line from the drop down,

    This is just 2 lines above the 'Online surveys for cash' line. I left clickon this line, and most of the time get a no points DQ and a new survey link. This is quicker and easier than closing and restarting Univox.

    My experience with Yuno has been equally negative

    Almost as bad are 'your-surveys', another aggregator thar randomly loops you from non-starter survey to dead ends.

    Todays special has been a flock of Peanut labs links asking for an e-mail address. They do not actually want an email address, but they do link to 'your-surveys' if you select 'yes'.

    On thr bright side, selecting 'no' gives a 3 point DQ, and I have had about 20 of these this morning.
  • Corona Virus
    Coming next week, the Zombie Apocalypse!

    To a Fake News site near you!
  • TV show survey
    It must be a US/Canada thing.
  • Survey completes going backwards
    Looking on the bright side, far more DQ points are being given, and the VD banner has finally vanished. Also I find redemptions fast, and I am getting as many survey links as I can handle, qualifying for somewhat under 1 in 10 of them.
  • Corona Virus
    People over-reacting will cause far more harm in general through economic disruption than a small number of casualties from a disease that you probably will not catch anyway,and is generally not very serious if you do.
    The most rational thing to do is ignore it. Something is going to kill you anyway, eventually.
  • Survey completes going backwards
    To be fair, it's not really a problem, just an oddity.
  • Corona Virus
    Lady Macbeth says "Spotgo, the only hand sanitiser for me!"
  • February Monthly Winner
    I do not do 12 hours a day. But I do have a go at every survey link offered by Univox, except some very low value ones.In just over a year I have accumulated just over $1000 on Univox.

  • A new stupidity....
    Seen that one.
  • February Monthly Winner
    As a way of earning money it is insane, as a wierd computer game it makes a lot more sense.
    The Engagement score is a simple way of reinforcing this aspect of the process, as are the ranks and badges,and lately the contests, and the WoF is pure computer game.

    It would probably be going too far to say that the frequent glitches are thrown in to keep people interested in what will go wrong next but they do tend to have that effect on me.
  • Account Terminated
    Notice the typically semi-literate e-mail style.
  • Survey completes going backwards
    I suspect the 'Department' is sitting at the next desk I would be surprised if Univox had more than a dozen employees, and also that talk of 'departments' is just a way of kicking the can further down the road.
    No one from this vast workforce has taken the time yet to remove the VD contest banner.
  • Survey completes going backwards
    My completes seem normal. Only ever noticed one to vanish.
  • February Monthly Winner

    Probably 12 hours a day due to some unfortunate circumstances .
  • February Monthly Winner
    I could probably score more completes if I gambled, played computewr games, had any interst in sport, watched commercial television or listened to commercial radio, went to the cinema, let my daughter answer surveys. Or if I pretended to do all these things. Lately I have been averaging about 150 ES a day with a lot of time spent. I do not think simple cheating would be enough to increase this score by more than 50%. Even if US members get more surveys I do not see where the time would come from
  • February Monthly Winner
    It is good to see a believable score as a winner, I put a lot of time in, do every survey I qualify for and try every link they send me, and achieved an ES of about 3800 last month. I can believe a bit more than that, but not twice or three times that score.
  • Disqualified
    I had 2 yesterday. I think both were connected to Peanut Labs. I try to avoid these now.
  • ADMIN- What is going on with the Valentines contest
    I have never bothered to look at the 'filler' topics. Why would anyone?
  • Survey that requests upload photo/pic
    I had one that wanted pictures of receipt for something. I do not even keep receipts, let alone take time photographing them. Stuffem.
  • Survey completes going backwards
    I have had no problems with points earned, it is about the only figure I tend to keep track of.
  • Account Terminated
    And some daffodils are out in my garden.....

    Spring is on the way.
    I tried 40, completed one. Not unusual for a Sunday.
  • Survey completes going backwards
    I joined a couple of weeks over 1 year ago, and have only noticed 1 complete vanishing.
  • Just had an email. Peculiar
    Also the points awarded are not right for any of the listed rewards, 25 is a Basic rank score, for monthly top 20, and there is no daily top 20.

  • Survey completes going backwards
    Just noticed mine has gone down one. I don't care as it does not effect anything, but as others say, it does seem peculiar, and makes me wonder what other odd and less visible things are happening.
  • VD contest
    Nothing yet.
  • fer real?
    That 72 represents your current monthly score. Look and you will find you are equal 72 with loads of other people who have no points on the ES board yet today.

    Someone has simply failed or fogotten to remove the banner link.

    I am on 104, equally with no ES today.
  • fer real?
    Clearly what has happened is that the new month's monthly ranking score has not been disconnected from the VD contest banner. It has not yet been corrected, but presumably will soon.

    I have not yet had my extra points (1.30 AM here) but presumably they will turn
    up sometime.

    Remembering previous contest foulups, this seem quite a minor oversight.
  • Poll
    I just logged out and then back in again and still have the wheel poll showing. It had about 370 responses including mine. Maybe it stays visible to those who entered an answer?
  • Hurray! Wheel of fortune is live at Univox #UnivoxCommunity #TryLuck
    "The fortune wheel has been closed for some time as we are adding new features to it very soon. Thanks "


    It did not work so we are trying to fix it.

    You get your beta tests live here.
  • Wheel of Fortune.
    My DQ point taking have tended to be more frequent lately, fair enough.
  • Wheel of Fortune.
    I have the wheel, but did not see any explanation of how it works. I'm not spending any cash on it.
  • Account Terminated
    I see no improvement in the stadard of literacy in their email response.

    How can anyone who writes so badly be paid to communicate?
  • Interesting!
    I still see this from time to time, by coincidence less tha 5 minutees ago.
  • What's your current rank in the Valentine's Day Contest??
    I imagine first to a score holds the rank, later arrivals at that score come lower.

    But who knows?
  • positive feedback for univox today
    That bit about serving you better reminds me of an old science fiction story, where the helpful aliens' handbook, "How to serve Man" turned out to be a cookbook.
  • Your-surveys
    I do not think it is a case of deliberately fraudulent sites, just badly designed and programmed sites run by incometents. Do not attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.