• Is there a general problem with paying the rewards?
    still not paid here as well ...Checked mail...everyone facing issue..Admin ?
  • What is this? Admin? How is this helpful?
    In short,Indian comment timeline is usually a waste :sad: beating the purpose for which univox set it..To review the survey..not confess love for ur toddler gf bf
  • reffering a friend in univox
    no you're not.You're ignorant about certain stuff that does'nt matter to you.That is completely fine :grin:
  • reffering a friend in univox
    no its not.Univox changed terms and it was never the completion of 10 surveys..Initially ,it was 10 survey attempts or 1 survey completes..But now 10 survey attempts has been done away with and its just 1 survey completion..Thats what appears on my univox refer page..
    So your friend just have to complete one survey.
    Check whether he is referred by you in MY REFERRALS..
  • Admin-Please don't ask to mail support
    And Yes just so as you to inform you..i'll mail just to provide you the ticket number
  • Admin Please check this..
    :shade: Got mine as well admin.Thanks..
  • Admin Please check this..
    Sorry Sir but this is highly insulting as one might take it to be.Thanks for the reply though Sir.
    You simply ignored my plea while conaidering his.Happy for him but why was i being ignored? Had the same issue..never expected this from univox.
  • Admin Please check this..
    As i said ,admin i also had the same error as the one who why am i not being taken into account? I also got same error
  • Admin Please check this..
    hein? I did.They always never reply or credit.So if you are checking his / her,why is this partiality with me?
  • Admin Please check this..
    :shade: are u deliberately ignoring me admin? :cry:
  • Admin Please check this..
    admin not for me.Still no points credited
  • Admin Please check this..
    Admin though i don't want to get restless yet this happens a lot and not even once univox credit me missing points..Been here for 2 here,don't think even once had univox credited missing points intoy account.Please can u get it checked this time around as spending 20-25 minutes of time for nothing is frustrating.
  • Admin Please check this..

    Admin same thing happened with me.Same Survey id-SC2904797
    Got 404 error after completing a survey and on sample cube page..Kindly credit the missing point?..

    Support just does'nt reply..
  • A Joke on another Level
    Getting DQ points was my motive tbh.And they dq me right away without asking qualification questions.
  • Spin to win icon live
    post by him mentioned that :lol: u have to LoGOUT first..i got nothing in spin the wheel though
  • Corona Virus
    Are we allowed to upload videos?..Damn i never noticed shame on me :rofl:
  • blocked message all day yesterday and still today!
    Another way they will block u is-If u use VPn or proxies..What happens in tbat case is-YOU ACTUALLY END UP HAVING MULTIPLE LOCATIONAL CHANGES IN A QUICK SUCCESSION LIKE ONCE IN A GERMANY,NEXT MOMENT U ARE IN SWITZERLAND.QUITE a tour there :lol: ..
    ACTUALLY univox will block your username at it just does'nt matter from where u login now,they simply won't let u log in..
    Happened with my buddy :lol:
  • blocked message all day yesterday and still today!
    In layman's Term,u are assigned a static ip address by ur ISP and if u break T&c of univox or anything,they'll block or in case of dynamic ip,they'll specify a range to block u.Just read the first few line of this,don't let me overcomplicate it for u :rofl:
  • blocked message all day yesterday and still today!
    Because what u are talking about is dynamic ip address which will change but ur static I.P address will remain the same unless the DHCP lease time ur ISP had for that expires..In short,ur static IP address is whatatters..It does'nt change as per my knowledge.I work in IT sector so can tell u that much.For a wireless router,u can configure that and opt for dynamic .Although it Depends on Ur ISP whether they provide u with static or dynamic I.P..Google and ul see.Since u are using Static I.P ,it can easily be blocked to access the site.
    Once a website administrator notices that a specific user attached to a specific IP address is breaking the site's Terms of Service, he can block that IP from being able to access the site. This means that nobody will ever be able to access the site again from that particular computer network.
  • Redeem points your way with our 3 available options!! :)
    Just add ur Registered (email u registered on univox) email id to Godseconomy told u.Just trying to be a hero here :lol:
  • Ok,How many British nationals are here? A post for them and others to see,maybe.
    History is quite vast Cj.But one thing is sure,atrocities committed by Britishers to wherever they ruled are just outright disgusting.I do however know that current British generation is however proud of their tainted heritage..They killed millions..i mean millions just in India.Rest i don't know..But they also gave rise to slavery i guess.
    They looted countries.Now they have a country built on that..I won't say they would'nt have survived.But they would'nt for sure have been in Top 6 world economies.Rest,India had 27% of the share of Entire GDP of Europe in 1800..Left with just 5% i guess in 1950..
    Leaving economy,Just looking at atrocities committed by British nationals at that time in the name of trade are just inhumane..
    And books-They just tell u all the good things Britishers did..No they were'nt good to anyone.They just did everything for their sole interests.
    Read British rule in India.U'll know maybe.
    Book u can read if u ever want to---- Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India...authored by Shashi Tharoor.
  • Discrepancy regarding Engagement Score
    Mikee has been quite high these days :lol:
  • Ok,How many British nationals are here? A post for them and others to see,maybe.
    :shade: the issue is that What British would've been had they not ruled other countries..India is one of those few Countries which never attacked other country,not even small ones.. :shade: but let's end it here by saying no one is interested in knowing this :lol:
  • Ok,How many British nationals are here? A post for them and others to see,maybe.
    This shear brutality and inhumane treatment meted out fellow humans classified as "INFERIORS" have been appaling and we know deep down,everyone is still driven by the their selfish interest centered around "themselves or their families or their community or their town or city or state "..
    I still think Britain if somehow end up paying raparations to every country they ruled on would be left with nothing..I mean just nothing..The monetary value of raparations are just huge but what about human lives?
    In Great Bengal Famine,as Tharoor pointed out,more than 4 million Indians Died and why?
    The reason is as barbaric as the act itself..Winston Churchil,Britain Hero,the then PM of Britain,diverted Indian Supplies,i mean indian to leave 6-7 million people dead..
    If we count of Barbaric acts,we should look into Jallianwala bagh massacre of 1919..
    If we want to see Barbaric acts all over the world,we might not have to jump a century back..They are still happening in one part or the other..
    We Humans are the same..We just have this archaic mentality which sooner rather than later will come to its fore..
    These nuclear weapons we have...this will bring our downfall.Humanity is not going to survive ..Why?
    Because have we learnt from our repressive past?
    Some might argue we do..We are strengthening our defence budget and bolstering our defence with weapons that could destroy Earth..
    So In primitive times,Huamn were oppressed by the rulers.In present day,we still are somehow oppressed..we think we hold the power but we do only for that fleeting moment.We lose it when we choose what we call Representative of a country..

    Workface as u said,Yes Government is not compensating them.Even Today,the frontline warriors in a war against this pandemic are being beaten by the public..
    Let me give u an example fromy country-DOCTORS WHO ARE REACHING TO THE PEOPLE AFFECTED BY COVID-19 TO QUARANTINE THEM but they are being physically abused so much so tht tgey are now scared to actually save the lives of the one who might not deserve them and in the process ,actually threatening their own..

    Why? Who'll protect them?
    Yes i must add tht govt is adding monetary benefits to what?-THEIR DEATH..IF ANY MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL DIES,THEY WILL GET AROUND 700K dollarsas compensation...
    But why not protect them when they are alive..
    I might have diverted from original topic but all im trying to say is-WE NEED TO LEAD OURSELVES and not be lead..

    Coming to wealth concentration,Majority of wealth is actually held by few percent of those and majority of us don't even have money to be sheltered from rain or anything..Food to buy or water to much income Inequality..

    We think we have somehow fought off the ghosts of our past but no WE INADVERTANTLY HAVE ENDED UP EMBRACING IT IN OUR DAILY WALKS OF LIFE ..
    Togstjer when we say we are united,Trust me,let a Country discovee a vaccine..-YOU'LL SEE THEM SAFEGUARDING THEIR PEOPLE FIRST BEFORE MAKING IT AVAILABLE GLOBALLY..THATS NOT EMOTIONS TALKING..

    SORRY if somehow diverted from original point...abd Yes,,Ending with ---WHITE SUPREMACY was the reason given by Newzealand mass murderer who killed around 100 i guess muslims in Mosque..
    So it still has its roots ..
    Jihad,white supremacy..The world still have them..Denial is just a way to cover our acts..
  • Ok,How many British nationals are here? A post for them and others to see,maybe.
    *Britain would not have been poor..wrong of me but it'd not have been developed country..
  • Anyone getting any surveys?
    Actually i know..Have been aember for quite long but the issue is-Even sat and sundays are not like the ome in old days :lol: Covidunishattering virus
  • Anyone getting any surveys?
    You are usually above 100-150 engagement scores :smile: lucky..No jinxing here :rofl:
  • Anyone getting any surveys?
    Sometimes i doubt that profile thingy though :shade: ..But still Univox has really lowered the monetary benefit for the surveys..Must be because of lockdown..what else could be the reason?
  • Ok,How many British nationals are here? A post for them and others to see,maybe.
    How Britain looted 45 trillion dollar from.India..GOD that's huge...i.e 17 times more than anunual GDP of took place between 1765 to 1938...
  • Ok,How many British nationals are here? A post for them and others to see,maybe.
    And Admin :shade: don't mind.Its just to see how many of current citizens are actually aware of the history of their own country... :smile: if it still is offensive,u can delete it
  • Surveys-Points
    agree completely..and i just recieved 2 surveys today..i knw its weekend but all otherembers have 60+ engagement score
  • Excited much ?
    or maybe in a constant need of validation ..Both are not good for u as a person overall..
    they'll leave the same copy pasted reply for this query..mailed them the same issue..Same reply..Though im getting 7-10 invites a day..
  • Excited much ?
    Yeah ..Flattery works wonder on univox..a guy who referred him told him once upon a time :lol:
  • Man,i do miss Thursday contest ;(
    well google forms could've been a better alternative..They did that at the end as u said..So don't know why it was scrapped after that.
  • Man,i do miss Thursday contest ;(
    i saw that screenshot of chronologically arranged Member IDs...That actually did looked like a either a scam oraybe univox had a system bug which is actually more probable considering how buggy univox can get evry few weeks or so.
    250 $ :grin: belated congrats..
    I was on a survey site once where just clicking on a survey led to the points being awarded..Dsnt matter if u are DQ or not..So i collected 5000 points :rofl: worth 30 dollars there as well..Redeemed..Got my redemptions cancelled because of this :rofl: they told me it was a bug and they genuinely apologise :lol: ..
    I was not around for christmas contest but definitely,U.S residents and UK residents do have an edge compared to members of other countries..So Contest should between Members of same country just to remove that anomaly..
    But I seriously think Thursday contest was a nice addition.Sad that they scrapped it ..
    I was around when u were banned i guess..Saw ur posts wandering on the forum :rofl: .Man ,they had to give up finally..
  • Survey
    And worst part-No one cares to reply and if they somehow do,the reply u'll get from the support will just be that generic one ..They are sending same reply almost to everyone for same query..But the thing is-They call it demographics issue and they'll send whenever next batch is available..
    Btw i am not on other panel sites..just 1 or 2 but active just here.
  • Survey
    and im not even getting survey..I mean i'm but not something i can qualify on..1 engagement score.So u can guess
    And Yeah..No surveys exceed 40-70 points..
  • Man,i do miss Thursday contest ;(
    nat went all haywire :lol: she is amazing.Not scared a tad bit.Much like Sherlock.Everytime you think something is fishy,she is on it.Collects all the proofs and stuff and then bashes them left right and centre :lol: .She is like that freedom fighter who leads many :rofl: just saying..
    Btw admin just a joke so :shade: don't mind but what is Superadmin?
    :lol: Sounds like someone with superpowers..

  • Man,i do miss Thursday contest ;(
    There used to be a Thursday contest where all participants answering a question posted by admin would be eligible for 20 points..
  • Man,i do miss Thursday contest ;(
    :sad: let me check it then though it sounds like a chaos.So i don't think univox is ever going to hold a contest such as that now :lol:
  • Man,i do miss Thursday contest ;(
    what happened in christmas contest? Actually i left univox for a while so have no idea.Can you elaborate?

    :sweat: what?
  • Survey
    happened with me as well..Sucks tbh
  • Hehe Funny survey
    well we kinda do..when we fill our profile..When we fill survey online..Thats how things work.. :sad:
  • This is so so frustrating..Admin
    im getting 3 or 4 ..No issues there.although even if i qualify a survey ,they are still not crediting at times..Pretty darn frustrating
  • This is so so frustrating..Admin
    too many issues..Also the survey sites are too too slow from last few days..Multiple people relying on survey sites i guess due to lockdown..
  • Hehe Funny survey
    btw i also did that survey..I qualified so it means im a total sellout :cry: .Univox should be more careful about the survey they send ..I mean their points must be proportionate to their length or invasiveness
  • This is so so frustrating..Admin
    must also be the Reason why surveys are quickly Getting FILLED UP WITH required quota or disappearing...within few minutes of appearing on dashboard