• Referral Grab ??
    I have had a very similar message today. Admin please can you look into this user as well ??
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  • You are not Qualified for the SURVEY... So no DQ for all surveys disqualified today...Strange Point
    I live in the UK and I was able to call the toll free number on Skype last year on +1 8663447832 to talk to Univox support about a redemption delay problem and it didn't cost me anything.
  • You are not Qualified for the SURVEY... So no DQ for all surveys disqualified today...Strange Point
    I think this is very unfair.

    If I answer at least 1 survey qualifaction question from Sample Cube then I should at least get 1 DQ point if I’m disqulified.

    I am very fed up getting these pre-survey questions from Sample Cube where you just answer 1 question only and then get an immediate DQ for 0 points.

    I have noticed over the last few weeks that these are popping up more often now.

    Seems to me like it's just another underhand way to reduce the amount that we can earn from a survey disqulifaction.
  • Respondent Token Not Available
    I get this a lot and it is always IPSOS surveys that cause this to happen. Really annoying and no re-direct back to Univox for DQ points.
  • Not Interested in Mobile Phone only surveys
    The main problem I have at the moment is I've got no way to filter out the mobile only surveys from the list of available surveys. I would prefer to have an option to filter these out as I have no interest in doing them on my smartphone or to even install the Univox app on my phone either.
  • No points now for when you get DQ from a survey
    Hello Everyone, I've tried a few surveys this morning. I'm getting the same message as yesterday when I DQ from a survey and no points being added to my account.
  • Your Surveys 21 LOI/ 85 points
    I had about 16 surveys in my list today. Nearly everyone single one of them came up with a "sorry there are no surveys for you" message. Looking at the webpage they were all ones for "Toluna". There was no redirect back to Univox either.

    Extremely frustrating. What's the point of having these pop up in my survey list if when you click the link you get a "no surveys available message" ?
  • Redemption - Not getting paid
    I hope they do pay the money that you are owed JMac. I had to phone them up in the end to get things moving but the number is toll free so it didn't cost me anything to call them and I live in the UK.

    I got a happy ending to this, I finally got an e-mail from Univox with my Amazon vouchers which I was able to add to my Amazon account without any problems.

    I'm very glad that it all got resolved in the end but imo it took far too long to get sorted. Waiting nearly a month for a redemption is not on.

    Other survey sites I have dealings with pay out far quicker than Univox does.
  • Redemption - Not getting paid
    Still no Amazon Vouchers from Univox. I did finally get a response to my multiple e-mails that I've sent them. They are blaming "technical issues" and are assuring me that I will receive my Amazon vouchers within 2 days.

    Have to say that given I was assured on Friday when I spoke to them on the phone that I would receive my vouchers within 24hrs and the fact that I still haven't got my vouchers yet I'm highly skeptical that by Wednesday afternoon Univox would of sent them out to me.

    We'll see, if not then I'm just going to have to phone them up again.

    I'm a member of about 15 other survey sites including Univox and have been doing surveys online for many years. In all this time I've never experienced such problems in redeeming rewards that I have been experiencing with Univox.
  • Redemption - Not getting paid
    I phoned them up yesterday afternoon (UK time) and the lady on the phone said they would process my redemption and send my Amazon vouchers out to me within 24hrs. So far as I write this on Saturday morning I still haven't received them.
  • Redemption - Not getting paid
    Thanks Charlene, I might have to resort to phoning them up if they keep continuing to ignore my e-mails. Not something I'm looking forward to doing as I've got an autistic spectrum disorder and don't find it easy phoning up people I don't know.

    I live in the UK so is that a USA number that I need to phone them on ?

Andrew Cowper

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