• Active Univox comment here
    NOTHING wrong with me...apparently you do not know how to phrase a question! I assumed you meant....What members are currently ACTIVE on the Univox forum....I just listed instructions on HOW to get that information. Also, I have never heard the expression "Who's active there?" Obviously some kind of communication issue.
  • Your situation during covid19 pandemic
    I have NO idea what or who is "roobet!"
  • Ok This is weird..#WOF_MONTHLY_WINNER
    Time to call "Terminex" to get rid of all the UNIVOX bugs!
  • Your situation during covid19 pandemic
  • Active Univox comment here
    Click on MEMBERS (at the top), then click on ONLINE (also near the top) There 'ya go......PS. just checked who is online right now and Admin isn't one of them--it's after 9 a.m EDT and yet no one from Admin is signed on.
  • New Poll UP
  • Questionnaire attempts
    The most recent poll question:

    "whats your fev brand

    MAC..........418 votes

    sony...........771 votes

    LG..............479 votes"

    U N B E L I E V A B L E ! ! ! !
  • Questionnaire attempts
    Guess we are just "Univox Mushrooms." You know, keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em s**t!
  • Wheel of Fortune.
    Also, Ambassador & a Univox member for years......
  • Questionnaire attempts
    The ONLY way I earn points here is the 3 points from the POLL every 2 or 3 weeks.

    This was the latest POLL question:

    "Is your eating habits changed after Covid-19?"

    #1: The Covid-19 virus is NOT OVER and

    #2: The question is illiterate! Merrium-Webster definition: "Illiterate definition is - having little or no education; especially : unable to read or write.")
  • Wheel of Fortune.
    Only completed 2 surveys since January. Contests, Wheel of Fortune snfsurvey comments are just a huge waste of time.
  • Wheel of Fortune.
    Doing well, thank you!
  • Wheel of Fortune.
    Just another useless distraction.
  • Questionnaire attempts
    We can understand your frustration.....please check out the various comments regarding other Univox issues. P.S. Don't waste your time contacting support.
  • Am I doing something wrong?
    10%?????? You will probably be at the top of the leader board.
  • Am new and interested to know more.
    Well, wishing you very good luck! Univox members might help you, if you actually have a question. Don't look to Univox support for a response.
  • 1 month, still no payment....
    Sad, sad, sad...................
  • Just look at these sorry to say but I would call them fools...
    Howzabout this comment: "xxxx608 40 min ago SC2899761
    I enjoyed this survey very much it was very easy very easy to read the questions were real easy and I enjoyed this survey very very much thank you"

  • Have been a member for multiple years
    Me too! I continue to be a loyal member of surveys sites that appreciate me.
  • Discrepancy regarding Engagement Score
    "Always looking to serve you better!"
  • Enough responses
    EXACTLY!!!!! Answering NUMEROUS "profile" questions means absolutely nothing!!!!!! My other surveys sites only ask these questions when you are in the qualification stage of the survey.....I've pretty much dropped Univox because there is no loyalty to the Univox members. The time I've wasted here is now spent on other survey sites that reward me for my dedication to answering surveys honestly, without "jumping through hoops or playing games."
  • Do you have pet cats ?
    You're better off contacting your vet OR getting your cat spayed.
  • Anyone else experiencing very few surveys in "hot surveys"
    That is ONLY "IF" you have any surveys on your dashboard.
  • Corona Virus
    I so agree!!! All of my working years, I've been in civil service positions. We gave 100% to our community, day in & day out.
  • Corona Virus
    Here's the other side of your daughter has worked for 30 years (pediatrics) in one of the largest healthcare systems in California. In the past week, they have been limiting only the patient & ONE parent or guardian into the exam rooms. One parent told her that he pays a $1,000 insurance premium every month and he demanded that he be given a box of LARGE latex gloves to take home. She explained that ALL supplies come out of their department budget and without supplies, they'd have to close down and to check if there were any available to purchase at any of the 3 pharmacies on the premises..she was going in & out of 2 exam rooms, the patient and parent left the facility after seeing the M.D. BTW, at this time they are using only 2 exam rooms for ill children..the other exam rooms-in another wing are reserved for well-baby checks and/or injuries. After the child & parent left, she went in to sanitize (and re-stock supplies) and discovered an entire, never opened box of LARGE latex gloves missing from the daughter asked the M.D. if she gave the parent a box of gloves and the M.D. replied "no." (The M.D. uses only SMALL size) The parent stole the box of gloves via a diaper bag! There is a precise number of supplies stocked for each exam room--after each patient--even down to how many tongue depressors, rolls of gauze, slings, band aids & instruments, etc. are to be in each exam room. Sad, very sad~~~~~
    Good plaudit for you!
  • Not getting surveys anymore
    Good luck Moe!!! The majority of people participating in the Univox Forum have sent numerous emails to support about this very subject and no one has had the "no surveys" issue. resolved.
  • Corona Virus
    I want to give a big shout-out to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. Even though there have been no issues at the park, they are closed (at least) until the end of the month & they have chosen to donate all perishable food to a local food bank. This is really hitting the tourist industry in my state. My daughter's family was at D'Land LAST weekend and hardly any crowds.
  • Corona Virus
    I received an email yesterday afternoon that the entire race was cancelled....we were asked to contact them on Monday afternoon to receive our race bib & goodie bag for participating in their "virtual" run. A.H.A. will still receive some funding benefit, but the major city park will lose the $5/per car entrance fee. Thanks for asking!!
  • Corona Virus
    Here's is another post from FB on 3/11/20....I actually know the person posting--my sister & BIL who are escaping the Colorado winter in Arizona:

    "If you think that covid/19 isn’t something YOU need to be concerned about HERE, I encourage you to read the doctors’ reports about what is happening in Italy.
    And, if that doesn’t concern you, this should: friends of mine returned from 3 weeks in Italy yesterday on the last flight out of Rome before their airline suspended its flights to/from Italy. This was the same day the Italian government announced it was locking down the entire country due to the virus. My friends flew into Atlanta, which I believe is the headquarters of the CDC. There the passengers of that flight were met with NO CHECKS medical techs, no one doing medical warnings or guidelines, just a plane load of travelers going off to their US destinations. My friends are fine but are choosing to self quarantine themselves for 2 weeks anyway but what about he rest?"
  • Corona Virus
    The 2/29 race benefited our local Police Chaplaincy and tomorrow's race is for the American Heart Association....even with the race cancellation, A.H.A. will still get their $$.
  • Corona Virus
    Yes, schools, hospitals, scheduled large events are following the same protocols. I have to mention, I met with former co-workers for our usual "Friday Coffee" at Starbuck's in a nearby city. We were there for about 1 hour & 10 minutes.....not one employee wiped down tables, cleaned doors/door handles or cleaning restrooms and of course, no employees using even disposable food-handling gloves. On 2/29 I participated in a local charity run (5,000+ participants) problem; my charity race for tomorrow with probably only 1,500 (at the most) participants was cancelled yesterday.
  • Survey completes going backwards
    It may have been going longer, but 13 days ago was when it first made the Forum.
  • Survey completes going backwards
    13 days to repair what was broken on the website......
  • Survey completes going backwards
    Sharon: I haven't had ANY surveys in months, so I don't believe attempting and/or completing surveys has anything to do with the backwards, completed survey totals. The total completed survey count goes down 5-10 surveys overnight-when my computer is shut down.....As stated above-I've lost 106 completed surveys since this particular problem arose.
  • Survey completes going backwards
    I call B.S.!!!! I have contacted support on: 2/29, 2/17-twice, 2/10, 2/5 & 2/4....Regarding Valentine's Day contest; asking multiple times to review my account AND completed survey totals going backwards! The 24 hours clock is still ticking WITH NO RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way.....I have lost a total of 106 completed surveys!!!!!
  • TV show survey
    I USED to enjoy the Pop Rewards tv survey...NOW, I'd enjoy just about ANY survey!
  • Poll is up folks
    You're very welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • Survey completes going backwards
    Completed surveys keep down a total of 94 surveys!

    HAS ANY UNIVOX MEMBER RECEIVED A RESPONSE FROM SUPPORT REGARDING THIS ISSUE??? (other than the pathetic--will respond within 24 hours or sooner)
  • Poll is up folks
    Thanks!!!! This survey website used to be unique and at times, it's just a burden! Until I vacate, I'll keep sprinkling Plaudits to ALL!
  • Corona Virus
    Talked to my son last night (yes, the one that was in the doghouse w/his ex over Int Womens' Day) about his upcoming trip to the Philippines. I have a box of CURAD anti-viral facemasks & each is individually wrapped...he said SURE--send 'em! I should note, on the exterior packaging is printed with "Made in China!" (I've had them sitting around for years) LOL!!!!!
  • Poll is up folks
    Me too! Only need 123 more points to cash-out...then I'm GONE!


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