• What is the temperature like in your city?
    Currently 67 degrees at 11:35PM.
  • What happened to paypal
    There now appears, on my redeem screen (as a US member) 102 options to cashout from. Paypal is still listed, in alphabetical order - so it's closer to the bottom of the list.
  • 15/49 Surveys - My new enemy?
    Can't back out to SC either with them. Horrible.
  • Staying Warm!
    How about just the weather that causes fire with Coffees/Hot Cocoa ?? Because, I'll take that.
  • I have 5 completes today!
    Tomorrow and Friday will be more mid 80s. Then finally back in the 70s for a little while. That's the problem with Florida though, bipolar weather. One day it can be 85 and the next it could be 67. I'd rather it be cold than 85.
  • I have 5 completes today!
    It was 85 here today. Dreadful, just dreadful.
  • do you take 15 in 50 minute surveys?
    It always comes back, but it's nice to get rid of it at least once. I was able to rid my screen of it once. A second time I got it down to the teens. A third time it loaded without any surveys, but that was just my internet connection messing up. :)
  • do you take 15 in 50 minute surveys?
    I actually attempt every survey that's on my screen, if I'm in the survey-mood.
  • Milestones & Accomplishments
    I lost count after 1.

    Thank you!
  • Milestones & Accomplishments
    Thanks! :)

    It's been hard work to get to 700 completions these last 7 years, glad I made it. Wish I was fortunate enough to have made these 700 in only a year or less like some of these new people are able to do!
  • Made it
  • Only 3 points now really
    Sample Cube terminate should be one of those that you get first when clicking the survey link, they ask a few normal questions and then some that are "testing" questions. I don't know if Admin is considering it a SC terminate if you don't match the criteria for the survey (because I have a lot that never leaves SC and redirects back to Uni) or if they are referring to the user failing the 'testing" questions of SC.
  • Dashboard
    Yes, but I was able to complete a nice sum of those so I'm pleased with the results.
  • Dashboard
    I had the same issue (and kind of still do). I was able 2 days ago to go through and wipe myself back to 0 surveys. It can happen, it just took a REALLY long time. But now I'm back to 40 and it's a mismatch of 15/50, 15/70 and others. It does go up and down. But each time I break away from the computer, it goes back to 40 it seems.
  • Seek and find thirteen Halloween words in this Halloween word search & win 10 points for each word
    Do you only "plaudit" those with correct answers? I'm wondering because everyone before and after me has a plaudit and I don't. I had thought that you were giving the plaudits to just everyone that participated. But since this is the second time I've been skipped over, I'm wondering if either my answer is incorrect or maybe my posting is not even showing up here on the board for you and others to see.

  • What all recent activities' details do you see on your dashboard?
    Survey Attempted (shows survey number and how many points it was worth)
    Survey Completed (shows only the survey number)
    Redeem Points (last redemption amount and date of payment)
    Refer Friends (last referral's email address and status - like pending)
    Polls (recent poll points awarded)

    In recent activity box, you can keep a tab on your recent activity like the last survey you participated in, last redemption request date, friends you referred etc.
  • Seek and find thirteen Halloween words in this Halloween word search & win 10 points for each word
    13 Halloween Words as requested to find
    Spells, Mask, Broom, Apples, Tricks, Halloween, Bat, Treat, Moon, Ghost, Mummy, Grave, Witch

  • Happy Halloween!
    Happy Halloween, hope your kiddos have a great time tonight. Be safe!
  • Made it
  • "Strange and Weird Stuff Thread!"
    That's because it's a radio observatory quiet zone.
  • New Puppy pics
    Happy Birthday to Maia!!
  • who is the kidnapper?
    I don't agree with the answer I found. That makes no sense since I can see it many other ways. I don't think it's a puzzle that can be solved, it should be left to interpretation to guesses because we're not all clones that think alike :) So you should say your guess! :D
  • who is the kidnapper?
    B because it's the only one where the man is leading the child away from me (the viewer).
  • How many images can you see?
    Horse Buggy/Rolling Toy thing
    Man wearing glasses
    Snow White
    Sherlock Holmes

    4 for me. Unless you are wanting us to count smaller images too like lips, glasses, letter n (or z or lightning bolt).
  • Find the shuffled words!
    I have no clue as to what a Karta Bed is - it was the only thing I could make from RATKA that had to do with 'bed'. I googled a lot of "xx" Bed before Karta Bed came up as a correct search.
  • Find the shuffled words!
    Karta Bed
  • Are you a saver or a spender?
    Separate accounts. I have access to his account to pay bills and such, but he has no access to mine.
  • Are you a saver or a spender?
    If it's my money, I am an extreme saver. I've been known to hoard my part of tax return money until next tax returns are due. If it's hubby's money, I'm a saver - just not to extreme. I had to learn "chill out" when he goes on his "sprees". Honestly though, even when I spend I am a bad remorseful spender. Saving is easier on my anxiety.
  • The New Look
    What new look?
  • Which Pill Would You Choose?
    Time Travel - I'd like to go back and fix a few things, and I would like to see dinosaurs :p
  • ..... I don't think the World is ready for Robots.,.,.,. the People have spoken....
    No that would be the newest thing they could hack.. and the virus would be HIV/STD's... a real Trojan virus.
  • How can you change your profile image on forum?
    Click Update Profile under your forum image in the top left hand of the page.
    Then click on Change Image.

    If the image doesn't look right for the smaller one used on posts, you can click Edit Thumbnail and maneuver it to make it look better as a thumbnail image.
  • what to answer part two
    1 Strongly Disagree.
  • Wall Of Fame .....
    There is a different Wall of Fame for each member level. I know this because my daughter was at Number 2 on hers and I was calling her crazy for saying she was #2 because she wasn't there on mine. Turns out her "Basic" WoF was different people than my "Ambassador" WoF.
  • How Should john Escape The cell? What's your guess??
    Seeing as how the rest of this "cell" isn't viewable, I'm going to imagine that it's wide open so he can just walk right out.

    If it really is a cell. I would suggest digging. Because us short people know that climbing that high and then falling out the window on the other side would be a bad idea. Better to stay lower to the ground.
  • Surveys
    Now I just completed a second one in a row from them. I need to verbally complain more often HA!!
  • Surveys
    And then to make a show of it... I go and actually complete one these. HA!
  • Surveys
    If you get back to uni after 4 tries, you're lucky!
  • Surveys
    Are you referring to these? Or looks similar to these:

    If so, these are so annoying. I know I have tried hundreds of these. Only been able to get back to the dashboard on a small handful of them. Otherwise they keep redirecting back to the same page (router page) you start from to "try again" for another survey. I know I've spent over 15 minutes trying to get back to Univox on them only for them to go back to routing survey page above. So now, when these load I just close out the browser or the app (since they are master redirects and not allowing you to dq back to dashboard) as soon as I see them. I don't care enough about making a few cents to put myself through that hassle. Neither should anyone. @Admin should do something about this. I would prefer not to use that routing site.
  • Columbus Day
    Grades are due next week. But I don't see any problems, she already had A's before the finals. :)
  • Columbus Day
    College, yes. Finals for her Advertising class.
  • Columbus Day
    In my neck of the woods, the only things that celebrate Columbus Day is the government (no mail, no courthouse (and offices), majority of banks are closed). Everything else is open. Including my daughter's college which I am taking her to in the next few hours for her finals.

    My town doesn't do anything, but they suck anyways. We don't have anything for 4th of July here - they rely on neighboring (smaller) towns to provide the festivities so they don't have to. We have a strawberry festival every year (we are a strawberry farming area) that only has 10% to do with strawberries. Like I said, this town drops the ball on holidays.
  • Is it just me?

    My "contest" points are messed up. As you can see from the included screenshots. In the Date Field is the points and in the Points Field is the dates. Can you fix this AND make sure that the correct points have been added to my account?

  • Which would you choose?
    Since it wasn't stated as the "extent of the travel" and in a majority of travel packages, it includes to/from destination, lodging, and meals (as well as excursions in your destination) --

    since it didn't just say "travel to locations" and just "free travel for life" ...

    I will take Free Travel for Life :D