• hello admin
    I did what you told me to do and no response , can you help me please
    First ticket number : 219530
    Second ticket number : 223271
    receive an automated response with a ticket numbercjsenour
  • hello admin
    Thanks, i will try this
  • hello admin
    Thanks for answering me
    I contacted Support tow weeks ago and didn't get any response
  • hello admin
    there is no surveys in my account more than ten days ago
    Also my PayPal account has been attacked and i can't use it any more, and i contacted the support to link my account to a new PayPal email more than tow weeks and i didn't get any response.
    If any of my redemption is delivered to my current email i will be unable to use it.
    Can you help me please
  • Redemption delay
    Redemption delay
    Level : Ambassador

    Request ID: 1137238
    Request date: 6/14/2021 7:13:42 AM
    Redemption type: Paypal
    Amount : 20.00 USD
    Status: Processing
    Request ID: 1152057
    Request date: 6/24/2021 3:35:53 AM
    Redemption type: Paypal
    Amount : 15.00 USD
    Status: Processing

    Please process my request

Alfred Ulrick

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