• Do you think buying popcorn at movies is expensive?
    I know people who got the pass and can see unlimited movies a month for $10. Told them about it after taking survey about it, lol. Thinking about getting myself.
    Yeah the concessions are expensive but that's where they make their money
  • Prize Draw Entries or Points as rewards
    I Never do the PDE ones unless the they offer guaranteed points, seen a few of those before.
  • Any Competitions running now?
    Was nice when they had them all the time. I think it gives people a reason to sign into site each day.
  • "Mr.Watson, come here I want to see you"
    Think Ahoy hoy was the standard way to answer phone back then. Random fact #163 :joke:
  • I'm read for Spring!!!!!!
    Made the mistake of leaving my bike outside behind the garage a few weeks ago. We got a rain/snow mix that night so its been frozen back there since gonna have to get around to freeing it one of these days
    Do all states except AZ in the contiguous/mainland US have daylight savings?
  • Query Re: Reward Points?
    If ur asking you are probably new so it'd be 2500 needed to redeem.
  • Finished surevey, to be told, 'You do not qualify'
    You don't have to copy number down beforehand, if there is a prob can see the number in the dashboard. In the past I seemed to get the pts bout 1/2 the time not sure how it is now.
  • 200 Club :)
    each point is equal to 1 cent, 100 pts = 1 USD
  • Can you find the missing number? #TuesdayRiddle #Brainteaser #UnivoxCommunity
    When r they going to post answer? Its been 2 weeks.
  • A person born in 1996 & died in 1992. How? #TuesdayRiddle #UnivoxCommunity
    Hospital room numbers or the address they lived at
  • How long do payments take?
    Got mine this morning too. Just trying to figure out what days they are now issued on.
  • Are you Happy with Univox App ?
    Its ok but needs improvement in many areas.
  • Can you Earn a Living by doing Surveys?
    No not a living. More for extra walking around money whatever u wanna call it
  • Surveys
    Had 2 ipsos that didn't redirect. Completed 7 and was able to redeem for 1000 pts. Haven't used the site in months though so have a lot if surveys available.
  • I'm back!!!
    Already had 2 surveys not redirect and credit after I completed them. See they still haven't fixed that issue.
  • I'm back!!!
    I'm back too.
  • How well do you know avocado
    A tree. You could say all of the above though. They come from a tree, which is a plant, which grows from the ground and you can buy them at the supermarket.
  • Annoying surveys
    Had a few of em the last few days. They just seem too long and somewhat pointless most of the time. There are worse survey types though at least those ones work properly and credit.
  • Annoying surveys
    Not a big fan of one's that have this in it.

  • weather in your area today (4/14/18)
    Not having too much variation in temp sounds kind of nice and is different from where I live. Don't get extreme weather as far as hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Temperature wise though there was a high temp of 97 one day last month and the high temp the next day was 60. Winter it can be -20 or colder while in the summer gets to be over 100.
  • Wall Of Fame .....
    Haven't used the site for a while so didn't even know about the wall of fame. It doesn't show it or mention anything about it on the univox app. First noticed Friday night when I won and 200 points were added to my account. Those who don't use the app and/or complete many surveys will have a difficult time collecting points. IMO they should give .5 points per survey attempt whether it's attempted from the app or the site, or at least some pts per attempt from non app attempts.

    Though it could be better overall I like the Wall of Fame contest (or whatever you want to call it)
  • weather in your area today (4/14/18)
    95 (36 C) feels like 106 (41 C)

    Wow wouldn't of guessed until this year the record temp for late June was only 22 C (71 F) and the average high is only 18 C/64 F.
  • Which travels faster?
    Heat because you can catch a cold. It's a riddle.
  • Answer this quiz & stand a chance to win 20 points.
    Grapes and bananas.

    Though some say bananas are aggregate fruit and some day berries.
  • which one would you choose?
    but with the knowledge you have now you could far more than 50 million by choosing the blue door.
  • Which travels faster?
    Hot or cold what? Maybe its just me but I don't understand the question.
  • Fruit Bulb
    A potato
  • Amazon $3 and $5 Gift cards
    What type of tablet do you have? With most android tablets you can hit and hold the volume down and power button to take a screenshot. Windows tablet you'd use the snipping tool. IPad hold the sleep/wake (on top or side) button and press the home button.
  • Amazon $3 and $5 Gift cards
    Things like and mention above are one of the reasons I haven't been using univox very much lately.
  • A TV Series Mash-up Game Take Two series Mash them up let people Guess Thread!?!
    Should of took the time to put together a better image but I think it's good enough. tjfe03vwb2oim7ol.png
  • Amazon $3 and $5 Gift cards
    Thanks just been been busy lately.
  • Amazon $3 and $5 Gift cards
    Done ones like that in the past (not through the mobile app though) and would never receive my Amazon gift card.
  • Cash Out
    As said you might do well, it seems to depend on demographics. I have noticed based on comments from members those outside the US don't seem to get many surveys to do but those in the US who live in or near a major city seem to get a pretty good amount each day. However you will probably only be able to complete about 5% of surveys give or a percentage point or two.
  • Cash Out
    or the Q&A bot in the lower right corner can answer basic questions about the site, like points needed, what points are worth, the different levels, etc. Here on the forum you can probably find answers to most questions you'd have. Just search what you're looking for or ask.
  • Cash Out
    Where do you live? You might not be able to use PayPal yet. You need to be at premium or ambassador level to use PayPal if u live in the US or Canada. At least it always used to be like that, they did mention making paypal available to everyone but not sure if they ever put that into effect. You'd have to contact customer service or use the q & a bot to find out.

    At basic level once you're @ or above 2500 pts ($25.00 USD) the request a payment button is activated. However you can request a payment for any amount of points from 1000 to how ever many points u have it doesn't have to be for 2500 points.

    The request payment button becomes active when you have 2000 points @ verified level, 1500 @ premium & 1000 @ ambassador.
  • LOI
    What about a survey that says 10 min loi then u complete 8-9 min and answer all the questions to see if you're paying attention properly but still don't get the points because it says you finished the survey too fast. It's only happened to me 3-4 times over the last 3+ years I've been taking surveys but I've seen others say it happens to them regularly.
  • purdy
    Not a fan of the color either
  • Thanks giving contest
    I'm thankful for @Univoxcommunity I can take interesting or fun (sometimes) surveys and get rewarded for it.
  • Here is the good news!
    That's a nice change I never really understood why it was only available to the top levels. Who knows how many people didn't join, quit right after joining or getting their first payout because paypal wasn't a option? I would guess a pretty good amount.

    The message sent to support and the incorrect response to her question is a issue that should, no needs be addressed. There's been many times the answers given by admin about rule changes or how the site works are wrong or you get totally different answers depending on if you ask on the forum, rumble or email support. It causes confusion among members and in some cases leads to unhappy members.
  • Stay tuned for the upcoming changes!
    Have you tried using your mobile recently? If you were doing 90% of surveys from your mobile before I wouldn't think there would be a problem. So as long as they're working keep doing them. Who knows though I used to have no problems with using Edge but stopped using it for awhile and now the few times I've tried it I have had issues so I just use Chrome instead now.
  • Points
    I forgot about that, despite many bugs being pointed out and corrected as well as other suggestions from members leading to changes on the site as far as I know no points were awarded.
  • Points
    Yeah I'm wondering if their address changed? The confirmation message yesterday and others the past few days have still been from so I don't think it has but wondering why messages aren't going through unless you send them through the support link.
  • Points
    I received the undeliverable email message too for the one I sent from my email, so I guess if you want it to go through go to and click on the button to send them messages.
  • Points
    it's happened before though, they once gave me a payment I didn't request. I told them about it though and didn't claim it so I hope whoever it was really supposed to go to received it. Although in this case I'd imagine being for $893 they Immediately had to realize there was a error.
  • Points
    Glad to hear they fixed your points. They still haven't resolved the issue with my last payment request which due to a error was for $893 and change instead of $10.20 but it does seem besides that my points have been fixed. I'm at -87,7306 points but if they were to cancel that payment like I asked and they said they'd do I'd have about 2200 points, which seems a little short but close enough to where I should be. Hopefully they fix it soon so I can request a payment for the correct amount and I hope they don't accidentally pay me the $893 payment.