• Has anyone ever got their redemption on weekends,like ever?
    I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you need help getting started? Be sure to fill out your profile. Wen surveys appear, click on one and answer questions. You will need 2500 points to get your first redeem. You can pick from a number of options for this. Many use Amazon or Pay Pal. If you have a specific question, ask again. Someone will try to help. Please start a new discussion a label it "Questions" If you put it in an on going discussion, it might get lost in the shuffle.
  • Nielsen survey failed to pay.
    I'm wondering if some of these problems have to do with everyone in the world on their computers at the same time. I usually have a lot of surveys first thing in the morning, but today only had one. They didn't come in until about 2:00. Also, some are very slow loading.
  • Time Line comments
    I am so happy to complete a survey that I don't feel negative.
  • Anyone else experiencing very few surveys in "hot surveys"
    I don't know if Yuno loops or not as I delete them as soon as they pop up.
  • Anyone else experiencing very few surveys in "hot surveys"
    I will say that I am very glad that Univox has fixed the looping. I am also getting DQ points.3-4 for most surveys EXCEPT Hot Surveys. Now they are doing the disappearing act for some people. It would be nice to fix everything at once
  • Anyone else experiencing very few surveys in "hot surveys"
    Right now I have 40 Hot Surveys and 40 regular surveys. Don't like Hot Surreys because, even though they have high points, I never qualify and they don't give DQ points. I have much better luck with the regular surveys. I have never had surveys disappear. I usually do Univox surveys after I have finished all other survey sites because I much better luck finishing surveys on others., I just wish the Hot Surveys didn't always come up first, so I wouldn't have to change every time.
  • Let this be the thread where to Post New Rules to live By:-
    I love this. We should all look on the positive.
  • What's the best prank you've ever pulled? #AprilFoolsDay #UnivoxCommunity
    When was a child (many,many years ago) the favorite prank was "your shoelaces are untied.) I guess it was fumy to a 6 year old.
  • Anyone else experiencing very few surveys in "hot surveys"
    I usually have at least 10 in Ht Surveys and 40 in other. I don't do Hot Surveys because they don't give DQ points, and I never qualify for them.
  • no survey
    I find that there is a run of DQ points, but if I close the site and then come back later, the DQ's are gone. I don't have the time to sit and do 60 surveys all at once.
  • Corona Virus
    I see some advertisements as more of a way to drum up business than a real concern for customers. However, with so many businesses having to close, it only makes sense for them to try new ways to make money. As for funeral directors, since there is social distancing, there have to be new ways to hold funerals. Anyway, it is a good idea to think about your own funeral and prepare. It sure takes a burden off of the loved ones left behind. I know from experience since my husband and mother died seven months apart about ten years ago.
  • Fast redemption
    When your boss hands you your paycheck, don't you say "Thank you?" It's only polite, especially when Univox has often been slow in paying.
  • Survey Comments Timeline
    I've noticed that the older I get the less surveys I qualify for. I think it is because I don't work and don't have children at home. Old people have opinions too!
  • Corona Virus
    Many are tourists visiting the park. I guess they don't care since they don't live here.
  • Corona Virus
    I live in the country about a mile from the nearest small town and its fast food restaurants and 1/2 mile from a state park the other way. Before I can mow every week, I need to clean up the yard. I have found shirts, shoes and underwear (are people going home naked?) Many bottles and cans and plastic bags and Styrofoam containers,. The worst, however, are dirty diapers and used feminine products. I hardly have time to put the trash bag in the garage and start mowing before I have more in the yard. Very frustrating to say nothing of unhygienic.
  • Corona Virus
    Without the gondolas in Italy, the canals are now crystal clear. Should tell us something.
  • Let this be the thread where to Post New Rules to live By:-
    I sure hope those statistics are right. If so, I am much more optimistic and willing to stay home.
  • Wonder if i will get a $1000 check
    AARP is trying to make sure the senior citizens on social security get their share. Most of us file, but some living only on social security don't make enough to.
  • Corona Virus
    went to hospital yesterday for tests. Parking lot was so empty I got a spot right at the door All doors had signs "No Visitors" Nurses inside asking everyone if they felt sick or had traveled internationally in the last 2 weeks. Also took temps. I was early for my tests as I was told. Got right in. Many cancellations. Was done and on my way home before my appointment time. Better safe than sorry.
  • Corona Virus
    Our local hospital is limiting visitors to only one family member if patient is delivering a baby, having surgery or at end of life. Otherwise, there are no visitors. Anyone going for other reasons like tests are being screened before being let inside. I am scheduled for an MRI this afternoon. I was called last night and again this morning to be sure I hadn't traveled internationally or was running a fever or felt sick. I imagine I will be screened again before they let me in.

    I nope to go the the grocery store Sunday. Hope there is something left. It has always amazed me now people rush to buy bread, eggs and toilet paper whenever there is even a hint of a disaster. When I am running low on supplies, I always buy more. I never let myself fun out.
  • A nasty outbreak....
    The main problem with Yuno is that you complete the survey, Yuno says you will get points from Univox and Univox will not honor the complete.
  • Corona Virus
    Just be patient. Stocks will come back. They always do. As you say now is the time to buy at low prices. However, I want to wait until they stabilize a bit. The ones I feel for are the retirees who depend on stocks to supplement their Social Security income.
  • Corona Virus
    Just heard a college near me has gone to online classes Makes a lot of sense! Now the students can gather at the bars all day.
  • TV show survey
    I have tried the Poprewards TV surveys from time to time, but the shows I watch are never on there.
  • TV show survey
    I've never done a TV show survey, but I do ad surveys al the time. I am also hearing impaired and have trouble following the dialog. I use the surveys to express my displeasure that there is no closed captioning. I indicate that I do NOT like the ad and then say why. I also indicate that it is confusing and irritating. I've been doing this for several years, and I have noticed that more ads on TV are using closed captioning. Chalk one up for us old people!
  • Regarding Shoutmix!
    This is an old thread. Univox no longer uses Shoutmix. If you have a question, find a newer topic that relates to it or start your own discussion. We will all be glad to help you out.
  • Corona Virus
    Some stores and websites are limiting how many you can buy at one time of hand sanitizer, etc. Some places sold out and can't get more. For the most part, it is just a panic. There is one college in Washington state that closed and went to online classes, but mostly people are going about their business. There were some concerts that cancelled, but not many.
  • Let this be the thread where to Post New Rules to live By:-
    I came to that conclusion about the time I hit 75.
  • Redemption Denied
    I quit Branded because I do not have a cell phone and couldn't cash out my 1000 points became of it. They wouldn't even give me a work around. I wasn't the only one that got caught in that. Survey Junkie give DQ points for most you don't qualify for. I have been on there for a month and have cashed out 4 times at 500 points each. Redeems come withing 1 minute.
    Why is the Valentine banner still up?
  • Survey completes going backwards
    What good is the survey completes? Do you get points for completing a lot? I never check mine, so I don't know if it is going down or not.
  • Account Terminated
    I keep reading how so many of you are not getting surveys. I have 70 on my dashboard right now. I usually leave Univox until I have taken surveys from all other sites because I seldom qualify. I did manage to cash out last Sunday and received redeem on Monday. Seems strange that Univox would pick and choose who gets surveys. I don' know why I get them since I don' take that many.
  • Smiley Face Feedback
    I very seldom get the Smiley Face. I never give feed back when I do. I don't read feedback, so I guess I don't think others do either. What I like or don't like is only my opinion, Others may think differently..
  • Hurray! Wheel of fortune is live at Univox #UnivoxCommunity #TryLuck
    Shrek is a friendly ogre in a Disney movie. I'm not too familiar with him either as I don't watch Disney since I don't have small children.
  • Account Terminated
    That makes as much sense as anything else.
  • Poll
    No wheel for me and no new poll either. Still has the one on sports betting on my dashboard,
  • Screenshot help
    I've always said getting old is hell, but it beats the alternative. I'll soon be 80. Remember when the electric typewriter was the greatest because you didn't have to push the keys so hard,
  • positive feedback for univox today
    I don't mind the length of time it takes, but when they say 48 hours, it should be 48 hours.
  • Your-surveys
    So glad to hear he is getting better.
  • Donate Now - Fire Fight Australia
    There was a neat article on the NBC news last night about Australian firefighters nursing koalas back to health. Very emotional to see these public servants cradling baby koalas in their arms and feeding them.
  • Participate more in surveys to get a good rank
    I've noticed a lag time in posting points. Often I have to go on to the next sujrvey before I see the points from the previous one.
  • What's your current rank in the Valentine's Day Contest??
    Mine is 840. I haven't taken a survey here for over a week, so I don't know how I got the number. I don't really pay attention to contests and don't know how they are calculated.
  • no surveys for a week
    I have at least 15 Hot Surveys and 40+ regular ones at all times. Never qualify and no DQ points. I redeemed Feb. 8 and got it this morning. Haven't taken a survey here for almost a week because I get DQ points on another site. Have cashed out there twice in a week. I get at least 3 e-mail invites a day.
  • Your Surveys trap question?
    I was invited but had a cold and had t beg off.
  • Admin-Please check my redemption made on Saturday.
    Got my redemption this morning. Thx,