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    February 12, 2015

    Updating your profile surveys is a must to avoid those unwanted Disqualifications. Surveys are sent to you on the basis of your profile information, in case if your profile is incomplete or information is not up-to-date your chances of disqualifying increases as surveys sent to you are not the exact match to your interest. When you fill out the profiles, you let us know more about you, which allows us to make better decisions on what surveys to send you and this will mean more surveys that you qualify for, and less time spent answering questions on surveys that really aren't a good match for you.

    We suggest you to complete the profile surveys immediately after joining the panel and update your profile information after you have an important change in your household. Big changes in your household like the birth of a new baby, moving from a rented house to own house, buying big appliances and buying a new car could qualify you for more surveys. With big changes, updating small changes in household like an electronic product i.e. Video game, smart phone, laptop, etc. Also makes a difference as it let you participate in product specific surveys.

    So, if you complete the profile surveys and update them regularly, chances for you qualifying and completing surveys will increase plus you will be able to answer any new questions added since your last update.

    We give you 620 points for completing your Profile i.e. 500 for the main profile survey questions and 20 points each for the 6 sub-profile surveys.
  • Admin
    February 10, 2015
    We receive a lot of queries around disqualification like “[i]Why I get disqualify in the survey despite the fact I answer all the questions honestly?[/i]”

    Below is the list of reason why you get disqualify in a survey :

    Quota Full – For example, a survey only need 40 females to answer their questionnaire and by the time you clicked on the survey to participate they already received required responses, in that case you’ll get a message of Quota-Full.

    Terminate – You only get terminate when your answers don’t match with survey requirement. For example – Survey is for house owners but they are looking for people who bought house in some specific year, in this case if your answer doesn't match with their requirement you’ll get a message of Terminate.

    Multiple Panels – Survey companies can ask different panels to get data from the respondent, which means there is high probability that one survey is live in two different panels, so if you have participated in the survey via one panel then you won’t be allowed to participate in the survey via second panel and you’ll straight away get disqualify.

    Geo IP Term – For example if survey is for residents of Washington and you are participating in the survey from Charleston using Washington IP address via VPN(Virtual Private Networks), again you’ll get disqualify because any suspicious activity automatically gets monitored by the security system and system block the user.

    Always remember these survey panels are looking for very specific information and they do a lot of screening to make sure that you are the right type of person they need. For example: if they are looking for the house owners, but the people answering the survey don’t own a house then response they are getting is completely irrelevant. Companies are paying big bucks for your opinions, and want to be sure you are the type of person they need, so don’t blame a panel for getting disqualify it all depends on what is the need of the survey.


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