• Dara Hart
    Hi there,

    How is it possible for some people to be at nearly 10,000 engagement pts for the month. I've used the
    site a lot this month, spending multiple hours a day sometimes and am only on 2000 (getting around 100 engagement points a day). Can someone please explain

    Many thanks :)
  • Dara Hart
    I'm in Aus btw if country location has anything to do with it
  • Admin
    We can understand your concern. Please be informed that the engagement score is calculated on a daily and monthly basis considering the below-given factors and the points are awarded (daily and monthly) as per your score and subscription level.

    The top scorer of the day gets points and the top 20 members of the month get points.

    Engagement Factors Engagement Score
    Every 10 survey attempts 2
    Survey complete 5
    Redemption Rejection -5
    Referral Joining 20
    Redemption approval 10
    Mobile app download (first time) 100
    Every survey attempt from mobile 0.5

    You see a different score every day because our system calculates the engagement score on daily basis then it sums up your daily score at the end of the month and points are awarded accordingly.
  • Dara Hart
    Oh subscription level... is that like basic, ambassador etc. That makes sense now as I am only basic lol:razz:

    Thanks for the quick reply :)
  • Nat M

    I am also in Aust and non US countries automatically get less survey volume. Thus the WOF is not a level playing field
    Supposedly Ambassadors get first preference to surveys.which yet again makes the WOF not equal.

    Perseverance ,moving up levels will help
  • Dara Hart
    Thanks Nat.

    What level are you on if you don't mind me asking? I only started Univox at the beginning of the month and have gotten to 9200 points but can't redeem them yet as there is the 30 day period for first redeemers. How is it that you level up?
  • Nat M


    I am Ambassador. That is me on that banner and on the Wall as NatalieM.
    To get to Ambassador you need 5 redemptions and 100 complete surveys
  • Nat M

    Do these people get 500 surveys a day to get these ES scores??

    We have asked before to show us a random example of one of the leaders. Like how many survey completes do they get. If they are not getting 500 surveys then every survey they attempt must be a completed one with no survey problems.......no looping etc.........surveys working perfectly
  • Kingalfred
    App users benefit with more ES per survey ...we've been here before ... It's like 7 8 hours of input per day to accumulate ... 20 completions...10 12 15 mins per survey attempt ... 200 240 300 minutes just there ...
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