I had 24 attempts on my dashboard today.
    This was the outcome
    14/24 No DQs
    5/24 Blue Bubble
    5/24 No redirect

    I spent 40 min dragging through this s**t show only to come out with wasting 40min & getting with zero points.

    So again.
    Is there any point to this site anymore?
  • luckyone
    No there is not any point. Just a waste of time and effort.
  • Kingalfred
    .... It's a case of .... "if your face fits"
    No consistency .... No support .... Lack of being bothered ....
    So long as the surveys get done by those able to do them , they dont care of the woes of those attempting and getting nowhere .... Some get 200 invites, some get 2 ....
  • Kingalfred
    Infuriating frustration ... And i aint doing no insulting 20 22pt surveys .,.,. Weird how those always let you in ....
  • KellyD
    And let's not forget about the constant looping that gets you nowhere but frustrated.
  • Kingalfred
    Weird how few people bother in the "complaints threads" don't want putting on the naughty step
    Or pencilling in on a "list"
  • Nat M
    I am permanently on that list.......... :lol:
    I get everything with surveys.......the looping, freezing half way through a survey, videos not opening up, just now the Error 40 : Oops.........here we go again , very little DQ points , Hot Surveys just takes up space on my screen. Example: Will have 3 surveys in Hot Surveys all different survey numbers but the same survey

    Tickets are just a waste of time.
  • UCLA
    Its a drag when you spend said amount of time on this with a crap outcome.
    Im here till I have enough to cash out.
    I have 599 now. So maybe by summer Ill have the 1000.
    & then reading all the complaints about redemption times. I might get the $10 by next Christmas. :rofl:
    I just cba about this site anymore.
    I basically come here now when the other sites I go to have nothing

    The constant looping is what I had meant for the no DQs.
  • Nat M

    But did not get the T-Shirt......... :smile:
  • mikeee
    I think some people just spend less time here instead of complaining.
    Not sure why I took the IPSOS survey here.. 15 minutes or so i n it does it's white box and sends me into the loop. Not sure why I tried one here. It's been a week or so. Made like $9 with 3 completes, 1 each on 3 different sites today...
  • mikeee
    not much point,IMHO.
  • Kingalfred
    Thats what I do ... Take the best amounts on the sites that pay me better .. Length of time dependant on mood.. If things run smooth you dont mind plodding on through a few.. Once the hiccups appear makes it harder and harder to muster enthusiasm .... Staying away from here lightens the load ... In my head uni' don't care for it's workforce, the ones paying their wages .,. Else they'd fix all bugs ... But the bugs benefit them, due to reasons of no DQ or ways out of not having to pay for completes ...
    They know what they are doing ....
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