• cjsenour
    Qualifying questions were about climate change. Survey was on eczema. I didn't qualify. .
  • KellyD
    Wow. Crazy and odd!
  • J Zerbs
    Happens all the time to me. All the questions are about one topic then you get you qualify msg and the rest of the survey is about a subject totally unrelated to the first topic.
  • Kingalfred
    Thats because the prelims are just data harvesting ..
    Like .. Also... How many people are employed at your work place
    How much does your company earn per annum...W G A F
    This survey is about "starbucks"
    Whats your yearly income ,,.,.,. 20 - 30 k
    Sorry you don't qualify .,.,. :meh:
    I know it's expensive but sheesh .....
    Are you in charge of your workplace utilities bills
    Yes...of course I am ..
    Isn't everyone ....

    Welcome to our survey...
    Do you have access to the internet?
    No...i'm taking this through telepathic mind control....

    Have you done a survey in the past on any of these subjects..
    Yes...i'm a survey taker.,.,.of course I have...
    Ticks ...No ..
  • Michele
    telepathic mind control !!! ha ha ha!
  • Siegfried
    i SUSPECT THAT SOME PRELIMINARY QUESTION ARE PART OF AN ANTI-ROBOT PROCEDURE to act as a filter. I'd like to know where I can get one of these robots that they seem so cocerned about.
    Given how difficuld some surveys are to complete or navigate, that has to be some very clever robot.

    In fact, I think survey-bots are a myth. It is really humans who dash through answering at random that they are concerned about.

    Anyone who could develop software clever enough to answer surveys is not going to be looking to accumulate piles of half dollar rewards. Not with a level of skill that could earn millions.

    (Sorry about the caps-lock, I was too lazy to re-do it)
  • karl
    well, I wouldn't be to sure about that, u set up bots on a dozen sites and u can make some loot! but, yh, seems it would be fairly tough nowadays, its why we legitimate survey takers have to jump thru so many hoops to get to the actual survey
  • Kingalfred
    If you can write some sort of program that just infiltrates the system, copies completions, say 5 , then randomises answers so as to be not an exact copy, then submits, and does this over the hundreds of sites daily.,.,. Then a tidy sum is to be earned .... I blame the Russians and Indians .,.,. Renowned .... Schemers ...bored intellectuals testing their skills on a small scale before hitting Fort Knox
  • karl
    oh yeah! I get a dozen calls a day from the indian folk telling me my apple id or I get money back or something is wrong with something in my life
  • karl
    but it is much harder now with the measures they have put in place, it just makes it more lengthy for us
  • cjsenour
    Question - Which state do you live in. Answer choices - Louisiana, Boston, Dallas, Rest of Texas, San Fransisco, Michigan. (Someone flunked geography.) Clicked on Michigan because it is the closest to Indiana which wasn't a choice. Was sent to instructions in German. Too much Christmas eggnog!
  • godseeconomy
    I get that question and I live in London !!!!!!!!! I just delete.
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