• J Zerbs
    If so what is it?
    I ideally would like to reach 200 or more. However its not always possible due to lack of free time or available surveys so I am happy enough with anything over 100 as I believe that will be enough to keep me in the top 100.
  • Kingalfred
    Today ... On tablet, none app, so close ....

    9 completes but only little 5 6 7 loi, 40 50 60's
  • mikeee
    I punted.
  • Siegfried
    I think 100 should do it.
  • sharonh
    I am rank 3085....nothing I do will help at this point.
  • Melissa Y
    I'm in the same situation. Not even bothering to try anymore.
  • karl
    I completed 167 surveys, cashed out 14 times and probably got the 2 points for 10 dq's everyday. ended up with 3671 points and that was good for 76th pace. so 5-6 surveys a day I think would put you in the top 100. I was at like 50th place with two days to go and a 600 point cushion over 100th place, than dropped out of the top 100 with a minus 200 from the top 100, so I think I actually finished in the top 50 last month, without the weird ending. I started taking screen shots of the top 200 today, so I will know if anything fishy happens again at the end of the month
  • Kingalfred
    I was also a top 50/60 contender I completed around a 100 surveys hovvering around those rank places
    I started 2 days late and weekends were pretty much zeros .. So 3.6 average completes per day should keep you up in the 100 ... This time I'm on a go slow.. No completes today as I haven't bothered here, the redeem chaos put me off, it's like we have to jump through hoops at all points.. Ive lost 9 completes, and am at 388 or so ... 696 points ...48 points a day would put you in line for a fiver
  • karl
    yh, I did like 30 surveys the last two days of the month to get back in the money, most annoying. so I would think if all is fair that a little over a 100 should get you in.
  • flygirl
    I would like to avoid surveys that are already full and late disqualifications.
    They waste a lot of time. And many times a survey is much longer than stated. I simply do not have 20 minutes to complete a 5 minute survey.
    Happy Holidays!
  • alexander a lucas

    Monthly Engagement Score: 4896
    today Engagement Score: 474
    still not in the list

    Why I am not in the list
    help me guys.
  • J Zerbs
    You're on the monthly. 9g8512v4vm5a5j5c.png

    I don't see you on my daily but there are different daily lists for each level (ambassador, verified, etc.)
  • alexander a lucas

    I am not in CHRISTMAS CONTEST ranking
  • Mele McCabe
    OK, then refuse the $30 you'll receive at the end of December
  • alexander a lucas

    Sorry Nat M said everything about this.
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