• Siegfried
    For some months now, the message that slides onto the screen when you get disqualified has been more often than not, 'You did not qualify, you get no DQ points'.

    This is simply a basic programming error by the Univox 'team' (which I suspect may be some lad in his mum's basement) because more often than not, it is wrong and DQ points have been allocated, as you will see if you watch your points score.

    The correct messages, signifying 1, 3 or 4 points are still there and still appear from time to time, so why is it that the wrong message's appearance has been tolerated for so long?

    This may seem a trivial gripe, and for me it really is as I know it is a cock-up but two aspects of it should concern Univox.

    One is that people see the message, take it at face value and get annoyed and moan or go elsewhere.

    The other aspect is the level of pride in doing a good job that this seems to show a blatent lack of. My business experience is that it's the small stuff that matters. People project messy trivia onto the image of all the company's other activities, in effect, it does not matter if you are saving the world if you cannot spell a sign correctly.
  • karl
    I get that and I also get that on completed surveys, even tho they credit. but I do get that instance of annoyance until I see that it has credited
  • Siegfried
    I preferred the old Thank You, smiley face that still happens occasionally.
  • Kingalfred
    If they wanted to correct or change or mend anything, they would ...
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