• Deb
    Well this site WAS good until a couple of weeks ago. Now all you get is 1-3 looping surveys a day which don't pay because the last looping survey ends in an error message. So i complained about this and here's the excuse I got back: " in order to save users time our system automatically route to another survey". More like they dont want to pay out the 1-4pts for not completing a survey. We call that cheap where I come from.
  • Bob Dack
    I hate that looping thingie too,bugs the heck outta me!
    But I think that's the Survey Cube Sampler that is doing that not Univox???
    Ther has alway been issues with that Survey Cube Sampler company survey
    this is just the latest as if is happening with them at all the other sites too
  • J Zerbs
    I still am getting a good amount of dq points about 40-50% I don't qualify for seem to give them. I know I'm in the vast minority here but I don't mind the looping that much and actually like it in many cases. A example being earlier today a 480 point survey I didn't qualify for looped to another and I was able to complete it and get 480 points. Overall seems like am getting more pts and completes then I have on years here.
  • Siegfried
    I am finding the opposite, about half of the surveys I complete, and these are few, fail to pay for some reason, often post survey DQ or just a crash or dead end. I have just competed a tediously long survey about employment with no points for half an hour or more of boring but conciencious box ticking.

    For the last couple of days it has been a couple of completes a day and a couple that failed to pay.

    Not a good ratio.
  • jubejube
    The looping means they don't have to pay DQ points. Once I get to 1000 points and can cash out, I've had it with Univox. I rarely qualify for a survey, and if I do it's only for 35 points. Most of my time now is spent answering questions then watch it loop into another batch of questions. Total waste of time.
  • Ananya Advitiya
    Because they are saving for the christmas!!
  • Kingalfred
    point is... Completely different experience for all users..
    No consistency ..in invites.. Points of surveys...number of surveys ...
    It's pot luck
    Another point is .... They dont give a damn ...
    They send me low surveys...so because of being involved in this rank crud wall of America con test I take them ... So they think, fools ....send low paid to those taking them ....

    As for the higher point surveys .... Mainly completed by liars who work in many industries, buy and use every product available every week .... And say yes to every question .....

    Sucks to be me ....
    Never mind .... Only a week of this left .....
  • KellyD
    Sample Cube works on other sites and does NOT loop and pays for DQ points EVERY time......on other sites. Just not here. I don't understand.
  • UCLA
    i disagree with . Other sites im on that have Survey Cube Samplers always work for me. I either get them completed or they give me DQ points.
    Only this place screws me out of completes or DQ points.

    I had TWELVE!!!! on my dashboard today. 6Dq points. & 31 points for a 15min survey that i completed in under 5. Yea i rushed through it, do i care? nope. :) :)

    That makes my grand total so far for Oct 168 points!!
  • Kingalfred
    I rushed a 20 minute survey earlier, still took 44 minutes
    Once I knew it had stiffed me 20 minutes in and the progression bar was still at 41%
    My fingers were a blurr.,.,. Liberace - esque ...steam coming from my finger tips and ears ....
    Even though...24 minutes of manic couldn't care less unread speedy inputs ....
    Too stubborn and dumb to quit ... Would've taken 34 .......
  • Kingalfred
    Just got offered a survey ..."small buisnes" "shop small" American express sponsored... $1.60 points .,.,. None qualifier
    Came here , got offered the same survey for 25 cents ....
  • Kingalfred
    f@$$µ%€½ING jokers
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