• Siegfried
    This occasionally works when faced with a dead end like 'Survey closed', etc.

    Rightclick on the 'back' arrow, then more or less at random, left click on one of the many intermediate stages passed after the initial link, I usually pick one about 5 steps from the start, sometimes you get 3 DQ points, sometimes just an error message. It only takes seconds, anyway. I have also used this after the second or third run-on survey start to break the cycle, sometimes it does this and give 3 points.

    This is not 'cheating', the survey companies are cheating by not giving the promised DQ points and allowing run-on surveys.
    Now if only I could find a way of breaking the endless chain of the Censuswide surveys that not only flip from one subject to another, but totally restart by taking your details again. Yesterday I tried one supposedly 5 minutes, after 45 minutes it was still going strong despite entering my age (on about the 4th. time round) as 100 plus and anything else I could think of to break out.
    Survey companies that do not play fair will get rubbish results, and they deserve what they get.
  • Carol hughes

    I have Also been doing that and like you said sometimes it works and sometimes I get the OOPS
    but all of this is so tedious and then throw in all the Blank Surveys.
  • UCLA
    i have a trick as well. ive been doing it for the past few days.
    Close down the tab you have Uni on & go spend your time on another site that actually gives you DQ points or points for completing a survey.
    Like i said, ive been doing this trick for the past few days now & I cant believe i make more than 8-10 CENTS within 30 min of trying.
  • Siegfried
    I do that one as well. The trouble is al the other sites work better, it makes coming back harder, but I cannot resist the discovery of the next problem here.
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