• Donna
    Has anyone completed this survey and received credit? I was DQd after completing it. It was a survey for different Public Service Announcements by Ad Council. The PSAs include radio, tv, billboard ads for Pre-diabetes and two other issues, the last one being gay/transgender rights (can't remember what the middle one was). The questions about gay/transgender issues went on for a few questions, even after my bar was showing 100% complete.
    My main reason for posting is because last year, i remember doing a survey on Univox for PSAs about getting kids into nature and visiting the forest by Ad Council. And guess what? Same thing - completed and DQd at the very end. Ad Council must think people forget when they've been burned by them.
  • Donna
    Um, I really hope that someone attempted this survey and can tell me what the middle PSA was about, because it is driving me nuts!!!
  • Siegfried
    I went to a survey company once, and noticed they had faces enamelled on the bowls of the urinals. I asked what they were and they told me they were typical users/respondents, and they were there to keep the staff in the right mood.

    This may have been in a dream but it seemed very real...........
  • Donna
    @Admin Just wanted to say thank you for crediting the points, Admin, and to let all know this issue was resolved quickly (within 24 hours) and the of the outcome!
  • Admin
    Thanks for the acknowledgment and you are most welcome.
  • Siegfried
    I too seem to have been credited with an unexpected 86 points and although that is probably what was due for finished surveys with no points, from yesterday, it was a pleasant surprise to see them credited without the need to complain.
  • KellyD
    I too just got ripped off for 80 points. This is the first time this has happened to me. It was through Sample Cube for Insite Consulting regarding IAMS cat food. They even asked me at the end to provide my name and email address to join their pet community. Took me almost 20 minutes to complete this survey! Did not even give me dq points, even though I completed it, did NOT dq. Anyway, dont know survey number or even how to take a snapshot. 80 points is alot. I am so annoyed and disappointed, that I am logging out and going to my other survey sites that do NOT do this!!!
  • Charlene Bovert
    - Look on the dashboard and maybe Survey Attempted MIGHT be the number hopefully.
  • Nat M

    Glad you got your points for a completed survey.

    I have no such luck with getting points for completed surveys.

    SC 1663206 Ticket 44944
    SC 1668099 Ticket 45109 was completed as per screenshot, it is not my fault that it does not redirect.
    SC 1753329 Ticket 46677 as per screenshot awarded manually within 15 days but i will wait til the 15 days is up and then pursue this.
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