Not like it matters to me anymore.
    I got banned sometime between July 5th 11:50pm & July 6th 3:05am est.
    I remember on July 4th my engagement score was off. It said I had 29 points. & I thought well no that cant be right. Ive only completed 1 survey. & I havent DQed from that many today. Then I remembered I had cashed out. But it still didnt add up. So I looked & everything was right, except for the redeem ap.
    Every 10 Survey Attempts = 4
    1 Survey Complete = 5
    1 Redemption Approval = 20

    huh 20??
    I never cashed out twice in a matter of 4days. I would cash out 1 time per month.
    I dont know if that happened every month to me or not. Not like it would have mattered. I was never nowhere close to the selected few who top the WOF on a daily basis & rinse this site.
    But now im wondering if this had contributed to my banning.
    I wish now i took a screenshot. But i didnt think anything of it really.
  • Melissa Y
    A couple of times, I noticed I also received 20 under redemption approval, even though I only had one redemption. But I thought it was just a glitch in the system. And it didn't happen all of the time. I thought I had read somewhere on this forum where others encountered the same thing. Since I moved to Ambassador, I was never near the top of the wall of fame leaderboard, so figured it didn't really matter anyway.
  • UCLA
    Just to be clear. I NEVER received the moneies x2. It was ONLY the engagement score that was doubled.

    I would also receive DQ points at times for those "Oppps" messages.
    I figured it was just Univox saying sorry for all the opppps.
  • Melissa Y
    Same here. I never received more money than what I redeemed for.

    I didn't notice about the DQ points for the "Opps" messages. I used the app and couldn't see what DQ points I received until I logged into the desktop.I just assumed I didn't get any for those.

    This whole situation is not fair. They will not provide any explanation more than that standard response.
  • Kingalfred
    If some one hacked their system and threw a load of spanners in the works, this accounts for all the anomalies ... If they "fixed" their code with new code that interacted badly with the old code and started throwing back misinformation, then all this has been caused by bad programming
  • Michele
    there’s certainly a spanner in the works! People being banned deserve to be told exactly why or where they went wrong! If the problem with the programming is causing anomalies in various accounts Univox should be able to tell and need to apologise to everyone affected!
  • godseeconomy
    It doesn't bother me re engagement scores as I have never been able to reach targets. I don't pay attention to plaudits either.
  • Siegfried
    I have clicked on every single survey link I have been offered for 6 months, must have been a fair number since I have completed over 350 surveys and 'earned' about $300, and I have never, as far as I can recall, seen an engagement score over 50. I have never used the mobile app at all.

    Like many others, I cannot see how massive engagement scores are possible, as I have been about as engaged as it is possible to be with no more than mundane results.

    It is all a puzzle.
  • Marcia Therkes
    Olá galera, sou nova aqui não sei muito bem como interagir
  • Donna
  • mikeee
    yeah. they must be related.,
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