• Siegfried
    I have finished three surveys today, the only ones out of over 40 that I was entered for, only to be DQed, and one, first of the day, that worked ok; in the others I was .greeted at the end with a message. 'You do not qualify and to add insult to injury, a no DNQ points message. Is this normal?

    And what is it about that 'no points message, it flashes on screen for a srcond, so it's hard to pin down what it says, it is seems to say you get no points because you entered incompatible data, despite most times when it displays, no date has been entered at all.If any data is being entered it is the survey company. Anybody getting finish survey and disqualified or is it just me or sometghing I am doing.
  • selva
    even im getting these. im not sure is that bug in the system or thats how it works here.
  • Sarakhan
    Just now I too had the same issue...
  • Kevin H

    Had this a few times in the past, not recently though
  • Zoya Shaikh
    I had multiple instances of these and bad part is there are no disqualification points. I cannot find a way to find out the survey numbers of such cases so that i can report to the univox support with proper details. Survey number could have helped to investigate.

    I even faced instances where the survey said 'Thank You' and yet there were no points awarded. Could not track their survey ID's as well.

    Any suggestions ?
  • Vanditha
    you can find last attemp9q9idggwk3b1apn3.png
    ted survey on dashboard..
  • selva
    im afraid Univox can do something on this . i have faced these type of issues with other famous survey sites too. But in htose sites after 30 days or more i used to get the missing credits. Doubt if any such arrangement is there with Univox
  • selva
    Good info . This will defintely help to create a record with Univox.
  • Carol hughes
    I have received the Thank You and told I didn't qualify how can that be I completed the survey .
    I don't have the time to copy every number before attempting a survey so I just have to move on.
  • Bob Dack
    Then you complain about what's happened and they ask what was the survey#
    and you think I didn't write that down cause it let me into the survey,that what you mean?
  • J Zerbs
    You don't have to copy number down beforehand, if there is a prob can see the number in the dashboard. In the past I seemed to get the pts bout 1/2 the time not sure how it is now.
  • Zoya Shaikh
    have already checked that info and it indicates the survey ID's of the ones that have successfully been credited. I find it out by checking the timestamp.
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