• Andrew Cowper
    Anyone on here ever had any problems getting Univox to process a redemption ?

    I put in a request to redeem 2008 points for Amazon vouchers on 27th June 2018. It's been over 2 weeks and I still haven't received my Amazon vouchers.

    I did try e-mailing support about a week ago and I got a message back saying I would be paid in 24hrs. Subsequent e-mails I've sent to Univox are being ignored.

    Do any of the support people read these forums ? If they are then I can tell you that I am not impressed at all with your level of support and that the fact that you are ignoring my e-mails.
  • Charlene Bovert
    - I would email them again and again until you get your reward. Also try calling them also.
    Oh, and no I have never had any problems and I've been here almost 4 years.
  • Andrew Cowper
    Thanks Charlene, I might have to resort to phoning them up if they keep continuing to ignore my e-mails. Not something I'm looking forward to doing as I've got an autistic spectrum disorder and don't find it easy phoning up people I don't know.

    I live in the UK so is that a USA number that I need to phone them on ?
  • sharonh
    I believe it is a US number
  • Charlene Bovert
    - I have talked to then just one time and she was very nice. I don't know if they are in the US but I have heard that they are actually in India and the number is 1-866-334-7832. I don't know if they are there on Saturday or Sunday and if not start calling on Monday and keep calling until they answer as I wouldn't just leave a message.
  • Andrew Cowper
    I phoned them up yesterday afternoon (UK time) and the lady on the phone said they would process my redemption and send my Amazon vouchers out to me within 24hrs. So far as I write this on Saturday morning I still haven't received them.
  • Charlene Bovert
    - If you don't receive it by Monday call them again and also email them. Sorry your having problems.
  • Andrew Cowper
    Still no Amazon Vouchers from Univox. I did finally get a response to my multiple e-mails that I've sent them. They are blaming "technical issues" and are assuring me that I will receive my Amazon vouchers within 2 days.

    Have to say that given I was assured on Friday when I spoke to them on the phone that I would receive my vouchers within 24hrs and the fact that I still haven't got my vouchers yet I'm highly skeptical that by Wednesday afternoon Univox would of sent them out to me.

    We'll see, if not then I'm just going to have to phone them up again.

    I'm a member of about 15 other survey sites including Univox and have been doing surveys online for many years. In all this time I've never experienced such problems in redeeming rewards that I have been experiencing with Univox.
  • JMac
    Andrew, I'm getting the same thing with PayPal redemption for $10. I've emailed them this morning. We'll see how this plays out. I don't to expend any more energy on new surveys if I can't get paid for the old.
  • Andrew Cowper
    I hope they do pay the money that you are owed JMac. I had to phone them up in the end to get things moving but the number is toll free so it didn't cost me anything to call them and I live in the UK.

    I got a happy ending to this, I finally got an e-mail from Univox with my Amazon vouchers which I was able to add to my Amazon account without any problems.

    I'm very glad that it all got resolved in the end but imo it took far too long to get sorted. Waiting nearly a month for a redemption is not on.

    Other survey sites I have dealings with pay out far quicker than Univox does.
  • Donna
    Glad for your happy ending! :smile:
  • JMac
    I did get my paypal money. I received an email from Univox that they'd already paid the paypal, then an email arrive 1 minute later with the paypal redemption amount. They just finally realized they didn't pay me until I sent them an email and complained. The last time I redeemed it happened one day later. I hate it when survey companies play games.
  • kara
    Im ambassador level and haven't gotten my payment.
  • Mele McCabe
    The weekends can take a little longer...
  • cjsenour
    I have only had a problem one time about 6 months ago getting paid. I sent them e-mails (we were on Shout Mix then) every day, but it was still several weeks before I got paid. I did finally get it. I haven't had any trouble since. Just got paid today.
  • Carol hughes

    I like when things go smoothly
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