• sharonh
    I just kill the browser tab when I see ampario. If I am to screen out of multiple surveys, I would like the chance to receive mulitiple 5 pts instead of only one 5pt DQ
  • Donna
    Sometimes I will try, sometimes I don't. I guess it depends on if I feel like banging my head against the wall at that moment. I hate closing out a survey, because there is always the tiniest minute chance that THAT survey could be the ONE I complete.
    How about those Lab 42 surveys? Have you ever gotten those? They are not as plentiful as Ampario. I did complete a Lab 42 once and got credit for it, but all the other times, I was DQd and then it just stays on the Lab 42 DQ page - no redirect back to Univox for the 5 points.
  • Mitzi drye
    i put them in the dump with sample cube and those awful ispos isay"s. yuck!
  • Kingalfred
    peanutlabs,census,ticktok .,.,.,. proper No No's ...
    my pet hate .,. "ok.,. we're nearlly done.,.last few questions"
    then they rabbit on for 40 more questions.,. each one bringing my blood closer to the boil .,.,..
    oh how they rattle my cage ,.,.,.
  • Gitty4
    Ampario is simply Ipsos with a different name, all of these companies have discovered they can farm out surveys and pay half the amount they used to pay regular members for completing. I have not had a survey from Univox in months that offers me more than $2 an hour, IF I complete them all!
  • sharonh
    I wonder why multiple Ampario surveys show up on the dash (15 LOI 70 pts)

    I mean I am doing one of the 10 or so that were on my page. I have answered "United States" about six times. so it threw in six different surveys. Really one ampario on your dashboard should be enought.
  • godseeconomy
    Never heard of this amperio.
  • sharonh
    it is a survey site that sample cube sends you to. Usually you try 6-7 surveys and receive either nothing or 5 pts for your time. If you have LOI15 70 pts surveys on your dashboard, they are like all Ampario. I currently have 3 on my dashboard which I won't take unless I am bored.
  • godseeconomy
    Must get my small ineffective beady eyes peeled next time I'm in the webpage!
  • godseeconomy
    Just had 10 such surveys!! All dq but, SURPRISE!!! SURPRISE!!! Am really chuffed, Got 50 pts for them even though some stated 'not qualified for 5pts' !! Wonder of wonders ? Many thanks Univox.
  • Bob Dack

    I am not sure whether they are getting a good deal on some
    of these sample cube all these sites are using but most the lot
    of them don't work for me in general no matter what Company
    they are especially the most popular one?
    And I for one am willing enough to do any survey that is offered
    but seem to always get bumped out or turned down?
  • Bob Dack

    I had suggested well over a year ago that they should
    get rid of the sample cubes they were using and nothing
    happened about them then either?
  • mikeee
  • Bob Dack

    Oh My, but I've had a few more than that at times
    never got into one and only got 5DQ points for trying?
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