• William Hill
    I am getting tired of being jipped of points after I finish a survey. A number of times I have finished a survey. Instead of points I get a message of I don't fit into the demographics. If I did not fit in, how could I finish the survey? Univox is jipping me of my points.
  • Bobby Drye
    believe me you are not alone my friend. its rampant on this panel of getting robbed of pts. ive been robbed several times the last week or so and the wife has been too and support is useless. email them, takes days and days to even get an answer and when you do its always the same old excuse of it being a "client security terminate" or i didnt pass security measures. im sick of it! thats 1 of the reasons i quit doing the surveys a while back ago. was foolish enough to give them another try, well im paying for it again. back to the same old crap! i dont how many of these surveys where i complete them and have screenshot proof and they still throw me off the cliff. according to univox we panelist are never in the right, its always the clients 1st. has been and always will be. i hope fare better than me.
  • Kingalfred
    .,.,.,. since the update .,.,.,. place has gone down hill.,.,.,. i am sick of trying in support or that renewed shout mix.,. we understand your concern we will get back to you .,.,. pffft .,.,.,.,. 2695 i tried to redeem in Amazon .,. disappeared , never to be seen again .,.whatcanyado
  • mikeee
    security terminate
  • Mele McCabe
    What's worse is that support simply dismisses the complaint. Client drop off when I com pop keyed the survey diligently.
  • Mitzi drye
    i feel for ya. they have done it to me 3 times in the last week!>:)
  • Bobby Drye
    i believe univox is back to their old messed up self. i thought it was getting a little better, but lately its down right pitiful getting pts now. i dont know how many surveys i have been gipped out of dq pts. i enter the surveys like im supposed to do, answer sometimes at least 7 questions and still no dq pts. i think my wife had over 35 surveys and no pts at all. she is foaming at the mouth. lol! i had just finished up a few minutes ago, tried around 20 surveys, no pts at all! its been this way for the last week or so. yeap id say they are back at being suckified.
  • Kingalfred
    i don't generally get lots of invites .,.i get pockets through out the afternoon.,.evening,., 5 here 6 there .,. a couple here.,. another there.,. so i'm not stuck getting through 30 or more...i rarely get 5pts unless i answer a few demographs first.,.
  • mikeee
    Bob Dack.. what you said!
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