• Carol hughes
    I hope I will be able to log in after these updates because I was not able to earlier
    Please fix
    Thank you
  • Jessica S
    Hopefully they'll put the forum button back on the my panel page like they had before. It's easier to get to it like that
  • Catwoman
    ..thanks for the info, I hope all is back to normal within 24 hrs like you say :)
  • Jessica S
    I don't know about you guys but once I was able to take surveys again, I had over 100 surveys waiting for me. I only just got to about 60 left due to trying to do other things as well.
  • Paulgro
    I had about 90 myself.
  • godseeconomy
    Amazing, I had 21 surveys for the first time in the dashboard in all my years with univox!! All DQ though. Got 5 pts for 5 of the dq. Miss the forum button. Had to find old emails from members to get into this forum.
  • Admin
    We are undergoing a complete overhaul of the application to make it better than ever for our users.

    Some enhancements to the platform include:
    1) A clean, more user-friendly interface
    2) Increased options for 24/7 support.
    This update should be done within the next
    24 hours, we will update you if there is a
    change in the schedule. Again, we apologize,
    but we promise it will be worth the wait!
  • Syvynn
    This still tells us nothing that is important. Like where did the missing points and completed numbers go, again?
  • Admin
    Hello everyone! we have upgraded our website to a new version, please do not worry if you see your points decreasing in number or any other unusual change. Our team is working on it and it will all be sorted out within 24-48 working hours.
    We request the users that are facing this issue, please mail our support team at along with the username.
  • Bob Dack

    Nice look to everything But....
    Myself and everyone I talk to on the forum were hoping
    for some type of survey let-into change?
    Thing that would be the small solution to big change
    making everyone happy?
    So what's the deal ,ten survey offer try-outs no in's as
    usual but I did manager to sqeeck-out ten DQ points.
  • dmg56
    I agree Bob, nice site.... but everything is so messed up. For some reason I am now 15797 in the negative for my points.... and my score went down to 60% ???? Sometimes change is good, but in this case.... I'm sure not too sure... Like you, I think I got like 10 DQ points yesterday as well.
  • Admin
    Hi Bob! Thanks for your valuable suggestion, we would like to request you that please do not drop the same message on every platform as different team handles different responsibilities and our different response may confuse you with the actual update. So, going forward please drop a mail to our support team for better and quicker assistance.
    Our team is working towards the same, very soon you will experience the difference towards the user satisfaction.
  • rtb
    HI Admin - I'm trying to contact support about my account being locked out (all I did was try to login using my iPhone and it locked my account). emails and phone calls to support have not been answered :-( - can someone please look at this? I've reached Ambassador status, so I thought that meant my account was well verified. I really miss Univox!!
  • frances turkel
    "Admin I love the new look presenting the survey's arrival !
  • Admin
    Hello! We request you to drop an email to our support team at
  • sarla singh
    new look is good
  • rtb
    Hi - thanks I had sent several emails to support@univoxcommunity but they all bounce (Google mail reports delivery cannot be completed). I even sent email from an old Yahoo email account - and it also had the same issue. I think your email may not be working correctly. Anyway, fortunately I found i could contact support via Facebook messenger, and I think my account is going to be re-activated. I really hope so! have a great day
  • Catwoman
    ..I sent an email to this morning from my gmail acct and it said it sent, but I haven't gotten any reply from univox yet(not even automatic) and I'm wondering if it did ever go thru now or is this email problems on Univox's end they don't know about?? ..they were sending auto responses before the upgrade that said they got my emails and I would hear back from them in certain amount of time and I even got 1 that gave me a ticket number if I needed to get back to them, but got nothing today from them when I sent the email(but no return to sender from gmail either), so now I'm really wondering if they got my email or not about will mobile surveys be working soon??..would really like to know if they got it and about the mobile surveys gonna work

    oh and good luck getting your acct re-activated
  • Catwoman
    ..my email definately went thru to support, I just got the We have received your query reply email, so email to support seems to be working from gmail atleast for me :)
  • Jeanne Maichle
    I am unable to access any surveys via mobile phone. I have an iphone 6. Will there be a fix to this shortly? Love the site. Thanks!
  • rtb
    I don't recommend trying on your cellphone. I tried to login on my iPhone 6 and got my account flagged and disabled. I have been reinstated (thank you support!!!) but it seems very risky to try on your cellphone. The other thing I've found is that some ISPs have been disabled - I had Frontier internet at home and it was being blocked by Univox. I've now changed to Comcast and it seems OK.
    The net is that Univox is very security conscious and will block accounts if they suspect any unusual activity.
  • Jeanne Maichle
    so you just skip all the mobile surveys? That's a shame I was doing 90 percent of the surveys on my mobile phone before no problems.
  • frances turkel
    "Admin; I couldn't remember my password I sent support two emails and they both bounced back
    is there trouble on the site....Is that why my password isn't working??? I just realized the site is under construction! Hope everything straightened out soon thank you for the lastest infomation .
  • frances turkel
    Admin; I can't get to the page with the panel ...can't see my points is any one else having this problem ?? I hope you guys fix these problems I miss doing my survey's thanks
  • rtb
    I will definitely be skipping the mobile surveys. But if it's working for you now, then you probably won't have an issue
  • sascha
    Yesterday I completed survey #202268 from Ipsos. It was about Baby Gear. when it directed back to Univox instead of points, I received the message, "respondent Token Not Available. Please check this. Admin does not respond.

    My "REDEEM" button under Rewards does not function. I am on Ambassador level and have more than 1800 points in my account.

    Is someone able to respond to my questions?
    Thank you.
  • J Zerbs
    Have you tried using your mobile recently? If you were doing 90% of surveys from your mobile before I wouldn't think there would be a problem. So as long as they're working keep doing them. Who knows though I used to have no problems with using Edge but stopped using it for awhile and now the few times I've tried it I have had issues so I just use Chrome instead now.

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