• Mitzi drye
    I know weve went over some of this already, but I have to have my say. some people like edge, some don't, some like IE, some don't. some like google, some don't and I'm one of those. univox is pretty much forcing me to go to google. and its not right that we should be forced to. its just not right at all. I use edge on my computer and I have no problems with until univox started changing things. none at all! I don't know what deal they have with google, but its not right. edge happens to be the most up to date top of the line browsers. and like I said ive never had a problem with it until univox changed things. also the thing is I don't have any other panel telling me I have to use a certain browser. I just think its ridiculous to say the least!
    ill either have to quit univox or download google chrome just for 1 survey panel. univox. again this just not right. like a lot of people whenever ive tried google I always have problems with my computers. my husband also has problems with it too. I hate to leave the panel, but if I'm forced too, I will. sigh........
  • Paulgro
    You don't have to use Chrome. They just suggest it because that is the language this board was written with. I use Firefox until they keep changing the way security is handled then I switch to Vivaldi. It wasn't because I was having trouble with Firefox but I was having trouble with other surveys at other sites. If you like Edge then use it but if you are having problems there are many browsers out there. I don't use Chrome because I don't like it just like you don't.
  • Mitzi drye
    actually, yes I do, i have several problems using edge(just on univox). redemption links that don't work, attach file links that don't work and various other things and also problems with surveys from univox. univox actually told me to use google all the time. they pretty much insisted on it. I have emailed support, well, so many times about these problems and stuff and they keep telling me every time to use chrome. its like they think google chrome is the only browser out there. my husband has downloaded chrome to just only do univox. but he has problems with it messing with his computer also. but like you say, I'm going to continue to use edge. now ive never heard of Vivaldi. can you give me some info on that? thanks!
  • Paulgro
    I found out about Vivaldi from CHanson and it works pretty well. I haven't had a problem any where with it so far. It seems to be a cross between Chrome and Opera. I find it works like Firefox without all the security bugs. If CHanson reads this maybe she can explain it better.
  • Syvynn
    You have it right. It's a off-shoot from the Opera browser (certain makers of Opera wanted to go a different direction with the browser - so they left and set up Vivaldi). Opera is a "Chrome-Framework" browser, which means it's made from the same structure of coding. Since Vivaldi is built off Opera, it's got a Chrome root as well. However, there's not all the "google" qualities of Chrome on either Opera or Vivaldi. Vivaldi is nice because it's completely custom to your own settings, I don't know about your Computer skill level, but I will say that some people have found the customization of Vivaldi to be too confusing and aggravating for them. So it's a try it and see if you like it type of thing.

    There are tons of browsers out there, so you don't always have to go with the major Microsoft, Mozilla (Firefox), or Google browsers. Just do a search for a list of browsers.

    I know it's aggravation, but I don't think Univox is trying to "force" you to use Google. I think it's more of we have skill level abc people doing our coding, so you get something that only "works right" for certain browsers. When in reality they need skill level xyz people to do the coding so it's done right and works for various setups. If it's a survey issue, that would be the hosting companies issues and not a Univox thing.
  • David Smith
    It has to do with the rendering engine the specific brand browser utilizes. Blink (formerly WebKit) which is used by Google Chrome and Opera holds market share so it makes sense Univox would target Blink based browsers.
    Trident powered all I.E. browsers until Edge which uses a variant of Trident called EdgeHTML.
    Finally there is Gecko found in Firefox. Firefox is probably the most secure and hence the compatibility problems.
    It's best to disable ad-block software when visiting Univox.
    Hope that makes sense, all browsers are not built the same. If you find Chrome bothers you, give Opera a try.
  • Mitzi drye
    thanks my friends. i do know about many of the different browsers and all. no expert but i know enough to get by. but the subject of univox pushing chrome on me, they absolutely are trying to. ive got it in black and white. but again thanks, ill look into the Vivaldi browser.
  • J Zerbs
    I've had issues with the browser I use several times on surveys, some require you to use Chrome or IE and I usually use Silk (on the Amazon Fire tablets), Safari or Edge
    but that's due to the individual surveys themselves not univox. When it comes to univox there are certain features that don't work depending on the browser I'm using. The sweepstakes contest doesn't work anymore on any of my tablets or phone which is frustrating.
    When it comes to surveys I often am not able to attempt them initially because of the browser I'm using but I usually can complete them by copying the surveys url and opening it in on the browser or device they require.
  • godseeconomy
    I just don't bother to do the survey if it forces me to use another browser. I don't trust some browsers.
  • mikeee
    You can use whatever browser you want. Noone forces you. It's just that some work better on some sites that others. No one browser works everywhere because browser designers deviate from standards (or make their own).
  • Krystyna
    As I mentioned few times in other posts,I'm using firefox and no problems and actually I was never asked to use different browser here or nowhere else.
  • Paulgro
    Not here but surveys at a few sites have had problems with Firefox and the security it asks. Pinecone being one of the sites. Once the issues are fixed I go back to Firefox because I've grown accustomed to it.
  • Bobby Drye
    excuse me, im not trying to smart or anything like that, but yes they do. they may not hold a gun up to me, but they have pretty much forced me to. i got the same answers as mitzi did when i have all these problems. they insisted to me also that i go to the google chrome browser. ive got the emails(a lot of them) to prove it. like she said, ive had to download the chrome browser just to do surveys from univox. and thats the only thing i plan use it for. dont like it at all, but i pretty much had to. it is a shame i had to do this i have to say. univox does seem to try most of the time to get stuff straightened out, i just hope they can do something to help us non-chrome liker/users in this particular situation.
  • Krystyna
    Btw,I can't even use some of the new browsers because I'm still running on Vista and they do not support it,another thing is that firefox stopped all the upgrades/updates and other stuff on Vista too but as long as it works for me for what I'm doing, I will keep it.When time comes to replace this system ,then I will but so far so good.
  • thresalong
    My Mom has a Vista desk top and it runs better than my desk top that is only 1 year old
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