• J Zerbs
    @Wizard8072 flygirl means a cool girl or pretty girl.
  • Vivienne
    Univox, i find it strange that since 2012 I had 20-30 invites everyday then 10 days ago the temporary change was made and suddenly zero, 10 days of zero invites, coincidence? Hmmm
  • Wizard8072
    thanks for the clarification - I must be getting old ;-)
  • Oldschool
    Whats up Wizard? I have finished a few surveys the last two days and after finishing the survey I get the vendor required at the top of page and no points none.I emailed support and this was the answer.Dear User,

    Thanks for writing to us.

    We would like to share that this message appears when survey is either stopped or closed at client end. In this situation user response has not been recorded and no points will be credited.

    The Univox Team
  • Wizard8072
    I get a few of those from time to time as well - I have managed to complete about 5 surveys in the last couple of days though :-) also noticied that a lot of surveys on my panel are for 100+ points, big change from the past month :-)
  • Oldschool
    Yes Its getting back to normal.I was also able to complete a few surveys the last few days.Lets hope some of the changes they are making help all us frequent survey takers get more points.Thanks Bob :))
  • Vivienne
    My profile did not suddenly change 10 days ago to go from 20-30 invites @ 5pts to zero, this site made temp changes 10 days ago that since 2012 brought me from 20-30 invites to 0
  • Oldschool
    I hear ya.Their are definitely still glitches in the system.While we are getting the 5 points for dqs again its not like before where you got the 5 points for just about all the surveys you did not qualify for.Those vendor required ones where you finish the survey and get nothing at the end are a bit frustrating.
  • Vivienne
    Since my profile didnt suddenly change 16 days ago that i went from 20+ invites a day since 2012 suddenly to zero, i suspect a purge of people who redeemed too much from the 5 dq points
  • Bobby Drye
    im still having all kinds of problems on here since this dq points fiasco. I tried 36 surveys today and only got dq points on 14! that's ridiculous! ive emailed and emailed univox and they haven't helped me out one bit. as a matter of fact they pretty much said I was terminated on the surveys for security concerns. do what?! no way!
    "Thanks for writing to us.
    We would like to share that we have checked with our team. Following message are given due to reason given below :
    "vendor not required" this message appears when user survey is either closed or stopped at client end so in this case no points are credited as user's response is not recorded.
    Disqualification message appears in screen shot comes when you are getting terminate on security reason so in this case also no 5 points are credited.
    We have checked with our team you getting disqualified due to security concern so no 5 points are credited in your account. Please fill surveys very carefully so that this can be fixed out."

    im careful about filling these things out. ive been doing surveys for over 13 years now. I know how to fill one correctly. that vendor excuse is a bunch of junk. I spent over 5 minutes on one then that page came up. also I tried all 3 browsers. IE, Firefox and unfortunately I tried chrome also. it did not matter one bit.same problem on all 3. mitzi is having problems also, although not quite as bad as I and she uses Edge. im befuddled and very, very frustrated right now. I don't know what to do. im trying not to get so upset with univox, I don't think they really know whats going on either. if I hadn't been with them so long I would have done been outta here. im giving them a chance to get things right, but I cant keep wasting my time like this. I don't want to quit, but its looking like that if something isn't done and very soon.
  • Syvynn
    I don't think that's the case or I would be out of here as well. I've been a member since 2011. I've only got around 240 (I'd be around 300 but they deleted past history on my account for some reason) completions in that time but I'm ranked 123 overall. That screams a lot of 5 point DQ's for me.
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