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  • mikeee
    The univox community provides me with the best opportunity to earn money taking surveys.
    I especially like the 5 points for a screenout. There are also fun contests that allow you to earn
    additional income. I also enjoy meeting some of the other people in the forum and shoutmix,
  • Syvynn
    I like to think about the relationship that Univox and I have is a marriage. Yes, there are the bad times. Times when you chase down some points because they didn’t credit. A redemption didn’t arrive on time when they say it would. However, most time it’s just a miscommunication issue. Of more importance are the good times. Contests, polls, membership levels… oh my! The contests are rewarding and give you a break from the surveys. The polls are quick ways to capture a few points. The membership levels are the “thank you for being a part of our community” appreciation that Univox shows to its members. I bet you can find me a company that does polls too and awards members points for voting. I bet you can also find me a company that has a contest or two once upon a time. Maybe you can find a place where they offer member levels with perks. However, name me one other place where you get all that together. None other than Univox? Name me one place where you get all that and 5 points for just attempting most surveys? Univox Community, that’s the only place for better or worse.
  • charsocal
    What I love the most about Univox are the people who are always there for you if a problem arises such as a question that you can't find the answer to and yes this includes not only the members but the Univox team as well. Univox also has the best visual effects of any other site that I know of and it's a pleasure to come here to such a bright and cheery site. One other thing I enjoy beside the perks of the 5 points, the fast payouts and being acknowledge for a job well done is the close nitch we all have with one another when tough times fall upon us. Thank you Univox for making this site such a pleasure to be a member of.
  • chicks
    I found this site through a friend and was instantly taken with the options of awards, I then thought there has to be other survey sites, wow and alot. But none like Univox, the others want you to partner with other sites they are affiliated with, and some don't even give you the disqualification points. I didn't stay long with those sites. With Univox I follow up with missing points and sometimes I don't. I just enjoy being given the opportunity to share my opinionsand be awarded. Also I love that Univox adds the extra sweepstakes and the forum. I've sat in the background awhile in the forum and I found, there is a ambiance there. I'm coming out of my shell slowly. The Univox support is awesome and addresses issues and keeps communication open.
  • sascha
    I have been a part of the Univox site for over 5 years. It has its ups and downs. In recent times, there have been more ups than downs. Univox has helped me to 1) Be able to express my honest opinion with companies regarding products and services and 2) Earn rewards so that in return I can donate said rewards to worthwhile people doing charitable good work.
  • frugalmommy
    I enjoy Univox because I am able to get my opinions heard, and even when I do not qualify I am able to get a little satisfaction with the screenout points. It is a fun way to spend a little time each day!
  • sharonh
    I know people who like to gamble, but on the average you lose money gambling. I like Univox because you never lose. Each survey you take is like trying a slot machine. Finishing a survey is winning a prize. But at Univox you always receive 5 pts unlike slot machines that take your money. Winning the Riddle contest or Surprize Me (I won once!) is another to win a jackpot.
  • Krystyna
    Ever since I joined Univox in 2014,Univox improved so much and administration is still striving to better this site.My experience by being member of Univox is very positive and as I mentioned in another post, Univox is very unique like no other survey site.Very fast payouts,disqualification,polls and contests for extra points,Admin interaction with members on both,forum and shoutmix and interaction between members here on forum where I met so many wonderful people.
  • Wizard8072
    While I am new to Univox, it has been a many splendored relationship - plenty of surveys and chances outside of surveys to get points - Love, Sweepstakes - Love, Shoutmix members and support - Love - Support response & actions - Love - Myriad technical glitches - Hate - bottom line it is a Love relationship and will continue to grow in the coming times :-) Go UNIVOX members and Support Team !!!!!
  • sascha
    The site has come a long way since I started more than 5 years ago.
  • luckyone
    Univox is a great way to to get rewarded. I love the extra money since I am retired. It sure comes in handy. Thanks Univox!
  • rexyb
    I have been a member for quite some time now and I have nothing but positive things to say about Univox. Whenever I have had a problem (which has been 1 time total) they were very quick to take care of it in a professional manner. I really appreciate the community and the fact that they give 5 points for just attempting surveys. Those points add up quick and I have been able to cash out multiple times. I usually opt for amazon gift cards, save them up, and then treat myself and my family to little goodies. Thanks for much Univox and keep up the great work!!
  • Twink
    Univox is my favorite survey site. As others have said, it's amazing to receive points when screening out. Also redemption of points is the fastest I've ever seen, it's within 24 hours, other sites are usually a week.
    When I do have a question or a problem, support is quick to reply and courteous. Also Shoutmix is a good addition, it's a quick way to get answers and fun to lurk on.
    Keep up the good work Univox, I definitely appreciate you guys.

  • Mohan88
    The univox community provides me with the best opportunity to earn money taking surveys.
    I especially like the 5 points for a screenout. Most of the survey disqualify but i am dont worry, becasue i am got 5 points. I am never miss any survey, because each and every second i am watching univox. I like univox forum contest to post and share your thoughts etc. I am never seen survey site before Univox is one of the my best one and favourite.

    Easy to earn money via survey and forum daily contest and sweeptake contest and surprise me contest, each and everthing i like it. Redeemption process is very easy to univox. recently my points redeemption and next day i got money in my paypal account, so very easy. I also enjoy meeting some of the other people in the forum and shoutmix. Univox support team very active and neately answer to users.

    Finally i am saying one word UNIVOX IS ONE OF THE BEST SURVEY SITE IN THE WORLD.
  • Stan
    I like this site, I have redeemed for a few Amazon gift cards, but no I'm waiting to get upgraded so I can redeem for pay pal, only down side, mostly sample cube surveys, attempt 100 of them complete say 5 maybe 10 if I'm fortunate enough. redemption are fast though. Stan.
  • Kingalfred
    .... As a survey site..i have to compare to other survey sites
    Most ignore your attempts to rectify problems..email after email..UV Dont
    Problem solved by support or in shoutix pretty much straight away
    Surveys are hit n miss but UV only admit the surveys if they go astray
    That's the providers doing not UV's
    Funds accummulate dollar after dollar.. day after day
    Eventually to a redeemable total
    Never had a problem being paid 24hrs tops

    The member regulars always posting something of interest
    All in all the positives out weigh the negatives
    Once you're familierised with navigation..Splendid :)

    Happy Days...
  • Donna
    My experience with Univox has been wonderful! Surveys are plentiful again, payouts are received in a timely fashion, and any problems I've had have been taken care of quickly.
    But my favorite part isn't even the surveys. It's the forum! I know of no other survey site where a survey company keeps in close contact with its members in such a way. Univox joins in on our conversations, engages us in conversation, shares our joys and our sorrows. They have asked our opinion on how to better the site and have used some of our suggestions. Truly makes me feel like Univox values its members and that we all matter! I have also "met" some wonderful people on the forum who are like friends that I enjoy coming and "talking" to every day.
  • Hey009
    I love being a member here in UNIVOX. Besides of sharing my ideas of certain products or giving views to a certain topic. I can earn points via polls, daily contests,sweepstakes, surprise me, Bumper prize..even when i disqualified they give me 5 point awesome and 5 star for fast responding and well mannered Support team.
    I feel like I belong to a group of people that is unique in extending views and opinions as a consumer. I am happy to be part of UNIVOX. Looking forward for more surveys and studies.
    Thank you
  • KellyD
    I joined August 2015 and have had no problems with redeeming for virtual mastercard or with getting the 5 points for disqualifying from surveys. This is what I like about Univox. I havent had problems redeeming or with points. Thanks!
  • Catwoman
    Since I joined Univox 5 years ago this month, yes that's makes me a vintage member(lol), I have been so lucky to cash out often as of this past year, which really helps me financially being disabled(officially became a gold digger & have the badge to prove it, lol), I'm 2 surveys away from the 200 club badge, I've been lucky to win some contest points on the forum, I was lucky to refer my teenager daughter and earn more points from her belonging which most sites won't do or allow, but the best part is being a member of this "Great Community" with Admin who really seem to care, & try to help with any problems that do arise(which is normal anywhere, things can go wrong sometimes), constantly working hard to upgrade the site for better, and getting to meet/talk with the nice members on here and of course getting 5pts even when I don't qualify..it's the best site out there-my favorite, and I love it..thank u for letting me be a part of this terrific site & I hope I didn't go over 200 words! lol

    dodadoby :) <3
  • kaminikij
    Univox is a great opportunity to earn a few dollars.That being said its not the only reason the site is
    amazing.Administration works hard to keep it running smoothly and they are kind, caring and quick to respond. There may still be a few glitches on the site here and there but they always seem to work it out.
    This forum is fun and most of the people here are as loyal as I am.Were else can you find a site were you cash out today and have it by tommorow. To my way of thinking administation wins The points
  • J Zerbs
    Univox is my favorite survey site. They have a lot of surveys available to try and generally speaking pay more per survey than other sites. The 5 points you get when your disqualified add up and the forum, polls and several different contests set them apart from other sites. They also pay faster than most sites and offer several payment options. One thing I like that I haven't seen mentioned is that you can request a payment for any amount between $10-$100 instead of having to choose a set amount like on most sites. Will you get rich using the site? No but if you don't mind doing surveys it's a nice way to earn some extra $ in your spare time.
  • PrincessDC
    I just joined this site through my mom's( ) referral in Oct 2016, and I really like it. I don't get alot of surveys to attempt, and haven't completed too many, but it's been enough to be able to try and have already redeemed twice(I'm really glad they pay the 5 points for not qualifying), and I've already become a verified member in just a little over 4 months. I don't do other sites as of yet, but this one has been great for me to earn some money which is hard to do at age 15. Thanks Univox!
  • dan n
    I have been a member of this site for a little less than a year. I have had great experiences with both learning more about what kind of data we are able to provide to help companies formulate products and make relevant decisions in the marketplace as well as get an insight into new developments across the globe. I have also had a very good experience with Univox in general. My payouts have always been timely and questions to admin have been answered quickly as well. Very good site and I recommend it!
  • Wizard8072
    I have only been on since Jan 2017, but love the site and have been doing OK with redemptions - looking forward to more and better things as Univox continues to grow :-)
  • Renee Crookshanks
    I am a new member, still trying to find my way around...
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