• Admin
    Christmas is awaiting at the corner :), all are must be excited for the day, we would like to know how our beloved members are planning to celebrate this day to make it memorable for lifetime? Waiting for exciting answer.. :D
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  • Krystyna
    I don't have special plans this X-mas,just nice time to be spend together with family and year after year that time is always memorable.
  • Chris1955
    Nothing special here just spending time with family!
  • Christina
    Nothing to special here just hoping to be able to spend Christmas with our family and that everyone is healthy by then.
  • Kingalfred
    Christmas is for the younger members of the Family... 3 G'kids under 10..invited over Christmas Eve until Boxing Day Eve.. Yay me... No cooking worries till New Yrs .,., i'll have my self a Merry Little Christmas... With the Rug Rats.. Daughter in Law takes enough snaps to last a life time...memories eternal.,.,as few embarrasing ones as possible..me hopes.. Happy Baby Jesuses Birthday to all
  • Donna
    Our Christmases are always the same, but that doesn't mean they're not special!
    Christmas Eve starts with Hubby, kids and I going to church, Then over to my mom's for dinner, which everyone makes a dish for so mom doesn't have to cook. We also celebrate my niece's (brother's daughter) birthday since we are all together and her birthday is Dec. 23rd.
    Christmas morning, we get up and open gifts - although this year will be a little different because our family will have already gotten our main gift - the puppy. I'm sure Santa will leave a few things in the kids' stockings, though, as well as one or two small things to open Christmas morning. Than we go to my sister's house Christmas afternoon, and we have a light dinner and the kids open presents.
    On the day after Christmas, we have Christmas with hubby's whole family. He is the youngest of seven, so they always did their Christmas the day after to make it easier on those who have to visit with two families. Having it the day after ensures that everyone can make it. The adults do a White Elephant gift exchange, and the cousins exchange gifts with whosever name they got when they drew names for Christmas at Thanksgiving. Always a lot of fun! Always treasure the time spent with family!
    Hoping that we all stay healthy for Christmas, too! Or at least if any of us has to get sick, we do it, and get it over with, and are heathy again before Christmas!
  • Syvynn
    Yours sounds like mine. A little.

    Christmas Eve I travel to the city for dinner/presents with the hubby's mom, sister, and niece. We get home somewhere near midnight. The next morning we do Christmas here at the house. At 10am we leave an head to my parents house where we do a present exchange with them. Leaving from there we go to my only living grandmother's house for lunch/presents with all the Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. We leave there around 3 ish. Go back home and rest, throw away wrapping paper from the morning, clean up everything else and then rest some more. Then around 5-6 that night we go to hubby's dad for dinner/presents with him and his wife. We get home around 9 ish. Then the next morning we leave early for a 5 hour drive to Alabama as usual. We will spend Monday-Friday (ish) in Bama this holiday season.

    Nothing too memorable as far as a life long memory... but any these days are going to stick with me because it could always be the last time we have my grandmother with us.
  • Admin
    Thanks all for sharing the precious moments with us, indeed every moment spent with our beloved ones are always special and memorable one. It was a platform to express it and share with everyone so that others too can be part of this wonderful moments. Wish everyone every moment full of joy and contentment. Thanks O:)
  • Donna
    I know what you mean! My dad is gone since '09, and my mom turned 80 last year. And in reality none of us knows how much time we have!
  • frances turkel
    As always I'll be going to Jerry's family Christmas Eve we go to his ex and his youngest Son and we exchange gifts....
    Then Christmas Day we go to his oldest Son and we have a beautiful dinner and exchange more gifts
    all the kids will be there... Four Grand Children from 5or 6 and the oldest just started College...
    This should be interesting hearing all the new forces of life and growing up into young Adults!
  • Paulgro
    Probably go to my sister's house like we did Thanksgiving.
  • Admin
    wow that sound interesting and merrier, enjoy the day with utmost valor and enthuse.
  • Admin
    thanks for sharing the idea, hope you will have merriest evening this year..cheers!!
  • frances turkel
    Change of plans for Christmas Day Jerry's working and I'll get dressed nice and go with him to work and while his customers are visiting their family he's taking me out for the day and part of the evening
    till his customers are ready to go home... ....I didn't feel like playing with the little one; so everything works out hopefully! Merry Christmas to all
  • Admin
    thanks this is quite a candid reply, we liked it the way you have portrayed the details of the events for the day.. wish you will have a gala time...merry Christmas :)
  • frances turkel
    "Admin Both of you Thank you!!!
    "Krystyna : This time is always memorable and Fun
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