• Deseree
    The surveys I find frustrating are the ones where they give you a long list of attributes about a long list of products where you've already said you are not familiar with the product. But they want you rank how you feel about these products but don't give you a N/A or Unable to Judge choice.

    I don't feel you can give an accurate response with these types of questions.
  • Stan
    8-) Yes, right on the spot Deseree.
  • charsocal
    - I'm sure everyone gets these, I know I do too. Yes frustrating and boring.
  • godseeconomy
    I totally agree. I also hate those that ask for how much you have in which savings account or how much you have spent? How can you remember? You don't keep tab of these every day! Or they ask for hh income in a currency not from your country. They expect me to know the rates??
  • Paulgro
    I get annoyed with the ones that make you lie if you want to continue because they don't have "none" you have to pick something you don't do or get disqualified. There should be "none of the above" on a multiple choice question I feel.
  • J Zerbs
    What country's currency did they ask you for? I've had that happen to me too, they asked how much I made a year in £'s even though I live in the U.S. The exchange rate from pounds to U.S. dollars varies but is roughly about $1.45-$1.50= £1.
  • Kingalfred
    ....instead of cramming a page with 10 columns and 50 drop down options...split the page into 2 or 3 pages....where do you live.age.income.children.car.do you own a dragon.you have been accepted..next questions..do you own a car..age..where do you live..income..children...wall...head...bang... I was asked the make of my tablet...50 options all had a box a box at the side with zero in..scrolled ..found brand...(1) ... "You didnt answer the ?" had to go back and put zero into 49 boxes wich already had a zero in.... Head....bang....wall...right..just a few more...right just a few more questions...right we're nearly done..just be a few more questions...this suvey will take..15 to 28 minutes depending on your answers... 45 minutes later..."please be as honest as you can with your answers" .. Hmmm like you were with your introductory statement... Do you own the company.are you a CEO ... Do you earn 250.000 Currency.. Yes to all thats why im not playing golf.fishing.socialising.hunting bronze art by Blair Muhlestein. But sat here pressing alaphabetical shaped symbols for peanuts.......... Sheesh...
  • Debasmita
    Not yet received such
  • godseeconomy
    US$ I keep forgetting the rate and so could not give the correct ans as i didn't want to guess. if i gave wrong ans they might think wasn't telling the truth.
  • charsocal
    Hate financial surveys. Just started a survey wanting to know how many times in the last 12 months I have been to all these different fast food places, casual, etc... I just had to leave it as I can't remember how many times as we do eat out a few times a week and guessing isn't an option for me.
  • bigdayqueen
    I totally agree. Sometimes I get surveys that ask for feedback for 10 companies or so with dozens of boxes to check. It's too confusing. They should break it up into multiple pages.
  • charsocal
    - Oh, another one is credit cards. Sorry again but I can't remember how many times I have used them in the past 3 months, the amount spent, etc.. Now I can rate a credit card company with no problems, but it is still sooooo boring. Did a few fun ones today having to put your fingers on the 1 and 0 numbers and quickly answer a question about a word. You get the good and you get the yawnnnnnning ones, but all in a day's work for anyone.
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