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    We receive a lot of queries around disqualification like “[i]Why I get disqualify in the survey despite the fact I answer all the questions honestly?[/i]”

    Below is the list of reason why you get disqualify in a survey :

    Quota Full – For example, a survey only need 40 females to answer their questionnaire and by the time you clicked on the survey to participate they already received required responses, in that case you’ll get a message of Quota-Full.

    Terminate – You only get terminate when your answers don’t match with survey requirement. For example – Survey is for house owners but they are looking for people who bought house in some specific year, in this case if your answer doesn't match with their requirement you’ll get a message of Terminate.

    Multiple Panels – Survey companies can ask different panels to get data from the respondent, which means there is high probability that one survey is live in two different panels, so if you have participated in the survey via one panel then you won’t be allowed to participate in the survey via second panel and you’ll straight away get disqualify.

    Geo IP Term – For example if survey is for residents of Washington and you are participating in the survey from Charleston using Washington IP address via VPN(Virtual Private Networks), again you’ll get disqualify because any suspicious activity automatically gets monitored by the security system and system block the user.

    Always remember these survey panels are looking for very specific information and they do a lot of screening to make sure that you are the right type of person they need. For example: if they are looking for the house owners, but the people answering the survey don’t own a house then response they are getting is completely irrelevant. Companies are paying big bucks for your opinions, and want to be sure you are the type of person they need, so don’t blame a panel for getting disqualify it all depends on what is the need of the survey.


  • missprim
    I understand what you are saying, receiving multiple same surveys are frustrating though.
  • pauljparkinson
    And not getting the points for completing the minimum requirements sucks too but not as bad as not getting anything at all for completing a survey.
  • Sam Bay
    @missprim yeah you got the point
  • missprim
    Sounds like i am not the only one feeling the frustration...
  • Arlene
    I am assuming that age has something to do with disqualification. I am 75 and as soon as I enter my age I am disqualified. I do not think that is right as older people have many experiences in life and also with different products. It would be good if that question was removed and then if I am disqualified I would know that it was my lack of knowledge for that particular survey and not my age.
  • John
    I agree with you Arlene once I put my age in or race i get disqualified
  • Kevin Rockel
    Sorry Arlene and John.

    I don't work for Univox, I don't speak for them, but the problem you are facing is that your age group doesn't buy a lot of stuff, normally. One of the fallacies of market research is that the people who have and spend money typically are in the 20-60 year, prime earning potential, age. Marketing follows the money, and ignores the knowledge.

    It is not really a good idea, because experience is a very good teacher, but the knowledge they really seek is "what are the buyers thinking", which, except in special circumstances, isn't the 70+ year olds.
  • J Zerbs
    I've seen a lot of people frustrated that they get disqualified because their income isn't above a certain amount as well. Its for the same basic reason Kevin stated above, they want to know what the buyers are thinking. If you don't make at least a certain amount you're not likely to be a buyer of their product, so unfortunately they're not interested in your thoughts on it.
  • Charliehc
    You are not alone. I'm 90 and experience the same situation. My gripe is that several surveys that I've spent 15 - 20 minutes completing only to be 'disqualified'. Univox is very lax in reviewing the surveys it sponsors as to its intended audience. Many times i get asked the same original questions, I wait, then the exact questions come up gain.

    As far as markets following money, my income is > $130,000 and we do spend a great deal. My FICO score was 804 the last time I checked. Bottom line, UNIVOX is making money too and obviously could care less as long as it gets sufficient replies to meet its 'quota'.

    And yes, I know I can quit whenever I feel like it. That's why I usually do other provider's surveys.
  • Admin
    Hi All,

    We understand your concern, however age, income, qualification etc. are the criteria set by the client as per the survey requirement. We appreciate the time you devote in surveys and we try our level best to send you surveys matching to your profile, in order to help us with this would request you to please keep your profile up-to-date.

    Team Univox
  • scp
    Thank you for the explanation.
    However, when after a long time answering questions honestly, you are told "You have qualified" and then you proceed to answer honestly so many more questions - only to be told at the last minute: You have not qualified. Is this fair? Should Hall & Partners behave thus? Should you not make amends by giving more than mere 5 points? If you want quality members and quality answers, then you should respect your members.
  • kevin fahy
    kevin fahy
  • Roberta
    It seems funny to receive an invitation and immediately hear that my profile doesn't match before I've even been asked any questions.
  • J Zerbs
    SCP- At least they give 5 points, other sites give you nothing when you don't qualify.

    What sites are you experiencing this (where you get to the end of a survey and it tells you don't qualify) on? I'm just curious cuz i've never had that problem here, when i don't qualify it usually after a few questions at most. It's not Univox that makes the surveys, they just provide links to surveys from other sites/companies. So next time that happens to you you could try contacting the site/company that the survey is from directly. They could probably better answer why you didn't qualify.
  • Tammy
    I agree at least they give us 5 pts. I get disqualified a lot for my age. So every point counts to me.
  • Linda Scott
    all we can do is try
  • Denise Bennett
    I hardly ever get accepted for surveys, I find that frustrating.
  • JoAnne Michaud
    I can understand, but I just wish that if we're going to be disqualified, do it early instead of making us spend alot of time answering a lot of questions and wasting our time. I think I get disqualified more than I get accepted. Since I'm retired, I figure they have alot of us retirees on the computer and only need so many since they need a diverse group of people to do most of the surveys.
  • Mary Starr
    This is their way I think of them getting their Surveys done & then tell u some stupid story & they don't have to pay but yet got their survey answered, What u think they going to destroy thst survey they say u didn't qualify for heck no they got their answered u just didn't get paid a few surveys I do if u don't qualify they pay u something one I get I think 10 cents I don't care if its a penny as long as they think enough of me to give me something, their are times I do 4-5 or more surveys & not get paid & I may spend 15-20 min. doing one
  • J Zerbs
    I've taken thousands of surveys on here and this has never happened to me.
  • Raj
    I agree, its very frustrating, without any sense to get disqualified especially after we spend a lot of time answering questions honestly:-(
  • Ron
    I'm fairly new to surveys on line. Univox is 1 of only a few that i found, who reward for incomplete surveys.
    Thanks Univox,
  • David Hardin
    I'm tired of doing these surveys for free.I have done several and not paid a penny
  • bus150
    Sometimes it is the luck of the draw and you might not be a good match or the survey is filled! Who knows!!
  • Martin Dsouza
    It is true that I rarely get a chance to complete the surveys that I receive due to the reasons listed above and 5 points hardly seems rewarding.
    In fact, it has taken me nearly two years to get to magic number [2500 points] and after getting there I learnt that I could redeem the reward from entropay which is a problem in itself as nobody knows the online retailers who accept the entropay virtual visa card and that includes the entropay customer service. Not a very rewarding experience to say the least if you're from India.
  • Gary Jackson
    I haven't tried to redeem yet, but i like that they pay for disqualified surveys, one of only a few, maybe this will catch on !
  • guimaraes
    eu con certeza nao tenho nada a reclamar mais mim as pesquisas tem sido otimas
  • Larry
    I too like it when they give you points when you don't qualify.
  • Crafty501
    I too find it frustrating to almost complete the survey and then be told you don't qualify. However, I do appreciate getting the 5 points and I have accumulated enough points to cash out once and got my reward very quickly
  • Angelinajo
    Not receiving points would be a great disappointment
  • Sandy Goebel
    I appreciate getting points for not qualifying but I would like to be able to actually finish a survey so that I can add up my points faster. At 5 points each it takes forever to get enough to redeem any.
  • vaddadi prasad
    I agree at least they give us 5 pts. I get disqualified a lot for my age. So every point counts to me
  • Sue
    Points when you don't qualify show they appreciate our participation, which is good.
  • neyton costa rocha
    Good evening, good afternoon, good morning I wondered why my research takes time to get going until a week without getting research
  • flygirl
    It is quite frustrating to complete a significant amount of the survey, 90% or 20 minutes, and be "screened out".
    I suggest that the disqualifying questions be asked early on. This way our time will not be wasted.
  • carlycrusade
    I understand all of these reasons. The main thing that frustrates me is when I answer so many questions that I feel like I've already completed a survey. I've spent nearly 20 minutes answering questions before only to be told that I don't qualify. Qualification should be determined in just a few questions.
  • GinaC
    Good to know. I like they give points anyway
  • Seyid
    It is: getting disqualified
    Not: disqualify
    Correct the error in your article
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  • Yee Wah
    Getting 5 points, even disqualify, still a bonus for the survey.
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