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    When you take online surveys, your answers really do help influence the decisions companies make on products and services. It’s important to keep this in mind when answering surveys and you can do so by remembering these four things:
    1. Provide Quality Answers
    2. Be Honest
    3. Take Your Time
    4. Provide Correct and Current Contact and Demographic Information

    Provide Quality Answers

    The information you provide in an online survey is tabulated by the marketing research company and is then passed onto the client (i.e. the company who hired the marketing research company). The client then takes this information and applies it to the product or service in question. The higher the quality your survey answers are, the better the company will be able to utilize this information. During an online survey questionnaire where open-ended questions are asked, make especially sure to provide as much detail as possible. Remember that you were specifically selected to take the survey and that those behind it are interested in what you have to say.
    Be Honest

    Online surveys are conducted because a company wants to know exactly what you think. They hire marketing research firms to conduct the research for them and then receive a report with the results. Good or bad, these companies are looking for your opinions. Feedback provided by panellists that is inaccurate or dishonest is useless data. The whole point of market research is to discover what consumers’ wants and needs are, and for companies to then fulfill these. Providing dishonest answers when answering online surveys compromises the validity of market research and benefits no one.

    Take Your Time

    Online survey taking is not a race! There is no timer ticking down the minutes left to take a survey, so slow down and take your time. Blowing through a survey not only impacts the quality of answers you provide, but can also result in misunderstanding questions or worse, missing them completely. This defeats the purpose of the survey as quality of answers decreases significantly when panellists choose not to think about their answers. Researchers and the companies who hire them spend a lot of time creating online surveys – do your part by taking the time to answer them properly.
    Provide Correct and Current Contact and Demographic Information
    Similarly to being honest when completing online surveys, be honest when completing the user profile portion of an online survey panel registration. The contact information you initially provide will be used to contact you with future online survey invitations, and if applicable, to send you any rewards you may have earned for your participation (be it a check, prize, voucher, etc.). The demographic information (age, sex, income, etc.) you provide is used for classification purposes so that when a client seeks the opinions of, say for example, a certain age group, the market research company knows who is eligible to be contacted. Remember that if your contact or demographic information change, the marketing research company should be notified via an update to your user profile, keeping your panellist information current.
    PS- This is originally published in Surveypolice
  • Krystyna
    Absolutely,all 4 points are essential for research companies,after all the end results,based on panelists behavior,will affect consumers.
  • Crafty501
    I agree totally, we are being given a chance to give our honest opinions and those opinions may very well help design or re-design products we could eventually purchase
  • charsocal
    I hope the people that are new to taking surveys will read this very carefully and take it seriously.
  • godseeconomy
    Excellent help. Thanks Admin.
  • sascha
    it serves no purpose to give false answers on a survey.
  • alejandro
    Excellent Thatcher is good
  • Johnnie Jordan
    What about the ethics of the people conducting the surveys?

    Always state the correct time of the survey.

    Always provide an answer choice for "None of the above" instead of forcing us to choose just any answer just so we can continue the survey to get the dq points or to the end of the survey.

    Reward us decently for these surveys, I don't want to spend 30 minutes on a survey for only $1.00.

    Don't ask demographic questions after we dq! What difference does it make if we don't qualify? Oh But it does make a difference, you are still getting research by knowing what demo group doesn't use your products. That info still needs to be paid for!

    Don't let us complete the whole survey then say we dq, or the survey is closed.

    Don't put trap questions near the end of a 30 minute or longer survey especially when you tell us the survey is shorter or when you have a lot of grid questions on several pages that makes our eyes tired just looking at them!

    I could go on & on
    Does anyone else have any suggestions for the people conducting these surveys?
  • godseeconomy
    Why the need to input dob in full? Surely month and year are good enough?
    I hate the long and wide grid ones. So difficult to match the boxes up for correct answer. So much scrolling up and down and from side to side. I abandon them sometimes as i got so tired of matching them properly. Not worth getting stressed over.
  • Bob Dack

    Yeah,everybody loves to get bounced out of a survey right away?
  • Debasmita
    Good suggestion
  • Micheal Bomerg
    Yeah that is the right thing to do while completing surveys .
  • frances turkel
    Johnnie Jordan If doing our survey's is so fustrating to you just get off the site...I'm sure you can find something to do with your time...we still get points either by completing survey's or just checking and
    UNIOX gives you 5 points and these add up so, quite making a fuss over nothing! YOU SOUND LIKE A SPOILED CHILD!
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