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    There are five google docs open in your browser right now, and none of them have names. You’re in the midst of a note-taking flood, but you’re having trouble keeping things organized. Pages are flooded with links and screenshots of Tweets, but the actual content is barely readable. Time to bring things into the Evernote app.
    Evernote collects all your notes, including items you write within the app or any number of things you can export from outside it. Then it organizes them in a way that’s very searchable and easy to use, so that your note-taking experience is more efficient from start to finish.
    Today you see a handful of Tweets that you could use for a case study being presented later this month.


    You’re jumping from meeting to meeting, planning social strategies for project after project, and simply don’t have time to do some social media housekeeping. These are basic things, formulaic almost, but they still take time which you don’t have. Its days like this that you look towards the sky and thank the heavens forIFTTT.

    The beauty ofIFTTT (which stands for If This Then That) is in its simplicity. You create a recipe where “this” is the trigger word that leads to a “that” action. It cannot be understated how many possible work hoursIFTTT can save you. The app can take care of actions like:
    • Automatically upload UberConference call summaries to your Dropbox
    • Archive emails to Evernote
    • Add Siri notes to Evernote
    • Add Instagram photographers to a Twitter list
    • Save links that you Favourite on Twitter to your Pocket account
    • And so much more


    Zendesk is software to help you provide better customer service, on traditional channels and social media. Using the app you can create, edit and share tickets for issues originating on social media. You can also tag and search for tickets, set priority levels, and even create Twickets—turning Tweets into tickets in one click.
    You hammer out responses to 5 tickets which need to be addressed immediately, and set the others to medium priority before assigning them to the support guy for tomorrow morning.


    It’s the end of your day and you need to complete your routine before heading home. That routine includes about 12 tasks, each comprising a handful of steps. The last few nights you’ve forgotten to do at least one thing. That’s why tonight you’re using the30/30 app..
    30/30 is another task management app, but one very different from the likes of Trello. The app is based on the concept that you are at your most productive when you work on something without distractions for 30 minutes and then spend the next 30 minutes on something completely different. Except with the app, you can assign any length of time to individual tasks; it’s all about efficiency and getting things done.
    The 30/30 app shows you two main pieces of information: what your should be doing and how much time you have to do it. Once your time is out, the screen will change to a different color —the color associated with your next task. This quick transition from task to task is why the app is great for routines. Gone is the desire to procrastinate. Now you have a clear cut tool to help you get things done.
    You load up a 30 minutes worth of end-of-day tasks and stick to your 30/30 timeline. Welcome to the rest of your evening.


    You want to get home as soon as possible since you still have a bit of work to take care of. So you open up yourHopStop app and see what the situation is.
    HopStop provides public transit schedules and information, walking, biking and other directions and estimates travel time in over 300 cities worldwide. Sounds a lot like Google Maps, right?
    Except, for many of these cities it also provides real-time alerts and planned services changes. It also estimates the travel time and cost for a taxi to take you to your destination.
    And it has a helpful Nearby Station search option, so you don’t have to scour a map hunting for the subway closest to you.
    On this day you decide a taxi home would be quickest, and the 10 minutes you save come in handy later this evening.

    PS: Stay glued for some more upcoming ...
  • charsocal
    I'm still old school and don't have a smartphone, just a basic one so no apps for me.
  • godseeconomy
    spend more time sorting this, quicker with my listing and filing.
  • Crafty501
    I don't have a smartphone, just the basic cell and I only have that in case I run into a problem with the car when I am out. While we have roadstar I did get into trouble once. Lots of snow everywhere and very slippery conditions. Roadstar was so busy they stopped answering their phones so I just called my husband. I was driving on the highway and got a flat tire and pulled off into the snow to get off the road. When the tire was taken in for repair, the guy found some idiot had driven a knife into the side of the tire and then broken the handle off, This happened when I was in another city for an appointment, so not like it was targeted. Someone with too much time on their hands
  • godseeconomy
    I have a smart phone, a present. I don't use all the features.
  • Ashok Bhatia
    very knowledgeable information Thanks Admin
    nam1 (5K)
  • Admin
    Thanks Ashok :)
  • frances turkel
    Thank you for sharing these new apps....I have a smart phone I used it the special app's calendar
    when I first received it but, it confused me.So, I went back to my old method using a planner and list for each day as I finished a chore or go to the store and (ETC) I would cross off each item till I finish
    everything on the list...
  • Jules
    thank you. Its always good to try apps others have tried and like
  • Kingalfred
    wow... 3 years old ..... the barrels bottom
  • fatinha
    achei muito bom
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