• Paulgro
    Like you see, you did it right!
  • Syvynn
    Wrong gender :)
    And... in Mitzi's defense... that remote did fit nicely in the phones cradle!! LOL
  • Mitzi drye
    my husband is in trouble!!!! lol!
  • frances turkel
    Bobby Drye That is pretty funny thanks for sharing....
  • sascha
    I saw a guy once grab the handle of his pistol to use as a hammer. He had emptied it first. I cannot imagine anyone trying to use it as a hammer without emptying it first.
  • sascha
    My hubby has done the same thing !!! I'm an insomniac(always have been). The rest in the family walk and talk in their sleep. I've found sneakers in the refrigerator, purse in the microwave, stuffed animal in the microwave, shoes in the oven, etc. I have found people sleeping on the basement stairs, people sleeping in the bath tub, kids eating in the living room with the tv on, yet they are sound asleep. We had to install higher locks on doors to keep people from wandering outside in their sleep. I have found a dozen or more socks dropped on the floors as if making a path and I have found all of the living room pillows stacked like a tower in the middle of the floor.
  • J Zerbs
    You wouldn't think so but every so often I'll see on the news or in the paper someone who does. A couple months ago a guy did it at a 4-H function in a elementary school.
  • Admin
    Seriously cant believe this,think this kind of people need immediate medical attention, though not sure about the issue. But sounds little out of way or normal human behavior. :D
  • Kingalfred
    .,., Once whilst shopping i picked up a pack of 6 glasses.. On the side written .. " 6 Red Wine Glasses" .,., but they were clearly transparent .,., i put them back .,.,

    I once knew of a man ,walked into a shop seeking fork handles... Came out with four candles..

    My Brother once stayed over .. Brushed his teeth in the down stairs kitchen sink as the bathroom was taken .,. "Dint reckon much to your tooth paste " said he .,., " at least your fillings will be shiny" said i "why" says he enquiringly .,., it was a tube of metal polish .,.,

    .... meeting my girlfriend Traceys' parents for the 1st time at Dinner..we were sweet 16 .. On noticing his wife was pregnant i retorted jokingly ... Tracey and i are trying for a baby .. A stern faced Father replied..." are you.,., WHEN" ... "Tonight" ...too soon?
  • Admin
    Its interesting story, thanks for sharing, seriously sometimes in life we come across so many weird situations. :)
  • Admin
    :) :), thats seriously funny..
  • godseeconomy
    I'm far too serious. Need to loosen up!
  • Admin
    a good laugh is cure for many things in life..keep smiling.have a great day..
  • sascha
    Actually they were put into a sleep study in the Neurology Unit of the hospital... Guess what??? They did it there, too, just not to that extent. They accidentally interfered with the wires that were attached to their heads during the study and set off the alarms.When the staff came in , they'd find chairs moved, pillows every other place but on the bed, bathroom sink faucet running, and tv on.
  • sascha
    Have been up all night last night due to a sleepwalking 4 yr old. The Pediatrician suggested melatonin some months back. It works sometimes. She woke up laughing, grabbed a coloring book and colored. Then she turned on the tv. She sang a few songs. She walked to the living room window and peeked out, oohing and ahhing at the darkness outside. She got toys from the toy box and stacked them in a pile in the middle of the floor. She rolled over on the floor, covered herself with her blanket and continued sleeping.She then stayed in one spot and slept until 6 am. I never know what to expect.
  • Admin
    Oh that seriously sounds really hilarious..:)
  • vivian
    I suffer with OCD and I am not exactley June Cleaver so Iam constantly messing up and going right behind myself and cleaning up the mess, fussing about the mess the entire time (just close your eyes and picture it...lol)
  • Pamela Hollis
    When I was nine I washed my face in ajax ( I couldn't get halloween makeup off , it burned my skin off but thankfully It healed)
    I got on a horse in a field one time when I was young and it took off and dumped me ( I was by myself and almost broke my neck but I couldn't tell anyone because I would have got in trouble)
    I talk too much
    I am a southern girl
    I put up with way too much
  • GinaC
    I sometimes tell jokes but they are not very good. I don't really have a funny side.
  • frances turkel
    Pamela Hollis Horses hate me....I got throw into the Atlantic ocean in Atlantic city...ouch!
    I got throw into a big patch of Horse pooh in Pa.
    There was another time I had more fun with horses but I can't think off hand where it was
  • Laurenlozzy
    My Monday was terrible. Daughter an grandkids stayed over wknd. All good an I do love them heaps. But as she's very lazy i cooked, cleaned, bathed kids, washed clothes, as well as my own chores to do, plus trying to entertain kids but they are let to run wild an kept fighting with each other and totally ignore me when i ask for rubbish to be put in bin. One of them threw rubbish on floor in front of me an left. An so on. It wasnt all bad, we had some good times as well. But just before getting ready to go, me an my daughter had a little spat about cleaning some of the kids mess up. Very nastily she yelled go to ya room an do a survey. I give her a big smile an said, thank you, dont mind if I do, an off I went, calling out, please shut door as you leave. Thank you an luv yas. Lol. Just when I was enjoying myself an looking forward to arvo on my own I heard yelling out front. I went to loungeroom and it was her pop from other side I'd family drunk an abusing me cause I didnt answer my phone to him. He strange. He finally left an I went back to survey site thinking what next. But all good, im having a lovely night at home in bed on this site. WOW.
  • Krystyna
    Welcome to Univox forum! Yes,indeed Univox is the best to relief stress,have fun and at the same time make some extra money.Please come as often and as possible.
  • charsocal
    - So sorry you had a bad day, been there but not that bad of a weekend.
  • Debasmita
    No funny sides, but like jokes and appreciate sense of humor
  • Elena
    I think everyone has a funny side
  • Admin
    thats true but sharing makes it worthwhile and makes everyone else happy...
  • Laurenlozzy
    Hi guys, I would just like to say I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter and please stay safe. Cheers.
  • Admin
    Yes wish everyone happy Easter, enjoy the long weekend, have a fun filled holiday.. enjoy cheers :)
  • Stan
    I do like to laugh, 5 things, mmmm that's hard, I like to say puns like my late father did and second I'm always up for a good clean joke. 8-)
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