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    Things are going tough at work. You have several projects all due within the next few days, you’re monitoring Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the go and couple of your co-workers are out of office. You need to be at your best, and you sure can use all the help you can get.
    In these types of settings, technology is your best buddy. There are a myriad of apps and tools that will help you save valuable seconds and minutes at work and at home. Since you’re supposed to get eight hours of sleep every day, here are few productivity apps for the hours you’re actually awake.

    First thing you do after you wake up in the morning is get hold of our phone, that’s instinct. As a matter fact you just want to kill few minutes before you actually have to get up, so you might as well be productive. The first thing you open? Mailbox.
    In today’s world of digital natives Email is one of the most time consuming activity for almost every human being with a computer. That might be a baloney, but only just. The Mailbox app helps you save time on email and be more productive by streamlining all the interactions you undertake with every message. You can quickly swipe emails to archive or trash them. You can also “put off emails” to a later time. You might want to deal with important mail which would require your undivided attention and that is not possible while you’re lying in bed, so in a few taps you put it off until later this afternoon. Mailbox also learns from you, so if every message from a determined person has gone into your archives, it will prompt you to automatically archive all future emails from that sender. Time saved, productivity increased, all in your first 5 minutes of the day.

    Traffic is ruthless this morning so you decide to take public transit into work. Sadly this adds an extra 40 minutes to your commute and you’re supposed to be on a 9:30 call. Not to worry, this is the exact reason you have the UberConference app on your phone.
    Uber Conference lets you start conference calls instantly on your phone. Once the call has started, you can see everyone in the meeting and get additional information about them through their social profiles. You can be sure you’re referring to that new client by his actual job title of “Happiness Director,” since you can see his LinkedIn summary from within the app during your call. You can also record the call, saving valuable information you might be able to use in future calls or campaigns with this client.
    By the time you get to work, you’ve already sat in on an important call and have a recording you can use for notes when you’re not so busy.

    TRELLO 10 AM
    You have entire day ahead of you, it’s time to map out your to-do-list. Knowing what tasks you need to accomplish and for when is essential to staying productive. For this purpose, you turn to Trello.
    Trello helps you keep tabs on both individual and team projects. You can use it to manage projects on several levels, by dividing the work into boards (projects), lists (lists of tasks), and cards (individual tasks). With Trello, you can assign tasks and organize projects in various stages of completion with simple drag-and-drop actions. You can also create brainstorm sessions in order to get that creativity ball rolling.
    Check off your “make today’s to-do-list” task and move onto bigger projects.

    Your boss asks you how blog traffic is doing today. Your Google Analytics takes 24 hours to record that information and checking click-through on Tweets doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. You want to answer her question quickly, so you open up Chartbeat.
    Chartbeat provides real-time site data that’s easy to consume and digest. The app provides you with the information you need to act quickly and promote the content that’s already striking a chord on social media: How many people are on your blog, which post is leading the way, what social networks are driving the most views to these posts and more.

    You head out for a quick lunch at your local cafe with a friend who works at a partnering agency. He mentions that the agency has rebranded, and all of the employees have new email addresses and Twitter handles as a result. Dang… that means an hour of updating your contact list. Except the updates have already been done automatically, thanks to a little app called Brewster.
    Brewster is the contact management app you don’t just need, you deserve. It gathers people’s phone numbers, email addresses and all of their social media profiles into one place. Then, when someone updates their information on brewster, it will automatically updates it for all of their contacts. No more slowly typing in phone numbers or misspelling Twitter handles. Brewster saves you from wasted time and mistakes, and is a huge boost for productivity.

  • charsocal
    Interesting, but glad I don't work outside of my home.
  • Andrew Nicholls
    I use a mind mapping App called iThoughtsHD...
    I keep all my seminar notes and learnings in a mind map. I've taken dozens of 'books' of written notes over the years- and never been able to find stuff again. OTOH, the mind map on my iPad is very easy to refer back to and link across many complex interactions in a much more usable way. Also I use it to plan and compose presentations... I start with the core concept- think of a tree trunk, and then branch outward and upward into many different and ultimately diverse, yet connected concepts.
  • Admin
    Thanks for adding one more info, however very soon again will post some more apps, for rest of your day. Hope any of them can be useful for you....stay happy.........
  • godseeconomy
    I don't use any of them Can't be very successful then ? lol ;)
  • Admin
    It can help in making work easier while travelling or in meeting or in anyways..
  • godseeconomy
    I work hard enough, don't want to labour whilst travelling etc.
  • Admin
    Thats cool...Good luck Have a wonderful time...cheers!!!X-)
  • frances turkel
    Admin Thank you for all the new information concerning completing our survey's time is money and if we can save time we save money thank you again for all the great ideas.
  • Mohan88
    very nice
  • Admin
    Thankyou so, this kind of motivation helps us to post much more such kind of blogs which can help our users. thanks (Y) :) (L)
  • Admin
    Thankyou so much (Y)
  • Tina Parsley
    I wish I had that much energy and power, however I do want to hear about the other half of the day.:-|
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