• charsocal
    - Your very welcome. I was also doing the same thing when I only could get the Visa award back in the day and having to try to spend the whole 25.00 on something. I can't remember if I had the brainstorm or if another member mentioned it to me, but I would certainly buy a gift card. Another I didn't mention was Academy Sports which accepts the E card. One thing you can't do is put it on your paypal account, BUT I THINK I have seen comments that you can if you have a business account or something to that fact, but please don't hold me up to it. Good Luck To You!
  • Donna
    Just thought I would add, that I don't want you to think I was complaining. While Univox isn't perfect - no survey site is - Univox is still my favorite!
  • Admin
    Thank you so much for the support and understanding.. yes everything is fine cheers :)
  • sascha
    I don't have a problem with Univox. I think it's one of the best survey sites out here right now. So many survey sites have disappeared.
  • Donna
    I agree with you!
  • Admin
    thank-you so much for your kind words, hope we will up to your expectations. thanks :)
  • Mitzi drye
    good. keep us up to date please. thank you!
  • Catwoman
    ..I have also noticed if I redeem my points on a Friday, I don't get my reward til Monday(probably cause they are off on the weekend), so now if I don't have enough points to redeem by Thursday night(cause I usually receive my reward by Friday when I do), then I just wait til Monday to redeem-hoping I too will have more points, but Not cause I hate starting from zero(which believe me I do..lol), but I get Virtual M.C.'s, and I get every cent I can to put it towards my cell phone bill, so if I have 1532, that's .32 more cents off my bill I don't need to have in my bank acct-and it has helped, trust me, I have had .50 in my checking since Jan. 6th til yesterday..lol-not really funny but have to laugh to not cry, and then I usually have my reward by Tuesday anyway, only 1 day later :) ..I love this site!! <3 ..hope the pace of surveys picks up soon, that also helps!! ..I don't remember it being this slow for a long time.
  • Donna
    I know all about no money in the checking account, and I would rather laugh than cry, also! I try to look at all of life that way!
  • vivian alexander
    I have been at ambassador level almost 1 1/2 yrs and I have never seen not one surprise reward let alone monthly surprise reward, thats whats stated in the different level benefits.
  • flygirl
    I hope it works that way.
    How come we must login multiple times to redeem rewards?
    Thank you.
  • charsocal
    - Security purposes I would think.
  • Donna
    Definitely for security reasons to ensure it is you redeeming your points. I'm pretty sure most sites if not all the ones I belong to require re-entry of my password to redeem.
  • charsocal
    - One site requires a code you must receive off of your phone in order to redeem.
  • guimaraes
    lagal mesmo
  • Rag
    Did not get my 200 points for completing profile and 400 points for technical glitch please process ASAP
  • Luizinha
    I too agree where rewards are concerned univox is my best site.
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