• Asha Gupta
    I Redeem my points for 1100 and 748 rs using paypal card but i did not receive my payment. its over 7 days. i got paid last time with in 2 days my paypal account.
    this is till in process. where i go for help.
    they are not replying for mail also
  • J Zerbs
    I just received a couple rewards from last week hope yours came too
  • Asha Gupta
    They are not replying of mails also.its over 1 week .
    Any issue with univox customer support????
  • Nat M

    Support very rarely reply and when they do it is a month later.
    It is like they work one day a month then they do not even read the tickets. Just copy and paste replies that have got nothing to do with the question
  • Admin
    We can understand your concern. we request you to please drop an email to the support team so that they will review your account further.
  • Mele McCabe
    See Nat's message above Admin's...
  • Admin
    we have checked your account and we did not find any ticket of yours and our team has replied on your two tickets within 24 hours, Thanks
  • Nat M

    Your reply said that "we did not find any ticket of yours".
    So what is ticket 131677 and 131871, that Support replied to 7 hours ago after i resent it 8.5 hrs ago.

    Both tickets with the same problem.........dashboard says one amount of points for completed survey but what is credited is a lower amount never higher.
  • Wolfgang
    Ja Hallo und Guten Tag,
    Ich weiß Ihr habt viel zu tun.
    An dieser Stelle auch ein herzliches Dankeschön
    für Eure Arbeit im Univox Team.

    Ich habe EIN Problem bekomme keinen Tango Card
    Amazon Code obwohl der Vorgang abgeschlossen
    Und genehmigt ist.

    Eis kommt nur die Mail:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    Your following redemption request has been processed. Gift Option: Amazon.de Points: 1829 Date: 17-Dec-2020

    Bis dann!

    Habe auch dieses Problem am 04.12.2020 gehabt.
    Siehe unten auch keinen Amazon Code bekommen sind 35 Euro

    Liebe/r Wolfgang,

    Grüße von Univox!

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    Your following redemption request has been processed. Gift Option: Amazon.de Points: 4216 Date: 04-Dec-2020

    Könnt Ih mir bitte helfen.

    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße
  • Asha Gupta
    Hi @Admin
    I have no received my reward link after 10 days after redemption time.
    My Redemption details are
    1305125 9/4/2021 7:42:43 PM Amazon.in Gift Card INR | 90-Day Link 506 370.00 INR Processing
    Please process it as soon as and reply @
    Please process it as soon as
  • Stevens A
    Redemption ID : 1307814
    Request Date : 9/7/2021
    Member ID : 659028
    Amount : 100
    Type : Paypal
  • Asha Gupta
    My reward status is paid but still i have no received my reward.in your mail, u said that you will receive your reward within 24 Hours but after 72 hours, i have no received my reward.please send reward link so i can redeem it
  • cjsenour
    If it says paid and you have not received it, contact Support. Did you check your SPAM folder?
  • Asha Gupta
    yes i have checked and there is no any eMail from him.
    I redeem amazon gift card first time and get this problem
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