• ningling2016
    People can do whatever they want using their disposable income, absolutely, but it stinks for the Madden 20 coins rest of those who simply want a preeminent football game to play, when the lackluster Madden series is the only one to look forward to vs. the days of the past when multiple choices existed.

    The winter months are typically the only time I am into gaming where I'm indoors more frequently than not, but I'd plop down $60 on discharge day when Madden was really living up to the possible most of us dream of it with. It is depressing that the pro bowl is being touted as a future. Fucking why? It is something that most individuals would play once or twice before moving on from the novelty of it.

    This will be my second year not buying madden. I am a soccer fan that is massive and it stinks when the games drop not getting into the thick of it. However, like this guy said, about November December when everyone is complaining about the way madden sucks and how they won't buy Madden again, I feel vindicated.

    And I spend to much money on mut. And only closed on my house. I love soccer, so I have been loving NCAA football and plugged into the 360 that is old. Watching this movie I believe I'm gonna buy a ps2 and take my 60 and get some soccer matches that are older. I remember the joy once I was a boy that they brought me. Before auction bots, equalizers, shit motors, and microtransactions.

    Microtransactions have ruined video games and it should be illigal. Its predatory and lazy. Our only hope is that one day another programmer will have a shot at the nfl license. At the day's close that I understand we would like to buy Mut 20 coins compete at a top level so why don't you invest some cash on mut to be the best, right?
  • Bobert
    Spam by uni' to create income?? Loads of it around ...click and earn uni 2 points
  • mikeee
    loser spammer.
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