• godseeconomy
    Have you read regarding carcinogenic properties in coffee (as well as over done cooking in high heat) ? Seems instant coffee has highest amount of acrylamide! See link .. https://www.superfoodly.com/acrylamide-coffee-cancer-risk/
    All the Americans and Italians I know just love coffee!
    Is coffee your favourite type of consumption? I am partial to tea. I love the aroma of coffee but I don't like the aftertaste of coffee.
  • sharonh
    Tea here for me, but mikeee can't survive without coffee. Best not to talk to him until he gets some.
    But he has cut back his consumption from one ( approx 10 cups) to a half pot.
  • Nat M
    Coffee from a short black to a cappuccino and all the other versions, iced coffee (made with ice-cream, milk and cream), Irish coffee i drink.
    But do not like the pods.
    Not all countries class my iced coffee as iced coffee.In Bali it is black coffee with ice. Amsterdam Starbucks got black coffee with ice. Did not drink either of them. Learnt my lesson, have to read the order board properly and not just assume it is the same.
    Had my first Turkish coffee in Croatia at a relatives house........
  • godseeconomy
    Many years ago, tried Turkish coffee. It was so thick and black and very very sweet. It was served in a very, very small cup, like a child's toy! Never had it since. I think it was when holidaying in Israel, many, many, many moons ago. Due a trip back to Israel, me hopes..
  • Tricia889

    Glad you posted this . I drink a lot of black coffee . I used to buy it from Starbucks and Tim Hortons. I was spending 50 dollars a week on coffee so i recently switched to instant coffee.

    I finally found a brand of instant i like , and have been drinking it for the last 2 months . It's number 2 on the worst list ( Nescafe ) . Now what am i going to do :cry:
  • godseeconomy
    Moderation is the key to healthy lifestyle. Reduce to drinking once a week. You will soon be weaned off coffee. Drink herbal teas instead.
  • J Zerbs
    Only drink coffee occasionally, prefer tea.
  • godseeconomy
    Me too, I am a teapot and a walking dustbin.I eat anything that's safe and healthy to eat.
  • Paulgro
    I drink black no sugar coffee all the time. Summer and winter.
  • godseeconomy
    I am like that with tea all day long. O yes, with milk please.
  • Paulgro
    I drank it light and sweet until I went in the service and couldn't find any sugar so I also stopped putting milk in my coffee and never went back.
  • Nat M

    Turkish coffee very thick but had a splash of milk in mine. Where my relos are from is not far from the Bosnian border. Bosnia has Turkish influence. My dad was born in Mostar (now Bosnia) but at that time former Yugoslavia. Nearest hospital. Some how my grandmother changed his place of birth to be in Croatia, from her hometown.
    Got his birth certificate when i was there. Hometown about an hour from Medjugorje..........went there
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