• mikeee
    wow. closing everything down sounds like a great way to cause the economy to crash! Do you trust China?
  • sharonh
    There has never been a viable coronavirus vaccine. The first SARS breakout China stopped vaccine administration because too many people were having adverse reactions or dying from it. I don't think this time around will be any different.
  • Tricia889

    We have a COVID app put out by the government of Canada that you download to your phone and it signals when you are close to a person who has been diagnosed with COVID .

    Yes a lockdown is devastating economically . You have to find a balance between health and economics . I don't know what that balance is .

    They are only imposing stiff restrictions in areas that are bad like the city of Montreal , rather than the entire province this time . Some restrictions are rather extreme . People don't like restrictions , especially when the politicians who impose them don't adhere themselves , There is a certain amount of hypocrisy

    No of course i don't trust China . They do "appear " to be pretty much rid of COVID 19 . People listened to the rules there , they kind of had no choice if you know what i mean . Life is pretty much back to normal there , for now at least.

    Maybe if we all did it right the first time things would be normal here now too . :)
  • Tricia889

    Hi Sharon :)

    We had that same SARS vaccine in Canada where people died taking it .Families couldn't sue either because the government made a deal with the pharma company not to sue . The price we paid for rolling it out quick .

    I agree it's doubtful that China has a viable COVID vaccine . There is speculation because they pretty much eradicated COVID.

    CanCino has been vaccinating the Chinese army. Thats a part Canadian vaccine that China has been witholding from Canada due to a diplomatic dispute . https://financialpost.com/news/fp-street/covid-vaccine-front-runner-held-back-by-chinas-spat-with-canada
  • J Zerbs
    Had a survey which asked about covid and one of the responses you could choose was- I haven't heard of covid don't know what it is. Wonder if anyone actually hasn't heard of it aside from someone living totally off the grid with no tv, internet, newspaper who hasn't talked to others in the last year.
  • Bobert

    Our infections are way up but apparantly deaths from it isn't ..more people being tested I guess..
    Covid stemmed from SARS so is a cross SARS-covid .. If they had no vaccine for SARS then no doubt .. Not one will be found for this one ..also a defected Chinese scientist .. Claimed it man made .. Whether purposely or accidentally .. Through cross contamination lab works, or intentional.. I dont know .. Or if indeed .. "fake news''
  • Bobert
    That peak 'spike' 12.8k
  • mikeee
    I don't care about cases so much as hospitalizations and mortality. More tests will certainly raise the the peak.
  • Bobert
    that's just it ..the reopening of places spread it quicker.. Is the virus now weaker?
    Are the more 'immune' not likely to catch it, if they haven't already .. Our government was on about 'herd immunity' .. Lets all catch it at the same time and get it over with ..well,..yeah..if you're not classed as 'vulnerable' ... And are in the 'prime' of life ... There's even now talk of 'super flu'

    Like give us break oredi ..

    No guests allowed ...my Christmas Dinner sorted ...hdfxys5mcg40csl1.png
  • mikeee
    I think it's just more of a threat to older folks. The younger can catch it and be fine and get the immunity. I am thinking I had it last March, but my fever was not high enough to be tested.
  • Bobert
    todays 'peak spike' 22k
    Doubled nearly over the weekend 16anht1vfgnr90jo.png
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