• Siegfried
    Really the year is complete tomorrow but there is little to do today, so I'll post a few comments now.

    Some figures.
    1294 surveys completed, and $909.57 banked. That includes $70 from the competitions.

    The overall experience has got worse, when I started there was a reasonable ration of DQ points going, now they are few and far between. The chained surveys, looping from one to another had not been introduced, so things were simpler and better.
    One thing that is better is the relative lack of surveys that do not pay any points, these seem fairly rare nowadays as long as you avoid Yuno surveys. The change in the engagement score rules eliminating the indudtrial scale ES benefits of 'downloading the app' has made engagement scores more accurately reflecting real effort, although the incredible efforts of Stevens A. seem impossible, but I am not in a position to be sure what is going on as I get UK surveys and he/she gets US surveys.
    High scorers from India seem to have more or less vanished with the 100 points download change.

    I suspect I could have qualified for more if I had any interest in sports or computer games.

    Never had any problems with redeeming rewards, and they have been very quick lately, but I always go for Paypal,which seems far less problematic then Amazon cards.
  • godseeconomy
    Well done. You deserve a plaudit. Here it is!! You have had amazing innings considering you have only been a member for a year tomorrow. I joined the community 2015 but I was doing Univox surveys a couple of years before joining the community. The community was born much later. So for over 5 years of doing surveys, I had 1,028 completed surveys to date. Very slow progress indeed. 69707 points redeemed so far.
    I also noticed that Univox made a change on the Survey Police website. It had always referred to earning 5 points for DQ's; now it says 2 points are given. Really doesn't mean anything to me, as the last time I earned DQ points was on 11/13/19...for 3 POINTS!
  • sharonh
    And doesn't it say for every 10 attempts you earn 2 points ? That is the way I understood it.
  • godseeconomy
    Correct. It should be at least 1 point just for clicking to attempt the survey! Alas, no such consideration 'to serve us better' !!!!:sad: :sad: :sad: :gasp:
  • Siegfried
    One of the notable characteristics of many survey sites is the amount they lie to users.

    'Here is a survey just for you'. click on it, 'FOAD'.

    'we are looking for people in certain professions' No, you are looking to disqua;ify people in certain professions.

    'Serve you better' Serve you as badly as possible while still retaining enough users to make a buck or two.

    'you do not get any points because your answers do not match the survey requirements' means' we can get away with making no acknowledgement of your effort. This is notably annoying when you have answered a host of pre-questions, or actually completed up to half a survey before being disqualified.

    'We value your opinion' .... not enough to pay more than a few cents for it.

    and so on and so on...............
  • sharonh
    There are many times I can tell what demographic the survey wants, which doesn't include me, and yet I keep getting questions. Could they really want me? So in the quest of some discretionary spending money, I hang in. And then, as you said, I must be 25-50% done before I am disqualified.
  • Siegfried
    'Thanks for your time' ....... I might be more inclined to believe in the sincerity of the thanks if they were accompanied with a few cents in money. Cash says thankyou better than words can.
    Giving you a plaudits...just because it's MONDAY!
  • Scousegirl
    And I'm giving you one for the same reason!
  • Kingalfred
    If entered ...you should be able to complete
    Once the First DQ question is asked immediately off the bat ...
    Instantly .,.,.,. Not,
    Where do you live
    Who do you live with
    What do you earn
    Where do you shop
    What do you buy
    What do you spend
    When did
    Where did you
    Blah blah blah
    Then.,.,. "Did you buy blue socks between 9am and 9.01 am last Sunday from Asda"?
    Booted .,.,.,.

    These mini poll surveys pay uni for your demographs
    Thats why we used to get DQ .,.,. For them selling our data

    The point is .,.,.,. No one is forcing no one .,.,. Yous volunteer your free time ....
    How may times does this place need to screw you over before you realise enough is enough .....
    Set a limit to the surveys you take,10loi 100pts, trusting you will be acknowledged on completion
    Hoping you will be redeemed on request ...
    Get off this site.,.,.they read day after day and realise themselves..... "the fools are still here"
  • Kingalfred
    only persons I don't plaudit are admin....
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