• cjsenour
    Have you ever gotten a Prize Selection on a survey? XPRESIT seems to do it frequently. I have no idea what it is for. I start the survey and fill in the qualifying questions. Then I am ask to choose from lists the prizes I really want. There are about 8-10 lists for things like shampoo, toilet paper, pickles, etc. I choose them and then go to the survey. Sometimes I am asked at the end to choose again. I have never won any prizes like this. Don't know what the idea behind it is.
  • Carol hughes

    I have gotten that many times a waste of time
  • Mele McCabe
    One of the prize selection is an product that will be advertised in a video you watch later in the survey. Then you make the selection again to see if your preference for the product has changed. Too little reward for the length of interview
  • godseeconomy
    Haven't come across this yet. I have been warned to ignore it if it cropped up. Thanks for the heads up, ladies.:up:
  • KellyD
    I have too, gottwn that survey many times and don't understand it. I just go through it, like they want you to, so I can pass the survey and get the points. Sure, it is long and repetative, but lately it is hard to qualify for a survey here, so I will take what I can get at this point. P.S. Never won any of those prizes.
  • cjsenour
    I haven't won either. I just click randomly. Figure if I get something I don't really want, I can donate to the homeless shelter.
  • KellyD
    Exactly! I love the way you think! There are so many homeless in my town, I try to help when I can. Many years ago, I , myself, was homeless for a short while. Not fun at all. Now that my life is stable, when I see a homeless person digging in the garbage. eating food from it, I will go to the store, buy a sandwich and soda and give it to them. You would have thought I was handing them diamonds by the way they reacted. Pay it forward, I call it.
  • sharonh
    I have never received anything.
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