• godseeconomy
    I find it difficult to answer the question 'Do you have children (without age limits given)?' Then it follows with 'How many adults in your home?' I do have children, they are adults. Once a mother always a mother to your children whatever ages they might be! How do you answer such question when no other options are given?
  • Carol hughes

    I have the same problem I have 1 child but she is an adult in her 40's
  • cjsenour
    I always answer "yes". If they want more info, they can ask it in the next question. Even though I "have children", there are no other adults in my home.
  • sharonh
    Sometimes I answer yes then get stung because the next questions wants the ages and anything listed is 17 and under. To be honest, I need to close tab.

    I hate that question. I like it when they specify under 18 or say something about even check if children are adults.
  • Siegfried
    I usually disavow children at the beginning of a survey because the next thing they want is to interview my child, someone who has far better and more interesting things to do and is usually not available anyway.

    At the end of a survey it likely to be for statistical purposed with no further involvement.
  • godseeconomy
    Wouldn't this be telling an untruth? My conscience would bother me.
  • sharonh
    Sometimes the survey asks if the child is available. If no child was physically in the room with me, I would say no. This was AFTER they had a part time job.

    BEFORE they had a part time job, they had to take the surveys. I would answer for them until the point the survey actually needed their opinion. I mean, I could answer if they had phones, computers, etc. Many time I could screen out doing the survey as them before I needed to call them to the computer.

    We are not a family that gave $30/week allowance (I just read that is the going rate). If they wanted "fun" money they had to earn it.
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