• Nat M
    This is a common complaint on the Forum- members not receiving their payments.
    Some members waiting months and repeatedly asking Admin/Support about it , to no avail .
    Members just being ignored and shrugged off , taken on a roller coaster - provide this and that screenshot.

    Having to explain over and over again. Hitting a brick wall each time

    In the passed few months members asking for reissuing of their Amazon Codes and Admin/Support are in a world of their own. Can not comprehend what the members are asking.

    Now there are members like myself that are missing payments that have been incorrectly marked as PAID.
    Upper management, Support and Admin are unable to provide Paypal Transaction IDs and the latest excuse is , “sometimes few payments get stuck between both platforms (Univox and Paypal) “.

    My response to that is, firstly they should have a record of whose payments are stuck and advise the members. Not take us on a nearly three week roller coaster and blatantly say that it has been paid from their end……end of story.

    Secondly if these payments are stuck, they should be showing as PENDING in our Paypal accounts.

    Now some members have been told “please wait till the end of this month in case the payment is not done we will surely re-process it.”

    My response to that is that these payments were requested from the 21st December 2019 to early January 2020. If they are stuck Paypal would have returned the funds back to Univox within 10 days of the issue dates. Also Univox is able to cancel the stuck payments and reissue them.

    So the redemption team are not doing their job and us members have to wait until they sort out the mess which they caused.
  • J Zerbs
    Mine from the 21st is still listed as pending, I know other members have had theirs listed as paid even though they haven't received it which support for some reason can't seem to understand. I don't buy the stuck excuse and even IF it were true as said PayPal would of returned the funds by now.
    Support was never great here but used to be ok in the past, it's gone way downhill lately. I had a issue with payments a couple times in the past and is was fixed in a few days. When surveys didn't redirect/credit properly if you sent a msg to support you'd get your points more often than not or at least half the time. Now they never credit if a survey doesn't redirect and issues with payments that should take a day or two to fix are still unresolved almost a month later.
  • Sacha
    Not one bit makes sense. Payments getting stuck......what a joke. I WANT MY PAYMENT !!!

  • Kingalfred
    They have no intentions of re looking into anything they deem "paid" "resolved" at their end
    Once it is deemed "processed" they will no longer take notice of anything else you put before them ....
    Recouping the sweepstakes and con test pay out ..... Dirty cheating incompetent filth



  • Nat M
    I have no intentions of letting it slide.
    I spent hours earning those points and someone will get tired of receiving daily emails
  • Nat M

    What is happening with my missing redemptions?
    Have the paypal transaction ids been found ??
  • mikeee
    I noticed some new rules on cashout.
    I had never seen these before, but have not cashed out here in a month...

    Redemption rules:
    You can request a reward only if your previous request is approved.
    $1 fee will be deducted for canceling the redemption request or resending of reward.
    In case of redemption cancellation, you must email us within 24 hours of making the redemption request.
    In the case of Amazon/Virtual card, a reward can only be re-issued/resent within 30 days of the expiration of the reward link sent to your registered email id.
  • Nat M

    That popped up the same time as my missing redemptions that got marked as Paid but have not been Paid
  • mikeee
    It had been awhile since I got a cash out here.. Still didn't see anyone mention it.
  • mikeee
    ha! too funny!
    Well they say males are not good at noticing things! lol
  • Nat M

    I am also surprised that not many members commented about it
  • J Zerbs
    Received my missing payment from Dec 21st this morning. Has anyone else received theirs?

    Hopefully others did and if not maybe this is a sign that they've started making them and the rest will be issued soon.
  • Nat M

    Checked my emails/paypal after i read your message. Also got mine but have to work it out as it is in AUD $ where as it usually comes in US $
  • xrayspex
    Gad you guys got your missing payments!
  • Cicera Gomes
    Pessoal sou iniciante nesse site, e agora fiquei com receio vendo esses comentários. O site realmente paga?
  • Donna
    Yay! That is good to hear!
  • Sacha
    Also got my missing payment. Was not stuck as it came in AUD$
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