• Enizete Lane
    My impressions for Univox surveys being routed using Sample Cube is terrible. When i select to partake in one survey and disqualify i expect to get routed back instantly to Univox and NOT screened for countless failed survey attempts not sending me back to Univox. Besides, Sample Cube is NOT retaining any qualifying information to better qualify me for a survey. It asks countless failed attempts the same questions which lead to even more wasted time. Is this to become the new Univox?
    If so, i believe many member will cease to remain engaged with Univox.
    What you fellow members think about my observation?
    Is this format of Sample Cube wasting your time as well?
  • Enizete Lane
    Also, if i am encountering a never ending Sample Cube prequalifying survey attempts which fail to send me back to Univox, how am i earning any Daily engagement scores? Meaning every 10 survey attempts earns you 2 engagement points but when not routed back to Univox, it means no attempts have occurred?
    This nothing new to Univox and you are correct, DQ points are almost impossible to receive. Other survey sites use "Sample Cube" and I NEVER get the endless "looping" surveys.
  • Noah Heredia
    Total waste of time!
  • Siegfried
    I just had 4 failed surveys give DQ points with no looping.

    May this be an omen for the new year.
  • sharonh
    On a different site I received a sample cube survey that 1st ended in the multiple language error that said I would be directed back to the survey site of origin. Only it didn't looped to another survey
  • Rebekah K
    I have to agree that the samplecubes on univox make life very miserable. Because of that I hardly visit this site anymore, maybe once every 3 weeks now. Probly gonna stop altogether. Huge waste of my valuable time!
  • Kingalfred
    They know, no one likes it , saves them money .,.it's staying ...
    You can glitch it out ....1ba9m0kk620ncnm8.png
    Click 4th down or more than 4th down ..usually puts the error banner in.. Then reroots you back , not that you'll get the DQ points, some time ya do, sometimes ya dont
    But I dont work here anymore
    They suck
    They cheat
    They lie
    They add 100 people to the con test list
    Penny pinching under handed mongrels
    Basically ... They can stick there 30 30 surveys
    "please be honest with your answers in our 19 loi that will take 45 minutes"
    That we won't pay you for anyways ..... Favouritism ...
    Go elsewhere ....
    Something else that irks me.....after attempting a survey, a banner appears...sorry I do not qualify...Do you want to continue? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO-and then it just continues with the idiotic looping surveys!
  • Paulgro
    I've always complained about them. Also Qualtric.
  • Kingalfred
    Admin don't even bother to show up and lie an explanation any more ...
  • rtb
    Basically the only surveys I do now, are those which are emailed directly to me. I have more luck doing them on the iPhone - or occasionally using the app. Doing random surveys from the WEbsite is 99.9999999% a waste of time - never qualify or get DQ points. SampleCube is just a terrible platform.
    That said, the new emailed survey questions (just respond to the questions for 50 points) are pretty cool! I hope this is how they will move in future.
  • Nat M

    What? "email survey questions (just respond to the questions for 50 points)"

    I do not even get Univox survey emails anymore
  • Sacha
    No email surveys for me either
  • cjsenour
    Every morning there are at least 3 notifications that I have surveys for xxx points. During the day I may get a few more. They sclutter up my e-mail, so usually I delete all but one in case I have extra time after completing surveys from other sites.
  • KellyD
    I noticed this also. I too have a little better luck when I respond to an email/survey invite. Trying from my dashboard is gwtting to be a waste of time.
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