• Girish
  • cjsenour
    I think they should do away with the contest stuff and concentrate on surveys only.
  • Kingalfred
    Don't think they should do away with contest ... But it needs to be a new one .... You need to complete 4 surveys a day for 30 days to stand a chance .... Points per survey now are ridiculous .... Well..for me.. They are ridiculous .... Why can it just not be realised by univox ....90% of users are over looked with no chance of being a contender ...
  • J Zerbs
    What is this idea?

    Also think they should keep the current Christmas contest. At least for this month If they want to
    change it in November ok.
  • mikeee
    sounds like a scam lol
  • Kingalfred
    yeah.. They can't change October .. Its up and running .. They won't change anything for November /December because they are making a mint ... If you win October you shouldn't be able to win Nov/Dec .. If you win Nov you can't win Dec .. At least then 3 top 100 lists .... Of 300 individual winners ....
  • Kingalfred
    Otherwise ......... Top 2.5% takes 3 wins
  • J Zerbs
    Don't think they should or would make it where if you're top 100 in Oct you can't get top 100 in Nov or Dec. All that would do is upset their top members.
    I call BS on the entire contest!!! Why, you ask??? Because Univox survey site is a company that is PAID to provide a HUGE pool of prospective survey-takers in the hope of finding a FEW people that will qualify to take their survey....that being said, is the survey is looking for, say 1,000 people to qualify/complete their survey....they'd have to query maybe 100,000 people to have the right profile to qualify for their survey. Very long story-short, every time you attempt and/or complete a survey (trying to get in that elusive pool) and are NOT awarded completion or DQ points.....Univox is taking OUR money and giving it to chosen few. I previously stated that I lose approximately 1,000 points per month ($10.00)
  • Kingalfred
    no i don't think they will either ... But if the top 100 were excluded from November... People would just manipulate input to finish below 100 above 300 so either way
    Waste of time typing ....
    Waste of time totally .... Unless you're a "top member"
    Each and every one out for themselves ... Why should the place be equal ... I mean fuck equality
    " I'm orite ..... Jack"

    Place sucks ....
  • Donna
    At this point, yeah, it probably would upset people, unless Univox had stated in the beginning that each person would be eligible to win only once. But there will still be those enterprising individuals who find a way around that also.
  • J Zerbs
    Like I said doubt they'd change it next month but If they did what format would be best. Something that wasn't so dependant on completing surveys would be more fair to everyone but can't think of any exact way to do it.
    Anyone have any ideas?
  • Nat M
    The contest says Top 100 panelists.
    We have not been told whether this is per level or not. Admin keeps ignoring that question.

    If they were to keep the contest running in Nov/Dec they have to make it fair for all...........breaking it down into countries........so not Top 100 .......Top 20 per country.

    What i can see on the Wall there are 5 countries ( US, England, Australia, Germany,Canada ,India) maybe 6 (Brazil)...........few Brazilians have been on lately.
  • Kingalfred
    ... I think that the best idea ... Top 12 14 16 18 per country/continent what ever it breaks down to ..... I'm still up for one prize per user .... If you've won you are not eligible ... Just pick top 100 users ... Nov' Dec' .illiminating from the list..previous winners ... That way ... 300 winners ...
    Then Univox will have more happy members .... Not just the very happy 3 times winning elite ....
    Admin ??????
  • Nat M

    Univox are incapable of doing things manually and rely on their system to generate everything......like the incorrect WOF and then adamantly say that it is correct.
    They rely on screenshots and for some reason can not go backwards and look at things.

    So for them to eliminate winners from one month to another would actually mean they would have to do it manually.
  • J Zerbs
    Yeah would be too tough for them to eliminate the top 100 from the previous month. Either change the contest to new format or allow people to win each month
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