• Donna
    Is anyone getting the Quest Mindshare survey that asks for a 13 - 15 year old to fill out the survey, then the following questions consist of:
    1. Do you work full time or part time ( no neither or none of the above). What 13 year old works full time? Or part time for that matter?
    2. Which best describes the type of restaurant you work at? Various choices...but no "none of the above".
    3. To what degree do you participate in new employee hiring at your restaurant? With various choices...but no "Hello, you asked for a 13 - 15 year old and I don't do any of this garbage".
    Then there are grammar errors in just that one page.
    @Admin This is the second time I received this survey today. Shouldn't surveys disappear once you have clicked on them and not be able to be accessed again?
  • Donna
    And even if those questions weren't meant for a 13 - 15 year old, regardless, none of the questions has a "None of the above" option, which means you have no choice but to just close it out. Waste of my precious time where I could be completing another survey for miniscule points.
  • J Zerbs
    Some that age work part time at restaurants but c'mon no 14-15 year olds are in charge of hiring people.
  • cjsenour
    For the past two weeks I have been invited to a survey by another site. It says to hurry and take the survey because it is about to expire. So I hurry an try to take it. It is always the same survey and I never qualify for it. Why do they keep sending it to me? See, UNIVOX isn't the only one who has stupid surveys.
  • Ashok Bhatia
    Hi everybody
    hope u all will be fine.

    I am also getting such survey in huge numbers. I think this happened with me no of times .
  • Girish
    The same survey is running around all sites hopeless survey ii dont know why they are wasting our time
  • Donna
    Another Quest Mindshare, first page of qualifying questions.

    Which of the following would a baby typically wear? My answer options?

    High Heels
    A Dipper
    Construction Boots
    Make Up

  • Siegfried
    Must be a US thing. In the UK we mis-spell them 'nippies'
  • Donna
    :lol: I'm crying over here!
  • Kingalfred
    Yeah .,.,. Our first born we used those Terry trowelings ... The washable ones ....
  • sharonh
    I had that one. And as I have no children under 18, I couldn't honestly answer the question immediately before that either.
  • Donna
    I already can't remember what the question was before that.
  • Donna
    More Quest Mindshare stupidity:

    Great! You qualify for our survey!
    Next page says: Those are all the questions we have for you...
  • J Zerbs
    Right, it says great you qualify for our survey, click next to continue. So you Click next- Sorry you do not qualify for the survey.

    Can't tell you how many times I've gotten that over the years
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